Hear how tornado lifted couple up in the air while sitting in their bathtub

Some communities across the region are already working to rebuild following a weekend of intense storms and scattered tornadoes that left several people dead. CNN's Nick Valencia reports. #CNN #News


    1. That would only make one feel twice as bad,why base your graditude on someone else’s misfortune? Makes no sense at all.

    2. @A H life sucks when you have an abusive monster spouse that is becoming paranoid that I am divorcing him.

    1. Prayer is the single most useless thing a person can do for those in need. Mumbling to the ceiling.

  1. It is heartwarming to see FEMA finally show up. Private aid organizations were on the ground within hours after this devastating tornado. FEMA finally showed up.

    1. @ursaltydog FEMA did take their time. Private agency use were there with needed supplies as the dust was settling. The private agency jumped right in. I’m glad the FEMA finally showed up.

  2. It lifted them and the bathtub into the air, and then they came down relatively alright in the rubble of the apartment building?! I’d be floored on adrenaline for a week!

  3. Those poor people, the worst kinda tornado, ripping apart homes that have been there for decades, people really need to start taking global warming seriously, or these tornados will get worse & more frequent & we seriously don’t have much time, when has it ever snowed in California, it’s not right. Prayers for those who lost loved ones.

  4. My thoughts are with everyone involved
    Stay strong
    RIP to the many lives lost
    My deepest sympathies to all families and friends

  5. It’s the end of the world as we know it. Nature is in charge my friends and I’m saying prayers for all those affected by this tornado. Time to get humble 🤔 🙏

  6. Poor things. Watched it happen live Friday night and it was scary for everyone. God bless them and keep them.

  7. In a report from the other day, it was said this tornado destroyed 98% of this town, Rolling Fork. I wonder, where are these misplaced people staying? I’m not familiar with the area and not sure of availability in motels/hotels for them to stay. Of course, that’s been a question I often ask myself when it comes to these disasters.

    I can think as far back as Hurricane Katrina in 2005, where misplaced people were temporarily placed in the Houston Astrodome. Granted that was a much larger scale of evacuees, nonetheless it’s hard enough on these people to have to worry.

    1. Me too I hope Biden do his job in America not getting involved with another’s nations problems Ukraine is part of Russia 🇷🇺 let them solve their problems

    2. @Willy Willy, Ukraine used to be a part of Russia in the 9th century. The more recent version of USSR was a league of sovereign republics.That means that they were independent states. Ukraine was one of those INDEPENDENT states. Russia invaded a sovereign nation. If you’re okay with stealing your neighbor’s house, cool. Just don’t make excuses for it!

  8. I feel really sorry for those people, they all seem so nice, kind, humble, community-oriented, and faithful despite all this loss. Hope they get ALL the help they need. The devastation is unimaginable.

  9. Kelly is very disabled but a beautiful girl and so down to earth. What terrible diseases strike in the prime of life like Parkinsons. God bless you every one who made it.

  10. I just cannot imagine going through this! My heart breaks!
    But I do know this! When there is the will, there is a way to get through this!
    Getting well is the priority! And so the healing begins! And that is a defiance that won’t stop till you are well again! Some of the best ways , is just cleaning up and rebuilding! Find your niche that helps in one way or another! Cleaning up the mess, joining a crew that appoints who and how to do help! Transportation! Reconnecting families, organizing help to find places for people to go! Make an informational call out to say how to get help and what to do next ! People need guidance! People are in shock! Finding direction while in shock , it’s not easy! I am one of those people , in the emergency, I am on it thinking of everything to do now and what to do next! A lot of people can’t do that! They need leaders to show them the way and what to do next

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