1. “he’s not putting boxes into her closet”.. oh c’mon! What is this? If they have a search warrant for the house, it includes the whole house! “Don’t go looking into my secret closet, It’s not mine, it’s my wife’s!” Sure.. 🤷🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️

    1. @Lilac It is as “specific” as the law reasonably allows. Drug cops don’t have to specify which batch of drugs, what quantity nor what chemical composition due to variance. Most search warrants refer to all areas without specifying which undie-drawers are ok. Just be real and reasonable.

  2. “Annoyed” wow poor thing. What about how we were “Annoyed” for her four years in the the WH.
    Or her special status from her exceptional contributions to art that won her a visa. Or how her parents were shipped in during the pandemic… of course they too contributed to the greater good!

    1. @Stephen Greenaway I said that I didn’t think it was bad that her parents were allowed to visit during COVID…. Think you misunderstood me.

    2. @Matthew Weng she had an opportunity to call Trump and tell him to stop the insurrection on our country but she didn’t give a damn so who cares about her and her family those people that lost their lives were somebody parents too.

  3. On one hand, I feel for her, having her privacy invaded. On the other hand, what the hell did she expect???

    1. On the hand what do all those people on the Right think who still continue to carry his water? I mean he is who they thought he was in the beginning why Act so surprised now !? Like people are just out to get him for no reason at all .

  4. So after all the things hubby’s done over the years without her speaking out, this is the thing that annoys her 🤦‍♂

    1. @vtorc lol for real. Her husband is less popular than Trump and certainly more of a laughing stock

    1. Wouldn’t it be just perfect if after all these years of being married to Trump she grew a spine and figured out a good way to get rid of him?? I would think more of her if she did LOL

  5. What do you mean he would not put something in her closet? If you want to hide something you put it where you think people probably won’t look. Melania is complicit in everything he says and does or she would have definitely spoken out and acted like a person who really cared about the country. Stop defending her like she’s some innocent stand-byer.

    And by the way getting $20,000 a year for nothing except standing beside the president and looking smug is a hell of a deal.

    1. only $20,000 sounds way too low. ivanka got $74,000 consultancy fee while she was working for trump in another capacity. yet she was a consultant. Kelly Guilfoyle got $15000 a month along with Ivanka for working on the 2016 campaign. $200,000 a year i could live with that.

  6. How can you tell when she’s has any emotions? Her facelift looks so restrictive on any attempts to express an emotion and it only makes her look like she’s in a constant state of constipation.

    1. You’d think that perfecting a “poker face” would have benefits when having to deal with Donald in any intimate situation. Any female in that situation would have to disconnect herself while Donald works his magic, sweating and panting and finishing in a matter of minutes. To keep a stoic facade will earn her a shopping spree at her favourite 5th Avenue store. Lay back and think of Sachs, honey.

  7. She’s smart to keep quiet and in the background, or she would be accused of being a spy . Especially since they have weird living arrangements and entering the country under false pretenses. Then her husband gets caught up with all that?

    1. She is selling pieces of memorabilia. Could she possibly, allegedly be selling our secrets? The reporter said most former First Ladies don’t start a for profit venture like she has. It is odd. Most write books and have a charity.

    2. @Rudy why are you asking me?! I don’t run cnn … and I’m independent , so I’m not a huge fan of Democrats

  8. Her eyes always remind me of a cat. You never know what they’re thinking. She’s along for the compete ride and will inherit more problems than money.

    1. maybe she was hiding it? she married him. how would you know she isn’t part of the top secret evidence? get relaistiic

  9. Times are tough. When one of Trump’s aides texted her to ask Trump to call off his supporters on J6th she replied “no” Maybe if people said no to entitled Trump, she wouldn’t be in this situation now. Just have a champagne and a pedi you’ll feel better Melania.

    1. @Bobby S If you keep telling Trump no then eventually he gets the message, you just have to stay firm as bullies always cave into those who stand firm.

    2. Pelosi called, and stated she and Hillary would say anything, and do anything to destroy Trump… she smirked.

  10. She was probably wondering why it took them so long to conduct the search after she sent them all the pictures.

  11. Between this and thoughts on all past reports I’ve seen speculating as to whom may have clued in law enforcement to the private places things were kept and what…. Friends, lawyers, kids, etc have been named repeatedly as possibles… but not Melanie as a norm isn’t brought up.  

    Now her annoyance is with them searching her totally separate space and she’s been keeping quiet with no statements. I’ve had a small suspicion she’s a source and the space-search was partial necessary but partially for face/cover.

    She’s been essentially silent and the one person not repetitively speculated on openly by the news. And the only annoyance she’s really had was her personal area checked? I’m making some assumptions here….

  12. “We cannot have someone in the Oval Office who doesn’t understand the meaning of the word ‘confidential’ or ‘classified’.”
    – Donald Trump, 2016

  13. “In my administration, I’m going to enforce all laws concerning the protection of classified information. No one will be above the law.”
    – Donald Trump, 2016

  14. What? How in the hell was Melania’s “privacy” invaded?
    The search focused around Donald’s bedroom and WE KNOW that SHE lives at the other end of the complex. ROFL 😅😂🤣

  15. You steal top secret documents then, complain you have inconveniences when the FBI comes knocking. This entire family is sickening.

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