'He is actually worried': Collins reports on Trump pardon meeting 1

‘He is actually worried’: Collins reports on Trump pardon meeting


CNN's Kaitlan Collins reports on a White House meeting about President Donald Trump's potential pardons in his final days in office.

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  1. When we say, “there COULD be real legal exposure…”, shouldn’t we replace the COULD with WILL?
    If there’s no accountability, it will happen again

    1. agree, far left terrrorism like antifa and blm are every where their memebers even creating an insurrection in capital hill

  2. I’m pretty sure his council just told him that if he tries to pardon himself it would make him look weak(because that’s the only public opinion he actually cares about). You also have to accept guilt when accepting a pardon & we all know he doesn’t accept responsibility for anything.

    1. Of course if T***p did pardon himself and it was accepted then it would mean Biden could commit as many wild federal crimes as he wanted for 4 or 8 years then just pardon himself the day before he leaves.

    2. Lol this is such a bad deal for America to actually have a president voted by dead people is already bad enough .
      And then the last president should of told America to march to the beach and protest to in front of dolphins

    1. @Joe Smith Blame American companies that use migrants labor for cheap and pass on lower prices to us. We’re all responsible. I’m just as concerned about the attack on Congress by our own citizens. Are you?

    1. In order to accept a pardon you have to admit guilt. That’s how it works. You can watch them break that news to Joe Arpaio(racist sheriff pardoned by Drumpf)

      Accepting a pardon is admitting guilt.

    2. @kathy weis Not over yet , I can post several laughing faces but I choose to spend my time reading and digging for facts here’s a few for you free.
      In December Barr appointed Durham special counsel The move has the effect of saddling Biden with a special counsel investigation. Because while as a U.S. attorney, Durham can—and likely will—be dismissed in the normal course of the change of administration, as a special counsel he is protected from removal by regulations that require he can be fired only for “good cause” or for some gross impropriety. He is also guaranteed a certain amount of day-to-day independence, which means he has authorization to investigate.
      whether any federal official, employee, or any other person or entity violated the law in connection with the intelligence, counter-intelligence, or law enforcement activities directed at the 2016 presidential campaigns, individuals associated with those campaigns, and individuals associated with the administration of President Donald J. Trump, including but not limited to Crossfire Hurricane and the investigation of Special Counsel Robert S. Mueller, III

    3. @betty N the durham report already came out, it was a nothing burger. Biden cant fire him but he can reassign him. I dont think Biden is worried about Durham at all.

    4. @Roger Felton nope. A pardon requires an admission of guilt. Ask Joe Arpaio…trump might have not pardoned himself because States could easily convict him for the crimes he pardoned himself

  3. Since when has he worried about how something looks? Those pardons are coming, or in fact may have already been privately granted, there’s nothing says that pardons have to be announced.

    1. @Linden Pardons are official acts, which unless in the national security (classified) or diplomatic spheres cannot be secret.

    2. @Linden There isn’t a list for him to announce, or rather there doesn’t have to be, and absolutely someone could keep it quiet until they need it.

  4. If I were Rude Ghouliani I would be packing my bags and studying an atlas to see what dictatorship would take me.

    1. For 4 years the media, Hollywood and Democrats have spewed hatred and intolerance at my President Trump and now they expect us to roll over. Sleepy Joe is pathetic

    1. @Where’s The Wall? Last year during a recount of ballots in Georgia they suddenly found over 2,500 ballots that had not been previously counted. When these ballots were counted the result was 1,643 for Trump and 865 for Biden.

    2. @milu vu For him it is not lyig, since he sees people that are not of his decent human, just meat for the grinder.

    1. He never wanted to drain the swamp. Just the treasury.
      For that he needed to fill the swamp and then collectively pardon it.
      I guess he did actually accomplish something.

    1. Yeah I’m sure THIS ONE has president Donald Trump worried! You clowns have been on him for four years but now his worried! What will the idiots do when they lose their favorite punching bag?????

    2. @Shane Dunn . They’re pathetic, cannot make money unless they keep lying and making up scenarios…it’s unbelievable. CNN is done. Lolll

  5. “He’s making a list
    He’s checking it twice
    He’s going to find out
    Whose naughty or nice”
    …..’cause Biden is coming to town!

  6. Allen Iverson was initially sentenced to 15 years for “inciting a riot” that produced no serious injuries. Hopefully everyone who played a part in the riot on the 6th gets at the very least the same one AI initially got.

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