1. The ruling party is a thug party .no need to threaten. They just steal power and use the policethugs and army to silence the nation.

  2. Here again…. pnc got into power not by pnc winning on their own ,kicked out by charandass and now acting bold and bad again. Thuggery must end.

  3. No, there was no massive fraud perpetrated by the PPP/C. I would like you to listen to this comment. On more than one occasion APNU declared themselves winners, even though they did not win. WHEN THEY DECLARED THEMSELVES WINNERS, THEY DID NOT FIND ANOMALIES NOR DISCREPANCIES. Even though PPP said they had won judging from the tabulations, APNU refused to accept it, and decided they would do a recount. A recount has been done, the PPP won, but APNU still refused to pass over the reigns to the PPP. What the APNU has done is so dishonest. I don’t know how they can live with themselves, especially Granger because he is in cohorts with them.

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