Harvey Weinstein Found Guilty Of Rape | Craig Melvin | MSNBC 1

Harvey Weinstein Found Guilty Of Rape | Craig Melvin | MSNBC


Harvey Weinstein, the once-powerful Hollywood mogul, was found guilty of rape in the third degree and but acquitted of top charges of predatory sexual assault, capping a landmark trial of the #MeToo era. Aired on 02/24/20.
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Harvey Weinstein Found Guilty Of Rape | Craig Melvin | MSNBC


    1. In the ’80s he would have been found not guilty on everything. Things are improving, but still aren’t perfect.

    2. @DanP D Why? Harvey was a renowned Democrat fundraiser, supporter and 13 time guest visitor to Obama’s Whitehouse .
      He was privvy to a LOT with Democrats, especially Hillary Clinton.
      Old Harvey better hope THAT association isn’t lethal.

    1. He’s been sent to a “medical facility” rather than straight to jail. Sentencing takes place March 11th.

    1. Nah, he’ll be safe it’s run by Democrat officials top to bottom ..oh wait, that’s right he was Hillary’s big fundraising pal.

    1. You KNOW it’s a prop because it’s intentionally improperly set for his height. Leaning on it while mostly upright wouldn’t look pathetic enough for sympathy.
      Well, that and he may have mugged an old lady to get it. /s

    2. @Brian Dunn How do you figure that? Weinstein wasa Democrat stooge through and through.
      Fundraiser, supporter and 13 time visitor to the Obama Whitehouse.

  1. Oh, but he’s a frail old man,,,,, please God put him in jail so that he’s easy to find for the next batch of charges.

  2. Maybe Weinstein will drop the Walker, and walk straight up now. His oscar winning role of walking with the Walker , did’nt stop these guilty charges from being brought against him.

    1. Larissa BLM wanted body cams on police. Now the body cams just keep proving that the criminals are lying about what happened to try and get out of trouble

  3. 42,000 missing children every year, Never seen again…. WHY ???
    the people who do this to kids need to get put to death

    1. Exactly. But there are always people who feel sorry for those animals. They think giving those animals pills to curve their sexual perversion is abuse. They rather see thousands of children get abused & die in their hands than for those animals to have “a little less fun” in their lives.

  4. He should enter a walker race competition. Harvey’s the fastest man on a walker I’ve ever seen.
    I bet he can run track with that walker. He forgot to walk slow to make it believable.

  5. Hopefully the trial in LA will go better. Maybe we’ll get lucky and he’ll get enough time so that he dies in prison.

    1. I agree, this isn’t about brazil or Thailand, this is america. You wanna be a modern country, act like it.

    2. artiearboleda01 yup they will get serious over someone smoking pot but the lightly flick someone with any real power

  6. The judge should know that harvey is a repeat offender, he should get the maximum sentence. Or there is something wrong!

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