Hansen hopes Canadians ‘proud’ of his role on Artemis II mission | ONE-ON-ONE

Jeremy Hansen, the Canadian astronaut who will be on the Artemis II mission, discusses the historic moment for Canada's space program.

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  1. I got a Space Program for Canada… and it uses Hydro/Solar power to get off the surface instead of Rockets… We could be colonizing Mars over the next 2 decades… With the builders getting return trips to Earth as we send vessels back & forth every ~4/8/12 years… The only thing we really need rockets for is to slow down upon approach since Mars orbits the Sun a bit slower than Earth does…

    1. this is the most ridiculous thing i read today, and i started out the day reading about an isis attack in vancouver canada

  2. You know i respect this guy and his accomplishments, you definitely just do not walk down to the recruiting office and become an astronaut, it is very rigorous. But space exploration is just so pointless because the universe is constantly expanding and we can not figure out how to stop the human body from losing its bone density from being in space, feels like just another distraction, The united states is probably going to wack them up in space and blame russia lol

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