Headed In The Wrong Direction: COVID-19 Surges In The Southern & Western U.S. – Day That Was | MSNBC


  1. If you do less testing there will be less people in the hospital? Is that the logic of Donald Trump?

    1. @Kathy Weis According to the Pew Research Center during the 2016 election, americans who did not have a formal education backed Presdient Trump by a two to one margin. President Trump knows his demographics and speaks accordingly.

    2. @Refus They must all be nearly deaf also because he shouts at them as if they are deaf little kids.

      Or perhaps it’s like Americans (or Russians or whoever) who take a vacation in Paris and shout at the ticket counter because then he/she might understand what they say. (That always cracks me up. “One train ticket to the Eiffel tower station please”

  2. With Covid deaths and voter suppression, will there be anyone left to vote in November?

    1. @The Tweatles Your arrogance and your stupidity will be your downfall. You have chosen an imbecile to lead you in times where actual leaders May falters and fails. You have failed your nation and you have failed the world. This President didn’t create this virus, but he ignored it, denied it, minimized it, joked about it, weaponized it, politicized it, exacerbated it. He systematically removed qualified people and replaced them with genuflecting, sycophantic traitors—or with no one at all.

    2. @yousef Abdallah Actually it’s the leadership of the Democracts that is obviously FAILING…take a look at every liberal run city currently 😳
      tinyurl.com/ybyebdlp 🎶

    3. @The Tweatles Yep, lets take a look… Democrat cities and states are the richest cities in America. FACT! Blue states also put more money into the Federal government than they receive! FACT! Red states are the exact opposite and are welfare states! FACT! AND! The poorest cities and poorest states are RED!! The top 4 most crime infested and most dangerous cities AND 7 out ten are Republican lead!! FACTS!!

  3. I can’t believe common sense is not pervasive enough so we don’t need a top disease control expert to explain that “when cases goes up, more people die”.

    1. Actually the more people tested the % of deaths go down..See how that works Useful Covidiot..40% or 50,000 of the 116,000 Covid deaths happened in Nursing Homes in 5 demokkkrat States..MURDER!!..We also know that many of the remaining 66,000 deaths were falsely reported as covid deaths..So what’s the real #?..5,000-10,000-20,000??..Demokkkrats said 2 million plus Americans would die😂Put all demokkkrats in Nursing Homes & weld the doors shut😂America will quickly become great again😂

    2. @The Tweatles incurable num scroll hope you get a life, I won’t waste more time on your incoherent nonsense, Left-right we all need fight this pose of a president, the racist are only few, don’t be scared stand up for your right


    3. @yousef Abdallah Actually REAL Americans need to fight the Anti-Trump Anti-American Pro-LGBTQ agenda.
      tinyurl.com/ybyebdlp 👀

    4. @The Tweatles And don’t you feel pathetic that there isn’t one positive comment in the video you linked?

    1. Crystal Giddens and Twattles are angry jealous Russians whose only recourse is to play sad internet pretend.

      Point and laugh…or pity them.

  4. We test to know if we are spreading the virus to others plus a test today doesn’t mean good tomorrow JUST TODAY

    1. You can say this and that , but most country manage to flatten their covid19 curve some down to zero, even EU and EEA. All practise the same,testing,contact tracing and isolation.After 6 months of covid19 life, American still remain at the beginning stage

  5. Trump’s COVID 19 response is achieving herd immunity through brainwashing 39% of the electorate.

    1. @Peter Pan making it wrose it’s the leadership in democratic sanctuary cities and districts letting it get destroyed we have to vote out these democrats in democratic sanctuary cities and districts for destruction and not doing nothing about blacks taking black lifes

    2. @KZ Depends on the demcorat tbh, most of the mainstream ones would prolly run your country into the ground in the matter of months.
      There a few though that would actually help you improve more along the lines of succesful European nations like Norway.
      You people really need to stop drinking the collectivism coolaid, it doesn’t end well,

    3. @Peter Pan Christ, you pathetic fools are hilarious. I’ve been watching the Dems rescue the US from the mess Republicans have made of the economy since the ’70’s, from the UK. ‘Prolly run your country into the ground’?!? Wow, what planet are you two on? Time to grow up and start thinking, saddoes.

    4. @Genghis Smith moron the democratic party wants to collapse the economy just like certain black lifes matter CBLM but black babies lifes taken dont.matter

  6. Trump definitely deserves a bonus from Putin now.
    They pushed him into office to divide people and weaken the USA and their influence around the world.
    Now he’s actively working to spread a disease that kills people.
    There’s no way Putin could foresee that a few years ago, so I guess a bonus is definitely appropriate.

    1. Look at this moron still running with Hillarys Russian collusion lie, what a pathetic embarrassment..

  7. The states where Trump holds his Beer Hall rallies will see a spike in cases just over a week after the event. Trump can’t hold too many rallies in the red states. The more people in Trump’s GOP that get infected, the better for the US, especially so if the infections finally get the attendees to see what a big liar Trump really is.

    1. It’s actually embarrassing how naive and unintelligent liberals are 😳
      tinyurl.com/yc33oxyl 🎶

  8. Coronavirus is exploding around the Country and Trump holds a super spreader event, with no requirement to follow the government’s own CDC advice to the public.

    1. I’m from Europe and even though the entire EU is now seeing less than 4,000 cases per day combined, none of us are that stupid to hold an event like that.

      I think there have only been 2 indoor mass gatherings in the entire developed world in the last 3 months. Both were in America, both were in states that were seeing cases rising exponentially, both were held for the sole purpose of massaging Trumps ego.

    2. What about the TENS of THOUSANDS of rioters / looters working shoulder to shoulder ? Oh right…..they were MASKED . Never mind

  9. Normal Joe: Christian why are you beating this man?
    Christian: Because he is a sinner and rejects Jesus!
    Normal Joe: I do believe God should judge him?!
    Christian: That is why I am sending him to god!

    You judge the very short story for what you will!

    1. It soon could be that you will realize that this freedom is limited within the USA. That pandemic is turning out to be totally out of control. Americans will be barred from other countries for a long time. Then the scenario will even shift to a dramatic amount of restrictions including no travel between states. Every day there are international report confirming that anything coming from the USA has to be turned right back. Very soon (a matter of weeks) american exportation will be stopped by many countries. And American economy depending a lot on exportation, well…………..

    2. We have been Losing Our Freedoms since DJT took office but, The People are only now Coming to see it. I fear what will happen when more of our Votes are Purged, MORE WH Crimes are Committed, and then Trump REALLY P*sses off the Wrong Foreign Leader! Rome fell, so can America!

    3. The average american has a 5th grade level of education. Politicians know this. Thats why when Politicians speak its an adolescent speech. If president trump held a managerial role in a real company, he would have been fired a long time ago. Uneducated people in America are killing their own country.

  10. Trump wants less testing for others including his supporters, but daily testing for everyone he meets.
    “I’m important, my supporters are disposable. Like my wives and children.”

  11. Thank you, Dr. Fauci for being honest enough to speak over Trump.
    My husband’s life depends on this valuable information and not “joking” about 120K deaths.

    1. Sending love,support and understanding from Australia for you and your husband’s health. I am so very sorry for what you’re going through. Much love, Suzanne (RN) Tasmania ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  12. the US is in a chaotic state because of NO direction from all these mixed messages coming out of the WH! Shame on this administration!

    1. Shame on the administration allowing their states to become and look like a world war. If you like you can go have a sit in with the people of Chaz or Chop whatever they are calling it today.

    2. @Trixy ahahaha another triggered boot licker huh, well I don’t speak lap dog so find yourself the nearest GOPu$$y & they’ll take your complaints & whining there!

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