1. @T/A Plus Hemi

      “Electrical grid failure”

      Is that when the 🇺🇸 solar panels on the roof charge the 🇺🇸 EV (all-electric vehicle) in the house’s garage???

      You are toooo brilliant for me.

      I defer to your elite insurmountable intellect.

    2. @Roy Johnson what are our roof tiles going to sprout and grow solar panels? I guess you’re going to pay for everybody’s house to get solar panels, even those that don’t want them? That’s the only way an endeavor such as that can be counted on because I don’t remember anyone saying that that was going to be a thing. I think you’re getting into the green deal when we’re still talking about simple gas prices. See with gas prices electric cars need not apply because you simpletons think that electric cars require no oil of any kind. Also if these solar panel powered chargers were going to be a thing why aren’t any of the EV sellers mentioning them when they talk about the charging station that comes with purchase? Never once claimed to be brilliant but I seem to understand this whole process more than you. As far as grid failure, part of the grid could not even hold up to cool temperatures in Texas. It got down into what, the 40s and Texans turned on their heaters and everybody lost power. Tell me how cars that have more draw than HVAC systems aren’t going to kill the grid. That’s also asking for the NE states as they had a grid failure from the US up to Canada. I can’t remember why but the “infrastructure” (got to love those buzz words) hasn’t been strengthened near as much as it’s supposed to be. So yeah grid failure. Also tell me how the people who are barely able to afford to stay in their houses in California right now are going to be able to afford to buy these electric cars and get these solar panels without ending up like the other people in California who are now living in tents.

  1. Like how they worded it savings of 2.70 per 15 gallons 2.70÷15= .18 18¢ that’s how much gas will go down 18 ¢ for 3 months are we really suppose to be happy with this? Is this really any kind of a solution?

    1. @DrDavid BonnarIII did you read what you wrote what is racist about this ?lol I for sure didn’t vote for this. What if we disagree is that racist? 😂

  2. when companies need bailouts its full steam ahead.
    Companies need to cut their prices “Well this probably won’t get through congress and it probably won’t do anything anyways.”

  3. There is no possible way that this is going to be resolved anytime soon. We are screwed. 10 dollars a gallon will soon be a reality.

    1. @Cmore Butts can trump blame obama then ? Since no politician has a spine and ever takes responsbility for themselves.

      America bad when trump in charge. America bad coz trump not in charge. Pick one narrative.

  4. They didn’t have a problem coming together and sending 30 billion to Ukraine.. but, it’s a big debate for them to give the American people a .18 cents gas tax break.

    1. @Jeff And Ben Stiller too. I don’t know how to quantify a dollar amount for him but it happened

  5. Gas retailers are always one tank behind. The cost may come down but they paid what the price was.

    1. @Elmosweed The word is “who’s.” Not to be confused with whose it’s the contraction of “who is” instead of the commonly misunderstood “whose” which implies the possessive of “who.”

      Hope they his clears things up.

  6. The gas companies got a “stern talking to” by this clod. They’re laughing their asses off. 18 cents. 😂😂😂😂😂😂

    1. “CLOD”!! Excellent word! 😂. Hey, don’t laugh at .18. You could save $2.70 total on a 15 gallon tank! LMAO 😆

  7. I ride a bicycle to work and the prices still make me double take. I’m worried that people will try to steal my bike when they run out of gas money.

    1. @SlyFan1993 Right on brother. We’re both just some wild desert coyotes trying to find our way…

  8. I’m confident enough to know the gas companies are trembling due to our fierce strong 💪 president what a stud…

    1. So you want the government to step in and set gas prices, like take over the gas/oil industry? Thought you all wanted government to keep their hands out of business? So do you want government regulation of businesses or not?

  9. with inflation going the way it is, everyone is barely putting food on the table and gas in the tank. if we’re all pretty much living paycheck to paycheck, how the hell are we supposed to go buy solar panels and an electric car??

  10. Gas holiday? I’m just trying to think what I will spend on the $3 I might save on filling my gas tank. Thanks Joe your the best!😬

    1. @Hydrocarbon82 we both know Biden is not responsible for the increase in petrol. Gas in the US has been a lot less compared to countries in Europe. I could care less about the price of petrol. The only dilemma I have is wondering which one of my cars I should drive today.🤔

    2. @Cloakz Gaming I bet you were one of those people that said if trump won you would move to Canada 🤣🤣🤣

  11. When gas where I live is $6.49 a gallon, I don’t wanna hear about a .25 cent reduction. What, I’m supposed to get excited about gas being reduced to $6.24? Yeah, you can miss me with that nonsense.

    1. @NPC 8647
      America was NEVER 100% oil energy independent, dunce! How could that be the case, when America was importing oil under Trump administration? Smh.

    2. @Mark Warren are you really arguing that EV’s are equally or more harmful to the environment than gas cars? Lol

    3. Our gas has already dropped 10 cents. Not sure where you live but sounds like you need to either move or get a better job.

    4. @Matthew Chick Why are GOP getting record donations form oil industry then? They have not done anything to lower prices.

  12. We need to suspend all taxes for 3 months.
    Did you know that about 40% of your money goes to taxes? Could you use a 40% boost in spending power?

    1. would you charge less and make the guy who said he is going to shut you down look good F JOE BIDEN !

    2. Well? We can ask? If they say “no,” we can make them a head shorter and try some new ambitious folks who would gladly take their place.

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  13. President Biden: reduce your price now
    Gas companies: yes Mr. President, we’ll get right on it 😂

    1. @Ethan Weeter you should have seen what the N44 oBama gave to the saudis 😂😂 queethan, you’re gonna reeeeeeeeeeee hard when President Trump becomes your daddy again

    2. What do you expect him to do when just a little over a month ago, legislation was brought forth to combat price gouging at the pump and EVERY SINGLE Republican voted against it? Republicans want to resist and block everything this President does to try to help this country that so they can blame him for the problems that they played no part in trying to fix.

    3. @Davy Jones explain to us why in 2014 the price of crude oil barrel peaked at $118 meanwhile the cost of gasoline at the pump averaged $2.50.
      Today the price of crude oil is just over $122. This is capitalism and price gouging hard at work. A little over a month ago legislation was brought forth to combat price gouging at the pump and guess what… EVERY SINGLE REPUBLICAN voted against it

    4. @9 Foot Cumshot this is absolutely price gouging. In 2014 crude oil prices per barrel peaked at $120 a barrel, meanwhile the average pump was about $2.50 a gallon

    1. @Mark Johnson maybe if this issue was ONLY in the US, but it’s not.
      If you don’t understand every country is dependent on another for some things you need a better education.

    2. @Yvette Baca It’s only an issue in countries that do what Biden says. In Russia and Saudi Arabia gas is $2 a gallon.

  14. I’m glad there is just as much discussion happening about the 30% increases in rent or the 20% increases in the costs for food. What about medical debt because even the insured can’t afford their care…

    1. @Kevin Watters Read the thread again. You’re the one crying. I proposed a solution for your fake crisis

  15. Nothing like short-term economic solutions to long-term material scarcity. God bless the machine.

    1. @Donte Washington Does it matter? Does it change the fact that oil is high now? No on both then I do not care.

    2. Hate to tell you buddy but more people have died under brandons watch from covid than Trump… take a minute to educate yourself on conservative politics instead of just looking for gotcha moments on the internet.

    1. @james frazier He was totally in control of his overspending. Parents teach their kids to save up and not overspend, which usually leads to massive credit card debt. Yep, this inflation is on Biden’s watch.

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