1. Still waiting for you to name an example of Biden not mentally fit for office…..

    2. @M Hall Youtube probably hid your comment because it’s full of lies. I don’t see it anywhere.

  1. Thats a very honest and detailed answer from Biden. Trump would of just insulted the reporter.

    1. @Elaine Primo they aren’t soft friendly, but just normal, thats how journalists act when you dont yell at them, dont call them fake news etc. Also fox news were very soft spoken for trump, so it’s not like trump got attacked all the time by everyone

    1. @Cathy Socks I will take old and capable, as Biden is and has proven to be, over younger and incapable any day. As for Bernie Sanders, he is a great New Dealer, and a team player who endorsed Joe Biden for a second term.

  2. Agh. It’s so depressing and frustrating to watch the Democratic Party go against what most of us want. I wish they cared.

  3. Well then, lets force everyone in congress and everyone who is a state governor 80 years old or above to resign immediately. There are MANY people from both parties as old or OLDER than President Biden…..MANY!

    1. ​@Mike Boothe I understood exactly what President Biden was saying! I’m 62 going on 63 this year and I feel like I’m 45. So good for President Biden to want to keep on going isn’t that what we all is supposed to do. Is enjoy life and do what you want until you can’t do it anymore.

    2. @Richard Reese MANY Presidents have read from their notes…that is nothing new! If that’s all you got…you’re gonna have to try a lot harder!

  4. I have utmost respect towards Joe Biden. He’s a late bloomer. A sage. He’s got the best administration for this period of time for the world. Will pray for their win 🙏🏻 God bless America 🇺🇸

    1. New infrastructure, welfare, gun regulations, climate legislations all while having one of the narrowest majority in congress for dem president. Pretty good score, whether someone supports him or not. People just trying to be smart saying hes a disaster

  5. You’ve do, “have it,” Joe. You’re the best the Dems have right now. Let people debate whether that’s a good or bad thing and what changes they need to make, if they’re unhappy. But they cannot debate the fact that you are democracy’s best, last hope in America right now. You got bills passed that no one believed you could get done, and that was pure experience and the wisdom of age. You have my support. ✌️👍🇺🇸

  6. I am a senior myself and I really think there is a preoccupation with age. Ages today just aren’t the same as they were in the last century. Some people seem old in the 50s or 60s while others seem to be really in their prime in their 70s or 80s. No one told the Queen to step down. Popes are always older. Just let the man do the job and if he can’t, then we can deal with it.

    1. In business, there’s even a saying based on statistics: “70 over 70” and “30 under 30”, which means over 70% of businesses headed by 70 year olds are successful and only 30% of businesses headed by those under 30 y.o. are successful.

    2. @Storytelling with Svetlana it’s not discriminatory if it’s true.Job performance based on mental acuity is a variable that relates to advanced age in many cases. Ex. If a person is fired based solely on age alone, that’s discrimination. If there are fires because they can’t remember how to do the job and screw up simple tasks, that’s different.

  7. There should be Term Limits and a president should pass a test and a age limit should be in place. Look what we got..a president now that is lost most times.

    1. You are lost ALL of the time if you think Joe Biden is not astute. Yes, he is old. I hope you do not underestimate every old person you have a tangential relationship with.

  8. He had all the questions in advance. You can guarantee he had his responses in advance too.

    1. He keeeps being asked the same questions over and over. I don’t think being prepared with answers you expect is bad. Having information to refer to or prepared statements is not unusual in politics. Would you rather he insult the reporter and go off on a tangent about flushing toilets? No thank you!

    2. @Cathy H he should be able to answer unscripted with notes to questions he didn’t receive before hand. I would prefer if he could answer any question, tangential or not

  9. This is the most coherent statement he’s made in a while. Somebody upped his meds for this press conference.

  10. I say there needs to be an age limit of 65 and no one should be able to run for office who has been convicted of a crime. Same goes for the senate and congress and the Supreme Court and they should have two term, term limits as well. We also need full transparency of the financial records of anyone serving in these bodies of government before they are allowed to be elected in and annually while serving their term. Presidential primary candidates should be voted in BY THE PEOPLE and not the schmucks in government. Period!

  11. I’d like to look this gal up much later in life — hope she regrets the way she posed that question when placed against the value of her own life post 70.

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