"Hard no": Ford rejects the idea of vaccine passports, says it would create split society | COVID-19 1

“Hard no”: Ford rejects the idea of vaccine passports, says it would create split society | COVID-19


Ontario Premier Doug Ford says his government will not create a 'split society' by implementing proof of vaccination documents.

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    1. I was gon’a say’ I’d vote for him just for that reason alone’ but then of course I started thinking about it 🙂

  1. Ford what if one of your business partners printer shops is the exclusive place to purchase these passports from? Maybe you’ll change you mind huh huh huh? 😉

    1. you must be a liberal, maybe we should ask one of trudope’s family members how to shake down the government for money through “friends of the family” style.

  2. Your medical information and choices are confidential. You should not have to disclose to just anyone and everyone.

    1. @M Z You’re right, it’s not me. Maybe we could listen to infectious disease experts and accept their consensus.

    2. You don’t just show your driver’s license, your health card, or your passport to just anyone that’s not appropriate either, but nobody has an issue with those cards.

    3. you’re right! and business’ are private property and if you don’t want to operate by their rules you can shop elsewhere!

    1. Did he just wake up out of his sleep??? Now he sounds more like the Doug Ford of June 2018.

    1. He started ok at the begining. Live your lives, but be cautious. The medical directors must have drugged him with some psychological non-sense.

  3. We don’t need politicians making up new ways to divide society any more than it already is. Thumbs up on this one Mr. Ford.

  4. Yet, nobody has any issues with dl’s/ health cards/ passport cards in general/ permanent resident cards/ and etc… but for a deadly pathogen that Ford claims to be so worried about, I guess it’s just why bother?

  5. They say this to our faces but behind closed doors this is what they want…….I will never trust a cheesecake salesman again!!!!

  6. “I will however leave it to the private business to make their own decisions on the matter”

    Just wait for it folks.,,

  7. A decision only to keep his vote base, nothing more.
    He already created a ‘split society’,
    now hes just using it to his own political advantage.

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