Haitian migrants hope to cross US border at Del Rio, Texas | USA TODAY 1

Haitian migrants hope to cross US border at Del Rio, Texas | USA TODAY


"We don't have a choice," Haitian migrants hope to cross into Del Rio, Texas
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Thousands of mostly Haitians migrants face deportation by U.S. Border Patrol after crossing into Del Rio, Texas in search of asylum.

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  1. Del Rio Texas is 2,000 miles away from Haiti, separated by ocean. Any journalist who is not questioning who coordinated such a massive operation has failed us.

    1. @Shane H. Its in the Atlantic basin. But to get to Central America or Mexico you have to go through the Gulf of Mexico. That is really a sea. But its not important anyway.

    2. @rob S Whatever you wanna call it , it’s a huge body of water , probably a large swimming pool that you just can’t walk across. So, Mr geography teacher, just try and focus on Ryan’s comment for a second, will ya? Good boy, here’s a lollipop

    3. @rob S Glad to hear that and hope you enjoyed the lollipop too. Now, back to the main topic of how so many Haitians got this far…..

    1. Really now. The “rumor” that Biden was not turning away everyone at the boarder, combined with Haiti economical collapse created a perfect storm. So you are blaming Biden and Democrats for a situation that was created by the ending of Trump’s “Zero-Tolerance” immigration policy. Not to mention you are saying nothing of the thousands of parents who lost their children forever thanks to poor record keeping, the several thousand deaths that Trump’s overcrowded ICE detention camps had, or the financial and logistical burdens of housing them.

    2. If Democrats was a total failure they wouldn’t have won the White House the Senate and the House so apparently the Republicans are the losers because they lost all three of those

    3. @Jimmie E — At what point do we stop calling each other names, and return to being friends, family, neighbors and coworkers? This is a thoroughly messed up situation, it is a big mess, and not the fault of any one party. IMHO the big issue here is the Collapse of Haiti.

  2. Call it what it is trespassing. Which is a crime send them back sorry. If I squatted on Joe biden’s home estate he damn sure throw me out and have me arrested most likely just the way it is

    1. Eh, the politicians have had decades to fix the immigration process and haven’t. If they don’t care, why should I?

    1. @Cdhugh Hgjbno JoJo is a total failure, installed to finish our country off, a 47 year career worthless politcion. And I’m a democrat

    1. Most likely because dementia Joe & Kackalot have opened the southern border to anyone with no ID & covid for the last nine months

    2. These people are victims of the Biden administration. He promised in campaign that he would allow this, you can look for it, it is on video and the human traffickers are using Biden’s own words to lure people.

    3. They lie , I live in Texas illegal crossing happens every day every minutes . Biden wanted this , that is why they stop building the wall . Believe me cites by border are full of crime now , they don’t leave home without guns . Democrats might gained new voters but they lost all of democrats at the border cities . Cartel freely frequently passes out border and traffic’s human and drugs . Biden administration are evil .

  3. “We dont have a choice”

    How many countries did they travel through to get to our border? Some people in the USA actually retire below the border.

    On one had we are being told how racist we are… on the other hand, those same races are dying to get in. Literally lol.

    1. @Robin Dickinson if you speak up/defend for your “people” why haven’t you ever send money to them? All you ppl are HYPOCRITES at the end of the day, speaking up for them won’t solve anything

    2. @Eva Rodriguez I give money to people around me every day no matter the color. I’m make decent money now but with inflation I just get by. Still I give. If I have you have. You talking to the wrong person.

    3. @Eva Rodriguez As far as me speaking up for them. Dialogue is the beginning. When I see a sea of hate for people in trouble, yes. I’m going to speak up for them. Even if for my own sake. I won’t trivialize their pain. That would be insane. Also, many of the Latinos I know are quickly offended.

  4. Somehow this is a travel agency’s fault. I want to know which one tried to sell this as a “Destination vacation”. It ain’t like Haiti and Mexico share a border

    1. @butchdeadlift10 exactly! The “who” is really intriguing me because Haiti is nowhere near Mexico.Who bought their plan tickets? Who guided them to that border? How long have they been there for? So many questions

    2. @Jennah G “who bought the plain tickets” is never as important as “who is sellling them”.

      I trust in societal entropy and economic scavengers to influence events like this, not some orchestrated puppet master out of a comic book.
      A quick buck and an “open season” sign is all any social disaster needs.

    3. You guys need to go to Tijuana; there’s a Haitian district there now. It’s bizarre.

      I’m originally from Italy; can confirm that German, Dutch, and Belgian flag-bearing boats carry migrants (young, single men with iPhones, mainly) to ports in Lampedusa (small Sicilian island near Africa) and even as far up as the Tyrrhenian coasts. These ships are not obeying international laws concerning the transport of these people, and just dump them in Italy or Greece and say “Good luck getting to London!”.

      I can’t speak on the circumstances which these people left, although evidence points to the vast majority of them being merely economic migrants; there’s a notable number of Sinhalese, Ghanaians, Nigerians, and Burkina migrants that make it to Sicily, only to haphazardly ricochet across Europe and bottleneck into some border adjacent a nation with easier welfare access.

    4. @Sergpie So it is a cottage industry of “Lets agravate international relations”? Sounds like if the UN was designed on Kickstarter

  5. Poor people think about what they can buy with their money, Rich people think about what they can invest in with their money

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