1. Stop all wage payments to members of congress immediately, until the issue is resolved..

    1. Notice it said social security, veterans benefits and Medicare, but not welfare and housing vouchers for illegal immigrants. We’ll always have plenty of money to pay for that

    2. @The Chumps been dumped. Ty ty, another screen cap for the folder.
      Its a collection of people focusing on grammar over the message.

  2. How about stopping outsourcing and bring business back to the country, drop government pay down to our standards and stop paying past presidents.

  3. We go through this all the time. They’ll drag their feet like they always do and come to some sort of an agreement at the last second

    1. There has never been a hold on increasing the debt limit it occurs every year and has nothing to do with the upcoming budget. They are separate issues and these games repulsives are playing are about our lives. Stop the foolishness!

  4. Oh please, this only a game these politicians are playing. They need kick backs plus they salaries, free trips, free golf, free meals etc…

  5. If you cut half of salaries of members of the Congress, government officials and the president by half the debt will reduce to half over the next 20 years

    1. You wanna make matters worse? If the company you work at cuts half the manpower and doubles your work for the same pay, you will not be a happy camper. Period.

  6. What’s ludicrous is that we spend the money and then fight about paying the bills later… Would make a lot more sense to approve it upfront

    1. The money is not spent, it appropriated. We are $32TRILKION IN DEBT! Take away increases in spending from them, make them live with what they correct. NO MORE DEBT SPENDING!

  7. American living standards have gone back in time the last four or five years has been pretty darn rough inflation is soaring and wages and pensions and welfare and Social Security are not keeping up with it they’re not keeping pace with it

  8. Hey Republicans offer up a clean debt ceiling bill so our economy won’t crater please

  9. The fact that the cost of living and living wage are so far apart leaves America in essentially third world status but with food stamps

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