Haberman says Trump ‘walked himself into some trouble’ with CNN town hall comments

CNN political analyst Maggie Haberman reacted to Trump's claims during a CNN town hall, and spoke about his team's reaction to comments he made during the event. #CNN #News


    1. exactly – where did in all his horrible behavior do people somehow get gaslit that he actually was competent – EVER

  1. i vote for the guy who stands to lose millions by running for office than a guy who stands to gain millions for running for office. the era of career politicians must end.

    1. Finding a modern-day Cincinnatus well we have a better chance of seeing God on Easter but I feel you

    1. An actual debate between Biden and Trump would be glorious, the funniest thing we’ve seen in a decade

    1. The only objective that matters is that Trump is objectively horrific No decent human could possibly want him to be president.

    1. Same thing they did in 2015 & 2016. He would break into News Reports and tell unchecked lies without any Media push back. Come on American Media, DO YOUR JOB or just admit your nothing but another Entertainment venue and NOTHING MORE.

    1. @Brian Wurch All press outlets are free to host or ignore anyone or any subject. THAT is freedom of the press. Commentary about their choices is our freedom of speech. YT posting or omitting those comments is its freedom of the press. CNN has no legal obligation to host 45 or to censor these analysts. The End.

  2. CNN walked itself into a mess with its unforced error to hold this mess of a TV event.

    1. The town hall was put on to show just what a sick person he really is and they did a great job. Collins had him fuming and I love to see clown trump fumes.

  3. Why didn’t she ask him the president about what they are going to do about title 42 when it ends in a couple of hours? Why didn’t she ask him about that?

  4. I hope she didn’t think she did something good last night because she did not. I want to know the important question was she did not ask.🤷🏾‍♀️

    1. She got him to make more incriminating legal statements. He just about guaranteed he will be convicted, not just indicted by special counsel.

  5. I wish we could have listened in on the planning of this at CNN. Did anyone raise any concern, if this was such a great idea…?

  6. I think we can form our own opinions about this…if you dont feel the need to censor and not publish an event you hosted

  7. One hour of 45 of “horror show “, and three days of the media milking the information and mashing it kn our face

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