Harris vows ‘ironclad’ support of NATO amid Ukraine invasion | USA TODAY

Harris vows 'ironclad' support of NATO amid Ukraine invasion | USA TODAY 1


  1. While in Poland please feel free to visit your local CIA Black Site for a free, introductory water boarding. Subject to availability.

    1. Does it come with a free orange jump suit… I would so be Luke Skywaker in that, then I just need Darth Vader to interrogate me…

  2. Nothing shows force like sending a woman that slept her way into her position to then be chosen for the color of her skin and being a woman. She speaks to people like a preschool teacher. I am sure Putin is really shaken.

    1. It’s annoying when politicians are thought to be smart. But you get someone who has the same IQ and no certainty

    2. Holy cow it’s usually programmed sheeple on this propaganda channel that employs creepy Joe types, (m.a.p.)’s

    3. I was shaking in my boots thinking if Biden kicks the bucket this brain dead woman is going to have the nuke buttons.

  3. Unfortunately, Harris has made people think twice about electing a woman to that high an office. Her ineffectual approach to her position and the obvious distrust Biden has for her has made her nothing more than a poser in the V.P. position. The last two administrations have been an embarrassment to our political system. We have been left voting for the “best of the rest” , which is not a recipe for strong leadership. I watch the congress and the state level politicians and I don’t see a leader emerging. All I see are self serving , publicity seeking narcissists that are going to drag the U.S. down even further than it currently is.

    1. @toki&yangyang Not going there, but we definitely need :
      1. A younger president that understands the world as it is today, not as it was during the Korean War.
      2. A President that is not divisive, but inclusive
      3. A National election process that makes sense. The electoral college is a joke. Popular vote.

    2. Last 2? Have to go back a lot further than that. Our so called leaders have continued to take steps in the wrong direction since JFK.

  4. You must be really, really proud of Kamala Harris! She can read words! All the words! Even without glasses (perhaps senses?). And she read even big words, with many letters in them. She shows passion too. And she knows that Ukraine is a Country in Europe, although she never went to Europe, but she knows, that there is Europe. In Europe! You must be really, really proud of Kamala Harris!

  5. KAMALA HARRIS: “I am here, standing here on the northern flank, on the eastern flank, talking about what we have in terms of the eastern flank and our NATO allies, and what is at stake at this very moment, what is at stake this very moment are some of the guiding principles…” — What?

  6. And the fighter jets? All those troops in NATO countries isn’t helping Ukraine, though the time will come if Putin isn’t stopped. One would think Hitler would have left a more lasting lesson in graduated invasion.

  7. Very cringy. One thing we know for sure, her and the Hair-Sniffer in Chief will definitely make things worse.

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  9. Reporter: Vice President Harris, could you please elaborate on the term “Iron clad?” Harris: “Its Iron and Clad- that’s a good thing”.

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