Harper says that Canada needs ‘Conservative renaissance’ | FULL DISCUSSION

Former prime minister Stephen Harper said Canada needs a 'Conservative renaissance' while speaking before Conservative supporters at the Canada Strong and Free Network, formerly called the Manning Centre.

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  1. One of the best things I’ve seen in a long time…. the car analogy was brilliant. It was nice to have some grown-ups in the room, with both real life experience and historical education. It was inspiring.

  2. I think we have to stop using the term government power and use in service, as and the Conservatives will be in government service.

  3. I owe Harper for adding ‘measured’ to my vocabulary… i use it to sound more turtleneck and sweatery than I am.

  4. I hear the word Renaissance and think, art, culture, creativity and change. I think of Artists like rembrandt when I think of the word Renaissance. we need strong, unbiased and pragmatic leaders who are capable of understanding what’s best for our country as a whole, thats how you get a “Renaissance”. it is through the sheer force of genius and the sheer force of will that you gain such. maybe one day…

  5. This Coming from the Guy who only had one balance budge in 11 years, and that one years was because he sold off Government assets.

    1. @Marlene – beg to differ…. harper was light years ahead of justin in terms of leadership and governance.

  6. I had been voting Liberal until before Justin Trudeau, but even then at no time did I ever think Liberal party doesn’t need a competition/opposition. And with Justin Trudeau’s government being what it is, we really need to hit a brake on his “Progress”.

    1. @Jim Devlin I guess this Renaissance starts with PP? If the conservatives are like the UK conservatives low and behold.

    2. @dy031101 Harper is too powerful behind the screen. Who wants to be number 2 and be managed like the previous leaders.

  7. This was thoroughly enjoyable to hear the stories, the ideas, the starts and most of all the common sense!

    1. @TheRealPVC Not arguing that, Harper is in that same conversation. Mind you this country was awful with Harper in charge, tiny (very tiny) bit better with Trudeau and that’s only because Trudeau actually has a foreign policy unlike Harper did.

  8. It was such a pleasure to hear adults discuss a matter rationally! Thank you gentlemen, and thanks for the laughs.

    1. Define “conservative” as you are using it, please.
      Not disputing, simply not clear as to your definition.

  9. Conservative renaissance?…hopefully that translates into affordable housing, the end of offshore tax havens and numbered corporations, and a ban on lobbying (bribery). I won’t be holding my breath…

  10. Steven harper has to be one of Canadas best prime Minister of all time. I miss having adults run this great nation.

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