He was tortured by Russians for eight days and left in the forest to die

Oleg Moskalenko is a Ukrainian man who was captured and tortured by Russian troops for several days and left for dead in the forest. He shares his harrowing story of survival on CNN's New Day. #CNN #News


  1. War crimes. Torturing civilians. Absolutely terrible.

    So glad Oleg somehow lived through this.

    We must do more to support Ukraine.

    1. @King Musa all man who have 18yrs of age and less that 65yrs ,are not civilians according to the statement that was released by Ukraine.

  2. I am glad this gentleman is now in Germany and can get all the help he needs. Terrible treatment, poor guy.

  3. The inhumanity of the Russian troops is beyond my understanding. It is 2022 and I had no idea that this level of cruelty could still exist in such an organized systemic system of murder, torture and genocide.

    1. Obviously you have not been paying attention to what has been going on in the Congo, or anywhere else in the world.

    2. @Angela Lewis First of all, I’m not American nor do I support their wars. I too protested against the Iraq war more than once.

      None of that excuses the Russians nor proves this guy was a combatant though.

  4. Aloha Oleg, i’m so horrified and sorry that your country is going through this torture with this crazy person. I’m so sorry about what happened to you. I wish you healing and I wish and pray that this evil will stop. Stay strong!🇺🇦

    1. Added reasons why Russia must be defeated and Putin killed. Oleg is a phenomenal survivor. I bow at your feet with tears in my eyes, sir. (I just turned 70, and was recently in Asian prisons for 400 days & nights. My story in e-book titled: ‘1 Pill = 28 Years’).

    2. @İbrahim Moncada And your point, in regard, to this person’s testimony is…? Do the rules of engagement involve the level of cruelty inflicted on this man and others? So, you confirm, as it was known that this is not “a special operation” led by experienced military personnel, but a senseless war. In which hapless Russian conscripts are thrown in, brutally and mercilessly, with no protection or competent leadership to help them navigate their ways. And this is Putin’s scandalous mistake, as a supposed leader. And this is why Putin is a traitor to the Russian people. He sold this issue as a walk in the park. He was wrong. He is no longer fit to rule (the word “governing”, regarding Putin’s actions, is way ast its sell by date) Russia.

  5. That is absolutely sickening and goes to the depth of inhumanity of Russian soldiers. Stay strong dearest Oleg as God is on your side

    1. @J DMMG I don’t believe in god however, I have total respect for people’s beliefs and uphold their right to say what they believe. Don’t you think Nancy Lynn deserves a properly question not just ‘God who’?

  6. Whenever I hear of suffering being done to humans and animals as well,by other humans I feel a pain in my belly.I can never understand what joy people get from inflicting cruelty to anyone or any living thing.This is so heartbreaking.I pray for all the victims in this terrible war😢

    1. I am sick to my stomach every day. My whole family is in Ukraine. My parents and my self are the only ones in Canada. My mom and I call everyday hoping my family members are alive.

  7. Imagine living a peaceful life, just going about your business and then all of a sudden you’re met with this immense hatred and violence simply because you happen to live in a certain country.

    1. Don’t need to imagine ask anyone anywhere in the Middle East – us endless wars – stop blaming others for your own corruption and warmongerng

  8. My heart breaks hearing what this man has gone through. I’m so sorry. Praying for all Ukrainians 🙏❤🇺🇦🇺🇲

    1. How dare Russian soldiers came to they territory and do this to them,pls karma return to them triple 🙏🙏🙏

  9. At first, we pitied the Russian soldiers as they were forced into this war. But now, none of that matters as we’ve seen plundering, looting from people’s homes, the raping of girls and women, mass killings/burial sites of civilians, civilian kidnapping, and torture. All of this has made any little room to feel pity for the Russian soldiers who don’t want to fight, gone. It’s intolerable but this is the brutality when war is fought on barbaric terms.

    1. @J MNL Watch the film “Escape From New York.” That is your future with your fellow criminals.

    2. I think the “good” Russians why want nothing to do with this horror need a safe way out.
      I read a few interesting stores about “good Germans” during WW2.

      The real challenge when fighting a monster, it not becoming a monster yourself.

    3. I did not pity the monsters. Be quicker next time to recognize the monsters or you’ll be their prey.
      And recognize what turns them into monsters! Drugs, cold, starvation, hate – never turn your back on people like that because they’re not people anymore.

  10. If a human being is capable of doing this to any other human being, they should not be allowed to walk free among other humans in any context, anywhere. There is no “good guy” justification to inflict such cruel and inhuman pain and violence against another human being.

    Yes, even an American soldier who does something like this should be stripped of their humanity and removed from society permanently. There is no good guy basis to inflict cruel torture. No matter how bad the bad guy is, anyone capable of this is never the good guy. Never.

    1. “Yes, even an American soldier..” – What’s that supposed to mean? I hope you’re not implying that Americans or at a minimum, US troops are above and beyond the rest of the worlds soldiers. That they’re so good, kind and caring, that one might almost even consider to look the other way, when some of them would do something like this! I certainly hope that’s not what you’re suggesting here!? Coz US soldiers aren’t different to any other, than in the sense that they’re more strictly disciplined and has a code of conduct quite different compared to, say Russian soldiers or some banana republic. But other than that. No. They’re just as much, regular homo sapiens, like the rest of humanity. So this “good guys” label, never was anything but propaganda spun off of the industrial production capabilities of the US before and during WW2. And that the soldiers had no previous grievances or hatred towards the civilians of Europe, nor the soldiers (including Germany), until they got into combat with them of course.

      And if anything, Americans in general are just as uneducated, if not more so, than the Russian population. There’s been several studies on this throughout the years prior to this war. But returning to that “the good guys” label once more.. It was, as mentioned above, just a propaganda trick. And had little to do with being extra “good”, “kind” or “merciful”. Because the bar wasn’t exactly set very high, if one just glances at how Germany, Japan or Russia conducted themselves during that war. But the allies were no harmless kittens either, and were seriously cruel as well. Especially when it came to the carpet bombings of cities, including fire bombings, where civilians where the target. Compared to the Axis powers, using this method, the Allies killed I don’t know how many times more civilians using this method (even if you you discard the Soviets actions). And the Western part of the Allies didn’t even try to hide it. Especially not the UK! Which wanted to get revenge for the Blitz and subsequent bombing raids. Not to mention the V1 and V2 rocket bombardment. Which, didn’t end that many lives compared, but certainly traumatised and demoralised the populations of London and other cities significantly.

      Anyhow.. to conclude about the “good guy” label. Most US soldiers just happen to have little to no reason to hate the locals in Europe. You know, when they eventually got engaged in combat in WW2. Why? Well, because they all lived an entire ocean away. None of their homeland had been invaded, nor bombed. And the same was the case during the first world war. So unlike French and British troops, there were no direct motives for revenge. And they pretty much never had to go hungry or eat some half-rancid food, since they were a lot better supplied with among other nice editions, a whole system of canned food rations. Which all other nations participating in the war only saw a bit off here and there, if at all. This relating to that production capability of the US, previously mentioned. So if you have no hatred, nor any need or urge for revenge and plenty of food to go around, including sweets, fruit and so on. You are most likely going to be seen as “the good guys” quite quickly by the locals. Especially if you happen to be liberate them at the same time.. wink, wink! Obviously, the liberation itself, was what people really cared about. However, the Brits or the French were never called the “good guys”, so.. there’s got to have been that little extra, to set you aside and above. Plus the whole propaganda machine of the US working 24/7 of course. Had people however know then, that the US could’ve entered the war much, much earlier.. like in 1939 or 1940, perhaps? Rather than some 2 years later or so, and the European scene even later than that. They wouldn’t perhaps been cheering so enthusiastically.. or who knows?

      But back to the cruelty perpetrated by soldiers in wars. And on that note, let’s not forget all that the US was involved in after WW2. They were about as cruel and cold towards their enemies and subjects as the Russians/Soviets. Watch Ken Burns doc “The Vietnam War” and Coco Schrijber’s “First Kill”. That’ll get you started.. (i.e. if you already don’t know)

      So the bottom line here, is this.. All nations soldiers are subject to the madness of war and what that does to you. And it can make YOU do all kinds of unbelievably, despicable, cruel things under the “right” circumstances. All sides will commit these cruelties more or less in an all out war. The question is just, how extensive will it be? And that’s what differs between different armies.

      Take Care!

    2. @Super knullisch Yes, like the one’s Trump pardoned that were or set to be convicted by the military of their peers? Not all U.S. soldiers are our best, tho most are.

  11. I am glad this gentleman is now in Germany and can get all the help he needs. Terrible treatment, poor guy.

  12. Horrified and saddened about this, crying for this man and others like him. 100% wishing someone would take Putin and his cruel partners and soldiers out.

  13. Heart wrenching. What a pain he’s been through. May justice be served which I pray include a victory for Ukraine.

  14. I am glad this man is alive and now safe and sorry for this brutal torture.. You sir are a living testimony and I salute you.

  15. Dear Oleg: I am sickened by what you had to endure, what so many of your fellow Ukrainians are having to endure. Thank you for bravely telling your story. I pray it will not be in vain. Wishing you continued physical and mental healing. Sending love and peace.

  16. I pray everyday for innocent victims Ukraine people. God bless Ukraine & all the best for Ukraine & Ukraine army soldiers 🙏🙏🙏✌✌✌

  17. Glad to have the poor brave man here in Germany and give him all the help possible. But some of his wounds will never heal and people who did this must be held responsible and be punished.

  18. This is a battle of good against evil. The civilized world needs to continue to step up against this inhumanity at all cost.

  19. Poor Oleg. Just grieving to my heart to know precious people like this are so wickedly treated!! Prayers for his restoration in every way from this awful trauma!!

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