He inspired an Oscar-nominated film. Now he could face life in prison 1

He inspired an Oscar-nominated film. Now he could face life in prison


Paul Rusesabagina, the hotel manager who housed thousands of refugees during the 1994 Rwandan Genocide, is facing terror-related charges in Rwanda that could land him a life sentence. CNN's Zain Asher speaks with his daughter, Carine Kanimba, about his jail conditions.

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    1. @Aaron Friedman Ancient Rome? Genocide by Leopold 1885-1908 Congo..A single man who murdered 10 MILLION + people, stole land 60 times the size of his own and made 1.1B in profits. That’s just 1 country, not too long ago.

    2. @Ariogana A single man killed that many people?! He didn’t have an army or anything?! Damn, that’s crazy!

    3. @Dan Levan He was the KING who ordered the entire idea. Of course he had an army. The officers of the Force Publique were entirely European. They comprised a mixture of Belgian regular soldiers and mercenaries from other countries who were drawn by the prospect of wealth or simply attracted to the adventure of service in Africa.

      Google is free.

    4. @Aaron Friedman I’d love to see you and your family “fight back” mercenaries with weapons in any age inc now.
      The Kina Kingdom resisted the foreign invaders however they enforced their authority and forced labour regime amongst the population with Extreme brutality.

      Maybe your follow up questions can be towards the perpetrators and not the victims. Such as, why leave your own home and be a murderous, theiving, racist savage? Why not focus on developing Belgium?

      Google is free

  1. You can’t expect justice from them . Rwandan government can’t do anything good . They might have framed him because he was standing up against human rights .

  2. In our own country the celebration of the declaration on Human rights comes at a time when there is increasing concern about social justice . in the past , declarations about the rights of man focused primarily on political and civil rights. Today , how ever , in official documents and declarations bearing o human rights we find specific references to whole clusters of social ,economic ,educational,and cultural rights . In some areas of the world , this emphasis upon social and economic rights has become the justifying ground -in the eyes of some observers, the pretext or organisation – for sacrificing existing political and civic rights of dissent of for postponing their introduction to a time in the future

  3. If I was the U.S. president…..I’d send in the 82nd Airborne and rescue him…..ask if I could later…..maybe……I wouldn’t stand for this bs.

  4. African courts is a kangaroo court, he’s not going to get a fair trial, they are going to paint him as the person responsible for those attacks.

  5. He is being charged for being critical of his government plain and simple. Same thing Nelson Mandela went through.

    1. @rolback Who mentioned Trump in this video?

      Or are you suffering from TDS? I find it curious that if the “leftists” brought up Trump here, you’d be offended and accuse *them* of TDS. How ironic!

  6. President Biden I would like you to ask the Rwandan Government for some explanations regarding the arrest of Rusesabagina

  7. This is disgusting, that man is a hero and I hope his family has good protection, the Rawandan gov’t is going to be trying to silence his daughter, I pray for them.

  8. Wth is wrong with people, honestly
    Good God help him. Inhuman justice. History is repeating itself again. God bless him and his poor family. Dear god It’s Mandela all over again. This is anything but legal and inhuman on every level. God help her father doing the right thing

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