Hannity 9/6/16 FULL: Julian Assange Interview, Hillary’s Lies, FBI, Newt Gingrich

Hannity 9/6/16 FULL: Julian Assange Interview, Hillary's Lies, FBI, Newt Gingrich 1


Hannity 9/6/16 full episode: Donald Trump is now winning nationally in the polls, Sean Hannity talks to Newt Gingrich about Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton, Sean Hannity talks to Laura Ingraham and Herman Cain about Hillary Clinton's health and Hillary Clinton claiming she doesn't remember anything 40 times because of her concussion, Sean Hannity interviews Julian Assange about Hillary Clinton and Julian Assange says Hillary Clinton is lying while FBI director James Comey is going along with it, Hillary Clinton used 13 cellphones while Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton's staff deleted emails after a congressional subpoena which is against the law, Hillary Clinton said she doesn't recall any training or briefings on classified information, everyone has lost respect for FBI director James Comey, Rudy Giuliani says Hillary Clinton is lying about how she handled classified information and should be in jail.

Fox News – Hannity – September 6, 2016 – Full Episode


12 Comments on "Hannity 9/6/16 FULL: Julian Assange Interview, Hillary’s Lies, FBI, Newt Gingrich"

  1. Even the sound of her coughs is lying

  2. She tries, but she’s so artificial it’s annoying. Who could be more fake.
    If that is the way you are supposed to act, I hope I never succumb to their

  3. Ms. Hillary is an infection, not an allergy

  4. I call her Ms Hillary because she has never been a real wife to anyone!

  5. AurelioJose Rodriguez | September 9, 2016 at 1:24 PM | Reply

    It is sad because it would have been an historical moment to be able to
    vote for a woman running for president. But among the millions and millions
    of American women in this country, can we find one that fits the
    description of decency and honesty above all?

  6. truth seeker the end | September 9, 2016 at 1:30 PM | Reply

    Hillary has destroyed the image of Obama, FBI director James comery, and
    the entire system.. She destroyed evidence after the fact of being served
    court orders to hand the evidence over, she has lied and lied several
    times, and claims her memory was affected by her brain Injury making it I’m
    possible to reveal important facts about the incident in question.. well
    the evidence is clear, and stacking up against her. the longer it takes to
    convict her the more she destroys the credibility of our nation’s
    integrity.. we all are aware of her pay to play Clinton foundation crimes
    and her special favors she accepted for large amounts of money to her
    foundation , The multi millions that never made it to Haiti, it’s time for
    her to quit this disgusting display of ignorance and for her crime spree to
    end. if we the people will ever Trust our officials ever again , then they
    better do something about it soon before Julius comes out with the next
    group of incriminating emails.. At this point it will save them a huge
    embarrassment . frankly I believe there all incapable of doing there jobs
    and we need to ask for the resignation of Hillary , James comery and
    everyone else who is affiliated with Hillary . before she destroys the
    entire bench of integrity

  7. Ricardo Campos Ricardo | September 9, 2016 at 3:12 PM | Reply

    Mr Hannity, the challenge is to find out where are those sanctuaries, in
    which mexicans , South Americans, and Arabs, are being held because they,
    somehow will be voting in election day. I see a huge opportunity for anyone
    who wants ti bring out the true strategy of the globalists. and look for
    controlling where this people are going to vote. they will be provided by a
    way of transportation.

  8. Brianna OBlivion | September 9, 2016 at 7:05 PM | Reply

    Assange reduced to butt plug for Hannity ain’t he a little honey

  9. After what we have seen of Hillary, and the controlling reach she has, it
    would be unAmerican to vote for her. She is the embodiment of what we don’t
    want for this country

  10. She has brain damage and dying soon from parkinson disease , seizures,
    which are the coughing fits, and colostomy bag attachment. she is unfit for

  11. You people are FINALLY getting what we had put on us for years with Lying
    Hillary here in North West Arkansas!!! We have “KNOWN WHO” the “REAL” Lying
    Hillary Diane Clinton is for 40 years. We, the Arkansas TAXPAYERS had to
    live thru her (and Bill’s) LIES like the AFDA which was their money laundry
    that cost us MILLIONS ON MILLIONS!!!! Here in Fayetteville “MANY OF US” had
    to set in the same work meetings (Wal Mart), set in the same court rooms,
    set in the same college classes, walk the same side walks, ride the same
    elevators, eat in the same restaurants, stand in the same check out lines,
    stand elbow to elbow and MORE!!! The Hillary you people see, “IS NOT THE
    IMAGINE” meeting in your life!!! I can tell you that I have “NOT” read the
    book Gary Byrne wrote, but, I have heard him interviewed. He’s telling the
    CITIZEN” that had done what Hillary “HAS DONE” would be in “JAIL”!!!! It
    takes an “IMBECILE” to follow Hillary and Bill’s careers from the get go
    and believe everything is simply coincidence!!! These two people are “VERY
    EVIL, POWER HUNGRY” people!!! Is Hillary a “LIAR”???? Ask the “SNIPER” in

  12. I must admit, I religiously record Hillary on EVERY LIVE TV EVENT she
    gives. I do this, just in case, she starts coughing, goes into a seizure,
    collapse on stage, goes into jerking convulsions, starts pissing and
    shitting herself, her eyes bulge out of her head, she starts choking on her
    own puke and croaks on live TV!!! this way, in the event, I ever get
    depressed, I can pop in my Hillary Croaking DVD and be CHEERFUL, HAPPY AND

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