Health Minister Responds to Viral Video at Alexandria Hospital | TVJ News

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    1. @EWAN CAMERON He is not dead it is us the people to use our knowledge wisely for the wellbeing of all by showing love and build together if we don’t do that it is our fault not Jesus other nations do it we can too.

    2. @EWAN CAMERON let me make it plain if we even pray every day and call upon jesus and don’t use our senses properly it still wont work.

  1. Blessed lord why there is no love in Jamaica for each other, get doctor from other countries please

    1. So true if we don’t love and care for one another nothing will change until people start to be their brothers and sisters keeper and start build together.

  2. It’s sad but now we have to rely on doctors from other countries to help us. Are our doctors leaving for better opportunities or is no one interested in being doctors/specialist nowadays?

  3. Doctor’s must be fed up with all the hard work with little pay and promise every body get fed up of theses lier government and him gangsters friends 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  4. What about the hospital sending d man away with d baby he found we want to hear you on dat

  5. The time you or planning to put theeth him people mouth look abouth the hospitial that you must and leave people mouth sad and shams

  6. Wow can you believe this current governor a boast how them a the best and all of the civil servant them a strike or leave the work. An you afto to go get docs from overseas when you don’t want pay the local doctors is a dam shame smdh

  7. This is traumatic and inhumane.Down low dirty shame. No way this should be happening. JAMAICA gone to the dogzzzzzz😒😒😒😒😒😒. Crying shame.

  8. A so Alexandria Hospital run dung and look bad? OMG what is really happening? No wonder no doctor wants to stay up there.

  9. Lie ! North East Reg Health Authority did NOT open an application to fill any slots for over 1 yr!!

    1. True. My cousin graduate from nursing school in st. Elizabeth for 4 years now and cant get a job

  10. It’s noo challenge you MPs get money to run the country to build better infrastructure for emergency building as well as police departments but rather to see the country looking like it ain’t coming out of poverty better police stations along with fleets the EMS need better fleets same as the fire πŸš’ πŸš’ give them what they deserve without them there ain’t noo country.. build better facilities for metal people…they don’t want to use the money and get the job done only stuff in their pockets

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