Health-care staffing shortage reaching critical levels in Canada | COVID-19

Dr. Christopher Labos discusses the staffing shortage causing issues throughout the health-care system ahead of another expected wave of COVID-19.

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    1. I so agree with you … My thoughts trudeau has to go , he is dividing and destroying Canada

    1. Right? When they do hire, they hire part time so they don’t have to pay out benefits. Brutal.

    2. Because Brad the layoffs and corruption is happening on your side of the Looking Glass

  1. Newly graduated nurses are not the answer. We need our skilled veterans back to provide the best care for patients and to train the new nurses

    1. @Stealthy_s0n1c May be coz they are not really hiring. or if they are they will pay less rate. Of course they wont hire the laid off nurses coz they didn’t get in line with the program.

    2. @Stealthy_s0n1c At the same time allow PSWs to work in the hospitals along side the nurses .(we’re not unionized is the problem I was told) There’s plenty of things that could be delegated to a PSW to take some load off of nurses.

    3. @Stealthy_s0n1c That is a small percent to be honest and is not the single cause of the shortage

    4. @DGNRT-z it’s not a small percentage; I’m talking about all healthcare workers in community and hospital, not only nurses. Even being short one nurse per shift is a nightmare.

    5. @DGNRT-z if you’re not personally inside the workplaces in the hospitals, then u wouldn’t know.

  2. “Health-care staffing shortage reaching critical levels” should read: “After massive layoffs of medical personnel health-care staffing shortage reaching critical levels”

    1. @Carole Wilkins Nothing you can do for the dead, and the sick can stay home and enjoy chicken noodle soup😊

  3. HIRE BACK ALL THE DOCTORS AND NURSES THAT WERE FIRED! Excuse the yelling but, I think they may be hard of hearing.

    1. Where is diversity in immigration. What is government doing about overwhelming immigration from India

  4. Let any affair in the government hands and it’s going to be a disaster, Healthcare is not the exception.

  5. I work with two doctors who moved here from overseas. One from the Netherlands and the other Ethiopia. Both have spent the past 6 years trying to get back into their respective fields. We don’t have a shortage, we have stupidity at the highest levels

    1. @Joe, Bye-Den 👋 Pierre is going to withhold provincial transfer payments to any province that does not cooperate in relaxing the ugly gatekeeper restrictions as well as busting open the closed shop medical unions preventing foreign medical professionals from working in their fields of expertise in Canada.

  6. “hire more administrative staff” Canada already has the most medical administrators in the G7…maybe we need to make healthcare less expensive, i.e the 60$ bags of salt water, surely we can produce a bag of saline solution for less than that

    1. @Carole Wilkins “the friends” what are you on about? And yes I do. Fire them all useless gears of a machine that doesn’t operate as designed

  7. And who’s fault is that? Every single problem during Covid has been caused by government mandates and rules.

  8. How about dropping the mandates and rehiring the terminated health workers. The system needs common sense over partisan politics.

  9. Shouldn’t have fired all of those rational minded nurses. I’m sure they’re very happy they didn’t receive the garbage mrna concoctions.

  10. Well, what did anyone expect to happen when our hospitals fired so many employees for no reason?

  11. This shortage is totally the governments doing. And they could totally fix it, but they won’t lift the mandates on Healthcare workers. Purely criminal.

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