Hayes: Let’s Call It What It Was—Trump’s Failed Coup

“The last thing left to him was the mob, and so he used the mob. That violent, bloody insurrection—the failed coup we saw was his final attempt after he tried everything else,” says Chris Hayes on the Trump plot to stay in power.
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  1. The level of dirt Trump brought to our presidency is going to astound the country even more. I am convinced that he sold out our country in multiple ways yet to be unearthed.


  2. Treason is what it is called. He should have treason charges period. Everyday its him being exposed but yet they still havent arrested him. Who is behind him being free? We want to know.

    1. @קישור יעקב wait, is this former president twice impeached Mr Trump. I have a sneaking suspicion it is because you just seem to not be able to tell the truth at all

    2. @Chris Bain Ya, while he fills colosseums with 20,000 Americans every time he gives a speech, yet Joe cant fill 12 seats.

    3. @קישור יעקב people love car wrecks too. You point? Are you going to answer a question or not?

  3. The irony of these people hitting capitol police officers on Jan 6 w their “STOP THE STEAL” flags in their pursuit of trying to Hang Mike Pence is really lost on them

    1. MSNBC audience also believed some vague comments about a new medical technology called Healight somehow actually meant ‘inject bleach’😂
      That is the level of their intellect and gullibility. They aren’t very bright.

    2. @kkarx Making things up doesn’t make them true.

      Georgia has found no proof of any significant election fraud.

      You are a very obvious liar.

    3. Luke_Skywalker is a teeny member of the Proud Micro Boys. He mad cuz science can’t help him. Sorry sir but not our fault or problem except your unfulfilled wife

    4. Kkarx is angry cuz he has to use a peanut shell for a codpiece. Sorry you miserable but I’m sure wifey more

  4. The DOJ needs to indict him now along with all his GQP allies in Congress. We already know who most of them are.

    1. @Dale Catalone “I’m sure you know” Wow. Just wow. That tells me all I need to know. Well… bye.

    2. Dale Catalone is president of the Proud Micro Boys and he’s very angry $$ going to covid research and not his little kibbles and bits. Sorry but not our fault

  5. Jordan and Brooks should be in cuffs right now! America’s enemies are laughing at you all for allowing these people to get away with this.

  6. Jordan sounded like he was trying not to incriminate himself. Jordan is not a very smart man but what do you expect from a Republican?

    1. Exactly they are so busy conning their ignorant base. All you racist, passive aggressive racist, and straight ignorant azz people I challenge you to be 💯 % HONEST had it been Obama to do the exact same thing you guys would be calling for him to be locked up right away.

  7. Impossible as it may seem, with Дурак Донни, the ex-Mob-Boss-in-Chief, the truth is always infinitely worse than what is reported.

    1. You also believed some vague comments about a new medical technology called Healight somehow actually meant ‘inject bleach’😂
      Never talk about truth again, you silly gullible boy

  8. To help Gym Jordan’s selective memory, he talked to the BIG LOSER before, during and after the coup.

    1. Yes, as if he would have to go back and check if he spoke to the orange loser during the insurrection. Like he would forget. Lying as usual.. I guess we know who has ‘Old Timer’s Disease ‘ .

  9. “Leave the rest to me.” That’s right up there with “We’d like you to do us a favour though.”

    1. “To me and the republicans…”
      I don’t know what additional proof this committee needs.

    2. Nothing will come of it… The next Republican administration will be free to actually pull it off!

    3. @Warren Dourond I really hate to say it, and I still hope that Pelosi & co. will be emboldened by Kinzinger’s and Chaney’s energy to actually DO something other than talk this time, but with all the voter suppression legalized and more on the way, I am afraid the republicans have laid enough foundation for a soft coup already and that whatever this committee disovers or does, it won’t matter one bit, because the trumpists ARE pulling it off as we speak.

  10. Mo Brooks speech ends with him lifting his right arm to “greet” the crowd. Where did we see that before? 🤔
    I was just waiting for his “hail Trump” after his incendiary speech.

    1. Timothy McKee can walk down airplane steps cuz he can also use a Pringle chip as a codpiece. Congrats but sorry for wifey

    2. @Chris DeBusschere o so now Biden did win but with Chinese hackers. Fair play, as trump won with Russian hackers in 2016 eh? You people are a bloody joke, truly! Either joke or traitor, you choose!

    3. @Timothy Mckee who cares, at least he has an intellect worthy of PORTUS, unlike trump. I’ve actually seen Biden drink a glass of water one handed, unlike donnie, who like a baby needs both hands. Remember the ramp at West Point lol. Such a stud you love there!

  11. jim jordan must be spooked about somethingif he can’t even default to ‘lying politician’ mode

    1. Wow Jordan was stuttering and stumbling there when asked when on January 6th did he talk to TRUMPY. You could almost see his brain whirring trying to think “OK, OK what’s the best answer to give here where I won’t incriminate myself”! Methinks a reckoning is a coming for TRUMPY and his seditious cohorts like Jordan.

  12. Jim Jordan said: “…yeah, I spoke with ‘the President’ last week!” He views Trump as still president.

    1. There is clear reason for this. If he says “the former President” or something saying he is not president, then he worries he will become one of those on the bad side. He wants to stay on the good side. So this is a calculated gamble that will unfortunately fail for him.

  13. If Gym “as*hole” Jordan would tell the truth he wouldn’t have felt the need to answer such an easy and short question which such a long non saying word salad.

    1. I understand the reason why he wears short pants, is because he wears depends under them. 😅🤣😂😅😅🤣😂😂😂🤣😂😅😅😂😂🤣😂😂

    1. I thought he sounded more like a meth head who’s trying to explain away a dimebag that the cops just found in his pocket.

  14. I hear that Jim Jordan’s “lying weasel” character was quite popular in his comedy improv class. The trick is to make your voice steadily rise in pitch until it cracks like a young boy going through puberty, combined with awkwardly revealing body language.

    1. @Kathryn Jordan yeah. We had a president murdering Americans at the beginning of the pandemic with his slow reaction and no preparation. Now a president murdering Americans for future votes. I see why you’re so proud

    2. @Debbie It’s not about Trump anymore but what he represents.. Not all Trump supporters are racists but all racists are.

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