Hear Dr. Gupta's pandemic prediction from 1 year ago 1

Hear Dr. Gupta’s pandemic prediction from 1 year ago


CNN's Dr. Sanjay Gupta looks back at where the country was a year ago in the Covid-19 pandemic when he predicted possible quarantines, closed schools and limited interactions.
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  1. It’s why I always say, we have to listen to science. When scientist say we have a problem. We gotta listen.

    I suggest watching Cosmos: Possible Worlds specifically the episode “Coming of age in the anthropoloence” narrated by Astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson

    1. @Don Nwzad Yeah, I’d rather listen to the liberal media than a coked up rube who paints with poop.
      And just in case you don’t understand subtext, I was talking about you

  2. People made jokes about me taking my kids out of school march 1st, 1 of those people died from coronavirus, we like to think we’re invincible but in reality our bodies are weak and can be targeted by things like coronavirus. RIP Liam.

    1. @Virgil Romero you never made a point. Just a bunch of words strung together. Sorry for triggering you, I did apologize for my original comment shortly after making it.

    2. @Jeff Ginther my point was: you’re an idiot. I really don’t care about you, I mean if you died or got cancer I wouldn’t give two shits TBH. But then again I don’t care about shitty trolls who wear fedoras

    3. @Jeff Ginther Virgil is wrong, if you have the ability to look at yourself and improve you’re not an idiot, in fact Virgils reply came across more insensitive than your original comment.

  3. I remember when people (Fox News) were comparing 60K annual flu deaths to what was to be expected from COVID-19.

    1. @John Forbes I am using your logic below. 

      Why do you use any new product in the world? Has every new product (food, electronic, etc.) you have used in your life gone through your short and long term tests? If not, how can you know they will not have any long term impact? I agree these vaccines were released very early, but if it was not released people would have complained about this very issue. You have to decide between the two because you cannot have both.

    2. @John Forbes Congratulations on recovering from Covid and not suffering from any major issues.

      Just wanted to point out my father is a doctor, so I know the type of issues people have gone through by his personal experience.

      I will only say one thing, most people don’t realise the biggest problem with Covid was strain to the medical infrastructure not the disease itself. This is equivalent to US only spending money in defence when there is an actual war rather than having a certain amount allocated every year. If they did the former, then you would have realised any war will have bigger impact than what it is if you spend every year. Just imagine no new recruit for the defence only when they need to fight in the war

    3. @John Forbes One more thing antifreeze is any thing with reduces the freezing point of any water based liquid and there is no correlation between mRNA and antifreeze. I don’t know what exactly you are trying to convey. But, if you are trying to say that mRNA is only a simple anti-freeze then you are completely wrong.

    4. BREAKING NEWS John Kerry publicly denounces Joe Bidens policies by refusing to wear a mask while flying on commercial airlines. By publicly taking a stance against the mandates of Biden’s direct orders, John Kerry has demonstrated a strong rejection of Joe Bidens policies, and through his actions declared that all passengers on public airlines may go mask less. It is not clear whether this rogue rejection of Joe Bidens policies will result in the immediate firing of John Kerry, or whether John Kerry’s actions are so reckless and dangerous, that he has recklessly endangered the lives of fellow passengers, possibly spreading the deadly virus and possibly resulting in the deaths of his fellow passengers or those they may come in contact with. More to come as an investigation must be conducted to determine if John Kerry’s actions rise to the level of legal action for reckless endangerment, and what consequences he should face.

  4. Good to see Dr. Gupta…it’s been a while. He sounds so sincere in his analysis of the terrible pandemic.

    1. @CoconutKev Squirm all you want. Twist semantics if you want. The POTUS to expected convey important
      information, not repeat rumors. Most people heard the message as it sounded….it was going away. He didn’t
      want his hotel income affected along others. Feel fee to side step and go off in a random direction, as
      Trumpnuts always do.

    2. @Mike Barry he doesn’t own any hotels, he licenses his name. be a good little liberal and think what they tell you too! Trump did a great job and was the one handed a mess from China, not the poor Biden administration claiming a mess when its all fixed and getting better

    1. He was. I watched him from Europe, because he gave solid information, and we were not prepared.

    2. Science was right, a experts was correct. Not listening to people who know is a problem. Education in America is poor. Critical thinking is lost, look at poor Texas.

    1. @Virgil Romero also I find it hard to believe you are married. You just asked for people’s personal info in a youtube comments section. That’s something a 12 year old does lol sorry but you aren’t going to change my mind. My local community hasn’t shutdown since the beginning. And we’re still alive

    2. @Virgil Romero ya again, I can but I won’t be giving out personal info of friends/acquaintances to strangers on youtube ready to harass everyone they disagree with. Keep trying kid, good luck with your “chief scientist wife”

  5. A year ago, in Italy, the federal government had imposed a national quarantine on the country. I know that America is a super power, but all it had to do was look across the pond, and see what was coming. You had a president that didn’t care and interfered with the science.
    Those are two things that blinded Americans, which led to so many deaths, sadly!
    Stay safe, stay sane, be well

    1. @Jonas P youtube video “Illinois doctor explains how Covid19 deaths are reported” posted by Serving Yah
      Doubt you’ll look that up.

    2. @Reasonably Abnormal I don’t have issues, perhaps you’re the ;problem? And again, globally, there are no issues about testing, from the UN even! Are you trying to tell me there isn’t an issue or that the response was good? Please don’t tell me that’s what you think. Your statement about suicides was disgraceful. Period.

    3. @Jonas P The truth is still the truth even if no one believes it. A lie will always be a lie even if everyone believes it. Enjoy your bliss, Jonas. I almost wish I still had my bliss. Good luck to you

    4. @randee 4 Obviously half of those deaths are Trump’s fault. People will continue to die because the pandemic exploded out of control when this idiot Trump was president

    1. @Virgil Romero as for the sources of my claims, use Google to find out if you want to know. You have the same access I do. I don’t have the time or desire to re-find them just to make your life easier.

    1. @Damien Darko247 Please name the commenter that is posting that it is a lie at this moment????? COVID is real…just like all the other viruses. I had it. I get how some people should be very concerned about it. But was all this really worth it???

  6. Things are starting to get better but that doesn’t mean we can slack now. Stay safe. Stay strong.

    1. Dunno if anyone cares at all but yesterday I hacked my gfs Instagram password using Instapwn. Find it on google if you wanna try it yourself

    2. @vivian gonzalez I’ll decide what guidlines I should follow. I’m not a child & I’m not one to accept being told what to do. You do what you think will help you & you can be concerned about other people’s health. My health is my responsibility & your health is your responsibility.
      Breathing through a mask decreases the amount of oxygen we need to live & be healthy, increases blood acidity & makes breathing difficult.

    3. @John Forbes The vaccine is primarily spread through the air, yes a little bit through contact, but not as much as we once thought. But at the end of the day, it’s still better to where a mask than not where a mask.

    1. @Lucy G But in the UK a new variant was also discovered that spread around the world. Not sure how that happen but sadly it has.

    2. Have a look at Australia. Intelligent response to the pandemic results in life as normal much earlier.

    3. We will not be more free, that’s for sure. We’ll be asked for our papers like they did back when they were killing innocent people in Germany. Exciting times! I bet a lot of yall can’t wait for them to ask you for your papers. Amiright?

  7. It kills me to think back at how long it took for something so damn clear and obvious to finally get recognized as the huge crisis it became.

    1. @TheU2001 MIA It was clear actually…I was buying a freezer to store food and ordering PPE’s back in January. Got an Instacart account same time. Told my wife to stop having employees come to the office and designed an air filtration system for the administrative people who needed to be there for shipping and receiving. There was absolutely no excuse for Trump letting this get so out of hand in this country. None (except he’s a sociopathic fool who couldn’t help himself).

    2. @John Cahill I guess some of us our heroes in our own minds… Yes, Trump is to blame for the crowds in the stores. Trump is to blame for all the deaths in the lockdown states of NY and CA. Did Trump drop the ball and should have taken Covid more seriously? Yes. Is Trump to blame for all of the idiots that do whatever they want despite being told to take precautions? No. Did everyone see this coming and that this would all happen? No. That’s why I called you out on your comment.

    3. @Democratshate America Can crumbs of nothing be seen with the naked eye? Trillions of nothing, pulled from thin air.

  8. *STORYTIME* I remember when I first head about COVID. I saw people lining up at grocery stores and I thought they were being dramatic. Then I got laid off from work and thats when it hit me that maybe this COVID was alot more serious than I thought.

    1. And you must still have lots of free time because I always see your comments on all the news channels.

    2. @Microbio S Oh really LOL Yeah im a news junkie haha If you ever see me on comments feel free to stop by and say hi anything LOL

    1. @nick worster It’s a Democratic hoax, you don’t remember him saying that? Disappear like a miracle? 15 cases down to 1 case? Nothing ringing a bell?

    2. @Fortitudine Vincimus I think it was at this point where he stopped saying it will go away and started deflecting blame.

    3. Had it not been for Tramp and his IDIOT followers, we would have this thing under Control LONG TIME ago!

    4. @nick worster dude, let’s not forget he was saying we were “rounding the corner” during his super spreader campaign rallies. So after all people came forward to give you examples, you don’t look stupid, you are stupid.

  9. I still remember when The last presidential office holder wanted all the CDC reports to go thru him and we were not to test because that found more sick people.

    1. @I Believe If it wasn’t for Trump many of the 500,000 dead people would still be alive in order to take the vaccine

    2. @Ginny Murray you support someone who tried to overthrow the US government. That’s way worse than me supposedly being a “drama queen”.

    3. @Ginny Murray the “race card”? Abbott lied and said the migrants (i.e. Brown people) have Covid and gov’t is releasing them into society. A LIE. TX Covid rates will shoot up because HE ended mask wearing mandates and social distancing. Pointing out the obvious discrimination is not using the race card. oh sorry I bet you don’t believe there is discrimination. Of course. How convenient.

    4. @Ginny Murray so Ginny, what would you actually blame Trump for? anything? anything at all? Of course not! it’s in the cult worshippers handbook. heads will explode if they ever wise up and acknowledge DT is wrong, bad, corrupt, mean, demented, racist, sexist, creepy, cruel…. Nope! None of that.

    5. @Joyce Duncan 500,000 did not die from Covid,if I died of a heart attack today and tested positive for Covid they list it as I died from Covid.I had a friend that died in a wreck from head trauma.He was positive a few days before and they said he died from Covid.His wife is fighting the insurance company trying to get his settlement but they won’t pay because he was put down as dying from Covid.That number is incorrect.When someone dies from cancer but test positive,that doesn’t mean the virus killed them ,it was cancer.Blame China and the dumbass people that still gather and people who gather in bars,parties,weddings in such.Liberal media outnumbers Trump so I think everyone heard the warnings,so don’t blame Trump.Your problem that you have is ,just like all other liberals,you listen to the media that hates him and whatever they say,you believe it.Your not smart enough to form your own opinion,you let someone else’s hatred do it for you.Ask yourself,if Biden have a damn about America in this pandemic,why has has increased $.70 in the first month and a half he has taken office.Why did he take thousands of jobs away from the pipeline.Why is billions being sent to other countries for bs research?Why does he want to put transgender males in bathrooms with our daughters?Should I keep going?

    1. @Joseph G Search ANTIFA on YouTube and pull up the past week. And see the videos of ANTIFA causing trouble in many cities. Stop running from the truth. It only makes you look stupid.

    2. @The Truth Is Out 777 Antifa stands for anti-facism. Facism represents a dictator and Antifa doesn’t want that happening in America. I hardly doubt Antifia riot the past week when we got fascist trump out of the white house. You’re the one who is easily manipulated by Trump’s 30,000 lies, conspiracy theories, and fake news Progranda.

    3. @The Truth Is Out 777 i searched Antifa riots the past week and only 7 months or a year ago showed up.

    4. @Joseph G Well then you don’t know how to use YouTube. There are dozens of videos in the past week, including ANTIFA lighting a court house on fire. Get a brain.

    5. @The Truth Is Out 777 yeah there’s millions or trillions of youtube videos and I do know how to use it. There’s no Antifia rioting or BLM riots happening currently but if there was the government will release them to the news yet there are just peaceful protests of Asian Americans to get justice. I watch actual true journalism stories like 10 days in a madhouse,spotlight, Ruby bridge’s, absence of malice, hidden figures & more that proves if it’s true & accurate so citizens can agree on that topic so Democracy can be served in this country. Lucky I have a well educated brain and know what is true. Joe Biden said we choose unity over division, we choose science over fiction, we choose truth over lies and that’s what I like to see. This new administration is better and today I got my stimulus. So I have a good future to become a news reporter and I’m glad Joe Biden won the election. You just mad that trump lost and go cry like a little baby. Boo hoo Wang wang like the child you are.

  10. I knew we were screwed the moment I found out covid-19 was contagious before symptoms started showing

    1. I’m sure you knew it. I mean a virus that, you know, was contagious…pretty easy to one it is contagious. If it wasn’t it wouldn’t have you know, spread.

    2. @Egon Pax if You ever seen footage that was coming out of wuhan it was nuts you could find the early feeds here on youtube by searching China wuhan covid cctv…it was crazy

  11. One year ago today I was diagnosed with COVID-19, and it’s been a damn hard year. I was fit and relatively healthy, apart from well-managed asthma, when I got sick. Now I’m unsure if my body will ever be able to function quite the same again. Please be careful still, everyone. This virus is vicious, and it can make your life hell, even if it doesn’t kill you. Stay safe and stay healthy!

    1. But you didn’t die so everything is perfect, right? You’re one of that 99.9% survival rate the Covid deniers love to lie about. Clearly it’s not just as simple as life and death with this disease. Many people have long term effects from it. Not to mention all the stress that families have to deal with when loved ones are sick. We lost my healthy 65 year uncle to Covid in Dec. Even if he had survived the toll from the stress still would have likely aged his wife a few years.

    2. @The Insane Shecklador My condolences to you and your family about your uncle. Nobody should go out that way. I can’t lie and say that there weren’t times when I wished that either the virus would hurry up and kill me, or that someone would just shoot me. But yeah, everything’s bloody perfect, which is why I’ve been seeing respirologists, immunologists, and I’ve got an appointment with a neurologist coming up. It’s also why I’m still not eating properly, and haven’t been able to gain back the 20lbs of (mostly) muscle that I lost over the 2 months that I couldn’t even get out of bed. But hey, it didn’t kill me, like it did the ridiculously healthy 40-something principal male dancer from the ballet company that I used to train with before I got sick, so everything is great! Pardon my sarcasm, but if I could go back a year, I’d be coughing on as many Covid deniers as I could. They make me almost as sick as the damn virus.

    3. @neuralmute I hear you. Hard to believe there are still people out there who don’t care. History is not going to look to kindly on 2020 and our society.

      Best of luck getting better. Sounds like a hell of a journey so far.

    4. @neuralmute As I live in a country with a comparatively low number of cases and I have fortunately not had Covid, I can only try to imagine the great toll it plays on the lives of each person. As we now hear more about the numbers who suffer from long term impacts and just how serious and debilitating they can be, it enrages me the way some still make light of the virus, especially when they quote the “low death rate”. Whenever I read another denial of the virus or a complaint about wearing masks I used to suggest they should volunteer, maskless, in the Covid wards. I can understand your sarcasm. My very best wishes to you for a full recovery of your health.

  12. “Could you believe how close we were sitting next to eachother?! We were right next to eachother!!” I’m crying

    1. @Thomas Haas You sound like the kind of person who racially harasses chinese-americans in public. Gross.

    2. @A R Fielding china is responsible for this Wu-Flu. The sick part is you’re the type to hold Trump more responsible for this Flu Manchu than China.

    3. @A R Fielding oh I already used Wu-Flu. Replace it with Shanghai Shingles. Or Commie Cough. Your choice.

    1. @avinash pandey Plus you are interested in a subject that has to do with bible…For example: the first flood and Noah..and why the nature changed.. you should be thrilled about this.

    2. @avinash pandey You are very confused . I read about the green Sshara. How can you apply it to climate change by humans? Too much messed up people in this world.

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