1. French government helped build the P4 lab in Wuhan. France and US provided advanced scientific training for Chinese virologists working in the lab for gain of function. NIH provided funding and initial lab equipment for Chinese virologist’s research on gain of function. Even now some scientists are still using “science knows no border” to promote training and sharing of potentially lethal knowledge and techniques, some out of naïveté, some out of manipulative attempt to take advantage of naïveté to gain lethal techniques. It is sad how some individuals in the community of politicians and scientists would have deals with devils, trading their own country’s security and their own people’s safety for some momentary and delusional collegial rapport without any guidance of conscience and principles

    1. Isnt amazing when random people on the street know more about this than all the MSMs, three letter agencies and democrats combined.

  2. Wow! Its amazing how the narrative changes when you want to prepare the public for wars and sending people into battles!

    1. @SKEMTHEORY It was caused by China in a WUHAN Lab!! BUT I do believe that WHO and Fauchi knew and LIED!

    2. @kay armstrong It was orchestrated by whoever claimed the virus was symptomatic. That could ONLY be the WHO. Nobody is OBLIGATED to listen to China. The whole world wouldn’t shut down if China tried to fake a pandemic. Nobody would care. The ONLY entity that could do this is the WHO.

    3. @MattI don’t think we are playing victim. I think we were ridiculed, bullied, and chastised, by the media, the politicians, and the democrat voters, and they will never apologize.

      I will take this another step further, and say that it was leaked in China intentionally, it was American lead, and it was to alter the rules of the election and to oust Trump.

      The media and almost every major politician is against trump, because he is not bought and own by the elite, like all of the other politicians. Trump upsets the apple cart, so they went after him with lie and yet lie. They got half of the country on board and bullying people that had it right all along. The patterns and then timing of everything is so spot on, nothing is coincidence. They can’t mail trump on anything, because he hasn’t done anything wrong. His opponents, both Republican and democrat went after him with such aggression, and half of the country just ate it up and went with it. They bullied trump supporters, and many trump supporters that I know are moderates. So, for having common sense, and being able to connect the dots for us bullied and cancelled. We are owed a major apology, and y’all need to stop watching the news, and listen to people that know what they are talking about.

    1. He said so without any credible evidence. What he did was and still is wrong and irresponsible, and it tainted the investigation process. If you make up enough crap, some of it is bound to resemble the truth sooner or later. Stopped clocks are right twice a day. Doesn’t make them good at keeping time, Doesn’t make them useful for telling time.

  3. Given the proximity of the outbreak to the one of only of a handful of labs studying, bats, SARS and gain of function research you would have to be nuts to think the lab wasn’t a likely vector. Surely at this point the emphasis should be on proving how the lab *wasn’t* the presumed vector

    1. The origin of the virus is not relevant in this case anymore. Either it did happen on the Wuhan market, because of complete lack of sanitary and respect for life, or it was a lab accident. Remember that the Chinese do butcher live mammals including dogs, it’s despicable, also the conditions of the live animals in cages is hell on earth. But the true reason that the source of the virus is irrelevant is because of the criminal behavior of the Chinese authorities: after the virus was first detected, instead of activating the necessary biologic safety protocol, they arrested the physician that was the first working on this SAR patients, that later died from this virus. They also disappeared with the doctor that was his boss at the hospital in Wuhan. To complicate things further, the Chinese authorities never complied in full with authorities seeking information about this virus source. The only sure thing in all of this is that the corrupt CCP is responsible for millions of deaths around the world, and trillions of economic loss in several countries. Can’t be worse or more serious than this.

    2. the USA funded and provided the SARS pathogen to the Wuhan lab = case closed as to who was responsible.

    3. Exactly. Isn’t this what Bayesian ‘prior probability’ is about?
      An outbreak of chocolatey goodness in Hershey PA is probably not the result of pangolins or wet markets. They should have to disprove what we all should OBVIOUSLY expect to be true, and screaming ‘conspiracy theorists!’ only makes them totally SUS!

    4. @Forgotten World If it’s a man-made virus, it’s very relevant. The Chinese would have known it escaped and they would know what the virus was capable of and did not tell anyone. There were also Americans doing research at the lab. What did they know?

    5. @clot shots I agree, I also suspect that it is man-made, but it is a fact that authorities were alerted by the doctor, they arrested him and tried to hide the contamination, typical CCP. Man-made or not, they were alerted.

  4. Remember when the media said that the lab theory was “disinformation” and anyone saying this was a “conspiracy theorist”? 🤔

    1. Terrorist, nazi, science denier, anti vax, killing grandma, homophobic, sexist. I’m probably missing some

    2. @Damn Yankee’s Daughter oh I am sure main stream media, especially non-contributors/pundits or opinion pieces, used all those words. Stop victimizing yourself

    3. @SoldierGeneral64 who’s victimizing themself? I can’t help if that’s what you see but I in no way will let them sweep this under the carpet. By calling me/us those things they exposed who they are. And you may as well add traitor for going against our laws

    4. @Damn Yankee’s Daughter 1. What people say online or fringe left or right ain’t the same thing as average person. The content you watch makes you perceive yourself to be a victim.

      2. No offense, but for someone who acts like you are “skeptical” of main steam sources you sure feed your confirmation bias. Again what is being reported is nothing new. Reports came out in the past from multiple government entities and intelligence agencies assessing whether they thought it was lab leak or natural. Back then and now each one has differing conclusions and levels of confidence.

      Essentially each one is going based on currently available evidence our best conclusion is X. Given this the actual answer is still we don’t know not oh yeah definitely a lab leak.

    5. @SoldierGeneral64 MAGA lacks any and all common sense about the scientific method so it’s not surprising that’s for sure!

  5. Wow… Weren’t you the guys saying anyone who believed this was peddling misinformation… Mmmm…

  6. “Hear FBI director Wray remark on Covid lab leak theory” and otherwise “Convince It Forward”

  7. Is Lori Lightfoot going to replace Don lemon on The Morning Show?
    And if she did would CNN report that she lost the election?

    1. The FBI is a keystone cops tribute act these days, they don’t know which way up to sit on a toilet.
      Not this guy offered nothing but vague opinion with no facts at all: if they had anything they would be yelling it from the rooftops .


  8. Everyone in the complicit news and entertainment media should get billion dollar fines like Alex Jones.

    1. actually, few Americans realize that the Federal Government controls our media – and will censor what they do NOT want known, and will scrub from the web anything that doesn’t fit their narrative. Every Broadcaster was “just following orders”

  9. Lol people have known this, it’s just been censored for 2 years.. and people made fun of for even talking about it

  10. This information was held back until it became politically expedient to use it. Recently China has decided to provide material support including weapons to Russia. So, our government knew about where COVID came from. This was communicated to China. Only when China ignored warning by us not to send weapons to Russia, we used this COVID assessment to harm them.

  11. I hope now people who have lost loved ones or are suffering from long Covid can now sue the Chinese gov. Class action time

    1. Not only that, go after Fauci and the media like CNN who helped spread monumental disinformation.

      Hey, at least Dr Fauci prayer candles are discounted, so the Branch Covidians can still get their god to pray to in discounted form.

  12. Hydroxycloroquine opens the cells its the Zink that gets inside the cell & stops it from replicating. They lied

  13. In order to take back our world. Everything must fall & when it does prepare to snatch it from them

  14. I remember what I was called for saying this. I also remember what was suggested to be done to me because of it

    1. Get over yourself. No one was going to do anything to you. The right are such prima donna victims.

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