Health Officials In Michigan Confirm Letter On Life And Death Protocols | Morning Joe | MSNBC 1

Health Officials In Michigan Confirm Letter On Life And Death Protocols | Morning Joe | MSNBC


As Chicago and Detroit could become potential new coronavirus hot spots, officials at the Henry Ford Health System in Michigan have confirmed the accuracy of a letter outlining life and death guidelines for use during the pandemic. Aired on 3/27/2020.
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Health Officials In Michigan Confirm Letter On Life And Death Protocols | Morning Joe | MSNBC


    1. @Martine Mikita I rather enjoy twisting words, like a guy that twists balloons into interesting toys for children. I twist ’em into curves, spirals, and even back onto themselves like a moebius strip, but I usually try quite hard (unless I’m kidding) to get the meaning of these words to conform to the nature of the real as I perceive it.

    2. @Martine Mikita Ok that makes more sense (on a comprehension level) than what you wrote, which was “compression level.” Just wondering!

    3. @Martine Mikita just read the last part of this thread. Obviously quarantine doesn’t agree with you because you sound insane. You are literally biting everyone’s head off for expressing their opinions. You say you don’t necessarily agree with him but you obviously do based on the fact of how you’re reacting to people’s opinions of him. Go take a chill pill, have a glass of wine.

    4. @Si Yang I’m not sure what ur trying to say. I apologize if that’s offensive. I tend to lean on EVENT 201 when it comes to the Coronavirus. A lot of people disagree… and that’s ok…

    5. ​@Martine Mikita You are delusional. Guess who now is saying there is a real problem? The president himself. Otherwise, why would they be issuing a multi trillion dollar stimulus package? So which is it media driven fear, or a real problem? If it isn’t real, why are they sending money to help people? Why are businesses, schools, or whole cities closing down? If you cannot see that the messaging from the president was wrong at the beginning, you have your head in the sand. You can support someone and admit they did something wrong.

  1. Republicans lied THEIR FACES OFF saying the ACA had a “death panel” making decisions. And now, with the worst leadership and the republican senate only looking to protect their rich donors, have now created those Death Panels, where the Drs have to make the decision to remove life-saving equipment from people because someone else has a better chance to survive. Trump needs to be held accountable for crimes against the American people.

    1. Doug H I am seriously concerned for your mental health if you persist in your fabrications. You are showing significant pathology in these falsehoods. Get help. Really, get help before your paranoia creates any more delusions.

    2. @J Paterson “When people think of “arguments,” often their first thought is of shouting matches riddled with personal attacks. Ironically, personal attacks run contrary to rational arguments. In logic and rhetoric, a personal attack is called an ad hominem. Ad hominem is Latin for “against the man.” Instead of advancing good sound reasoning, an ad hominem replaces logical argumentation with attack-language unrelated to the truth of the matter.”

    1. @pfenix7 just think if that was here all the law suits that would come from it. Then they wonder why we don’t rush to throw things up and we make sure they are safe

    2. Deebrickashaw Last China has sent equipment, PPE and Doctors to many countries at no cost already… look up China sending plane loads of stuff to Italy , Africa and Spain on YouTube it’s all been filmed. It looks like China comes to the rescue while Trump sits by and watches his own people die. China are heroes!

    3. @Barbara Maloney lmao. China heroes. China spreads virus hoards supplies then picks a few countries to help on camera and you call them heroes. That is entertainment. Trump is helping our country you refuse to see it China is not helping nor is any other country yet we are always helping every other country. You are a brainwashed fool

    4. jays knight king titan Trump is not helping your country he is making your governors fight to get protective gear and wasted so much time even calling it a hoax. He has always cared more about the economy than his people.. maybe you should look at how a real leader acts and deals with a pandemic such as the prime minister of New Zealand.

    1. Every death is korona heart attacks korona shot to death korona so fat should have died last year korona tests inconclusive korona when are they going to be positive no good news just gloom and doom I hate auto play

    2. We were always taught as a worker in a hospital, when people are sick, they react differently & not to pay attention if patients/family are upset, but be compassionate & caring. When one is sick, we do NOT say or react normally! POTUS NOT TO TALK to HURTING GOVERNORS, is rude, inappropriate, ugly bullying, bullying!

    1. @jodog31 every couple of years I participate in disaster mockups with the VA and triage is always practiced.

    2. @The Zombie Whisperer a nurse i know said what we’re seeingg is beyond triage – something (good) emergency rooms always use – and is instead called “selective care”

    3. So you are ok with battlefield / firefight triage tactics on citizens for a pandemic situation that could have been slowed down if the president that didnt take it seriously, but call it a hoax and said its going to disappear in the summer

    1. Pence really did a great job in Indiana. Refused clean syringes to addicts on religious reasons. The AIDS jumped from 57 to over 300. Like that didn’t put a stain on resources. VP Mayonaise is in charge of healthcare in the federal government and isn’t he doing a great job. Almost as good as the son in law in the Middle East!

    2. Jessie Montano ‘Lobotomized’ Pence idolizes Trump and actually believes that he IS the REAL GOD! I, on the other hand am beginning to believe that Trump is the REAL DEVIL.

    3. Jessie Montano , we need to replace Trump and pence,Nancy Pelosi is next in line and I do believe he better than these two bozos

    1. @Wade
      Nope, it works for Canada, Singapore, Germany and most nordic countries. They don’t charge USD3500 for a coronavirus test.
      Americans wanted to pay from their own pockets? Be my guest. I am here telling you that it works for many countries.

    2. @Dico If it’s so perfect in all those other countries feel free to go there, too many believe they are entitled here and don’t want to do anything, that’s the real problem

    3. @Dico – Racially homogeneous countries… but you liberals don’t want to face that reality, do you?

    4. @Wade I have a job. I’m a nurse. What are you doing to assist in healthcare? I’ve seen a social worker tell an elderly widow that they will have to sell her home that she worked her whole life for to afford her medication and care. I’ve seen people risk their own death because they could not afford meds and they worked all their lives but were just too old and the meds were so expensive. I hope you never need help since you think the problem is just laziness. Do you think the Healthcare workers who are risking their lives right now are getting raises? Please educate yourself!

    1. Our doctors are our new American heroes.
      Don’t be surprised if a top doctor or two runs for President later this decade.
      I may consider voting for a doctor to be our President at that time.

    2. Shialaubeef
      OMG. So very very sad. The one time I would’ve taken criticism in stride. It’s not fair for these Doctors to be in this position and make decisions of this magnitude of indifference. Hopefully every Country leader can read the writings on the wall. God Bless all the caretakers on the frontline. In fact anyone working in the healthcare facilities. I hope people especially the young ones start to self isolate. Don’t wait for their counties, City or state to recommend or order it. I believe it was yesterday or the day before a 17 year old died from the virus and now an infant. There isn’t enough information/data yet to be able to know why some are recovering and others aren’t.

    3. @R McElhaney ame

      American doctors are the cause of much harm in the USA. I will never see them as being heroes.

    1. Remember a time when you thought that you mattered,
      Believed in the school song, die for your country – a country that cared for you
      All in it together?
      If it ever was more than a lie or some naive romantic notion
      Well, it’s all shattered now
      It’s all shattered now

      Why is nothing ever true ?

      Well do you remember a time when you thought you belonged to something more than you?
      A country that cared for you
      A national anthem you could sing without feeling used or ashamed
      You poor sods have only yourselves to blame
      On your knees, peasant
      You’re living for the New King.

      -Marillion , the new Kings

    2. … The epidemic only outlined the cracks that were already in your system… its 2020 and your country still have an horrible election system, 30++ million without healthcare, the amount of prisoners, etc etc

    1. You only get masks/ respirators if you live in ‘certain Republican districts”. Morning Joe compared the COLOR MAPS to the DEM/REP STATES and who is getting help is mainly the RED/ TRUMPER STATES..the rest are ignored.

    2. ​@Minister Gail, Holy Ghost Coach That’s right. Team Red is taking all the supplies. Coronavirus pandemic will be known as the Blue Death and liberalism will finally be vanquished. Bwahahahahahaaaa!

    1. @StephBer1 Religion is the opiate of the world. We need clear heads, not superstition and medieval medicine.

    2. @Idiot’s 4 Biden Yeah, because Republicans aren’t the caregivers. They’d rather live in their fortresses and make a buck out of a pandemic than actually help. The evil in the world.

    1. David Drake
      That’s seems to be the history of this disease from the little bit of data that’s out.

    2. I wouldn’t be surprised if Florida is considered a hotspot soon. And Trump will blame it on the NYers who fled the city. Which is why he said he was considering a travel ban for NYers and dropped that idea a few hours later.

  2. I work in hospital, we can’t run anywhere. So when we go, plz stay home if u can so u help us!
    It’s serious!!!
    Let’s flatten the curve!!

    1. We were always taught as a worker in a hospital, when people are sick, they react differently & not to pay attention if patients/family are upset, but be compassionate & caring. When one is sick, we do NOT say or react normally! POTUS NOT TO TALK to HURTING GOVERNORS, is rude, inappropriate, ugly bullying, bullying!

    2. Thank you for your hard work! We are staying home granted we have to go for food once a week or 10 days. But only one person goes and uses precaution the whole time and we’ve been spraying everything daily. We just had the flu a few weeks ago

  3. What about the empty hotels? Give a room to the health care professionals so they don’t spread it to their loved ones.

    1. L Fuentes
      Do you think that maybe Italy’s
      Hug a Chinese (Wuhan immigrants) festival in February wasn’t such a good idea?

    2. this happens in the richest country in the world,this is so sade to watch!! i pray for you americans, love from italy!!

    3. L Fuentes How about Trump just providing enough ppe to prevent health care workers bringing it home???

  4. Trump is the LEAST QUALIFIED PERSON to advise others in ANY CRISIS! His only concern is how HE LOOKS to others & inflating his own ego!

    1. @Mountainguy kind of you to assume the inbred, @lynnsmalls, was ever even in middle school. You know Trump supporters don’t believe in education.

  5. He fired the pandemic response team back in 2018, recently joked about this virus and promised I’ll miraculously go away and now asking for churches to be filled in weeks. How do you defend that Trumpsters?

    1. @Evangelia Hernandez The heads of each department and their teams at each hospital so the plural is appropriate.

  6. Looks like the Republicans are finally getting the “Death Panels” they talked about all those years ago.

    1. The statement says that health care decisions will not be made on the basis of immigration status. So some illegal aliens will live and some Americans will die as a result of this Democrat policy.

  7. Trump needs to be removed from the presidency he has shown how incompetent and dangerous he is to public safety

    1. @Pumla Nonti very true now trump has killed more people than charly Manson ted Bundy and dalmer combined

    2. @Domino Ryan Was it really lies? He made some hopeful statements that may not have been well grounded in reality that weren’t going to manifest as it turned out. The world hasn’t been through something like this since 1918. Since epidemics like SARS and West Nile virus didn’t produce such catastrophic outcomes there is understandably a lot of initial reluctance to accept a worse case scenario with the uncertainties involved in ecountering a newly emerging bug. The President has responsibly changed his position and proved flexible in meeting the demands of the moment.

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