1. I never knew I could change reality by turning the tv off, I could’ve stopped my sports teams from ever losing 😂😂

    1. @dreamcoyote hey, that sharpie trick is nothing compare to his mind jedi sir. Noone can do that, it’s Prof X level ability. That ability is why hes the best. 😆😅🤣

    2. @Kitty Vaughn God forbid you actually know what they were talking about and sport is so much more important than your country’s future…which doesn’t look too great at the mo…

  2. How many Trump supporters does it take to screw in a Light bulb? None, Trump just say it’s screwed in, and they all stand in the dark and cheer.

    1. Funny as that is, we (and yes that includes you MAGA types) are ALL gonna’ be in the dark if we don’t get out there and VOTE BLUE!!!

    2. @ElroyMcDuff screw voting blue. 2 years in the majority and our country resembles Cuba. People are hurting meanwhile biden preaches how great of an economy we have. WAKE UP

    3. ​@I Love Jesus Reigns Forever Well, if that’s true, doesn’t the anti-christ come first? Hmm? (Though i don’t believe that. But if I did….)

    4. It’s a little bit dark now, soon it’ll be less dark, and then the darkness will go away, like magic.

  3. It isn’t about how fast or slow facts move. It’s simply that the truth doesn’t stand a chance against a lie that someone wants to believe.

    1. Indeed. Now, what do we as critical thinkers do to counter? If the other side is this stupid, (and they are) what is the answer? You can’t tell me we cannot counter this. I mean…do we all just give up and state the obvious? Are we going to let the most dimly lit of our society drag the rest of us to the center of the fire? Surely there MUST BE SOMETHING we have not thought of, and maybe the answer lies in thinking as randomly and without logic as they do.

    2. @Southern Stables Automotive -LOL! That’s quite possible! Once we take power, the media needs to be dealt with! Real journalism must return. True education based on facts and science.The truth must win out!

    3. Stand chance? Yeah, it does. But I would say the truth doesn’t stand a chance against something false that someone wants to believe while being told that falsity is true by a good % of citizens who are part of their “true American” sub-culture. That’s when truth doesn’t stand a chance. That damn bubble forming the inaccuracies as the ‘actual’ truth.

    4. @Todd Johnson -Isn’t that what the media has created by not reporting FACTS? What you state can be applied just as equally to the Democratic party

    1. @Highspeed Author Travis Hightower The US is much more susceptible to loyalty to an ideology than to a single individual person. This is supported by the fact that Republican voters don’t care at all about Donald Trump. Donald Trump is irrelevant. We see this when Republicans boo Trump for suggesting that they get vaccinated. They never cared about Donald Trump. He was simply the one who gave them permission to be their worst selves. They just want someone – _anyone_ – to give them permission to hate and attack anyone who disagrees with them.

      Furthermore, there is a government video made in 1942 called *Hemp for Victory* made by the US Department of Agriculture that shows conservative Americans farmers how to grow hundreds of thousands of acres of Cannabis Sativa to make equipment for the military during World War II. The film was nearly erased from existence and banned from history books and public broadcasts for almost 50 years after the war in order to brainwash every American who was born after World War II with anti-marijuana drug war lies.

      The film was found in the Library of Congress in 1989 and has been officially available to the voting public from the US National Archives since 1990. Many individual Presidents have come and gone since then, both Republican and Democratic, but the ideology that the war on drugs is pro-freedom, the police are brave heroes, and “Marijuana” is a dangerous, evil substance that will “destroy America” remains intact, even now when the film is online at an official US Federal government website, open for the whole world to see.

      This film is evidence that we lost our “democracy” long ago, before most of us were even born. Sure, we can vote, but election after election, the drug war continues because the American people are not taught about *Hemp for Victory.* So, what real change comes from voting when both parties maintain the same easily debunked lies and policies for decades?

      The minds of the American people have been warped for generations by constant mass media propaganda and government lies about the so-called “dangers of Marijuana.” The voters have been so duped for so long that trying to explain to them that *Hemp for Victory* proves beyond any doubt that Cannabis will not destroy America does not deter anyone, even those on the Left. This is why people are still learning about the film for the first time in their lives in late 2022 from a YouTube comment instead of from their Senators.

      Presidents come and go. Ideologies are intangible. People still wave Confederate flags. Ideologies take years, even centuries, to die.

    2. @Marijuanifornia one of the mist solid arguments I have ever seen. (Especially online)

      I just do not agree that Trump is irrelevant based on what I see when driving around texas – and at all his rallies.

      And based on what happened to Liz Cheney and other republican opponents of Trumpism.

      I, like others, believe he has dominate control of the party

      The next level debate for someone as smart as you would be to determine if the kind of social services desired by democrats even fall into any sort of dangerous “socialist” ideology.

      But I’m not there yet. I’m still terrified about how much power one person who really wanted it could take for themselves if the people literally seem to worship that person

    1. what about democrats denying 2016 election and saying it was hijacked and its fraud? was that fault on democrats side? if not then republicans are not at fault, if yes then democrats led the way to election denying

    1. @Mark Warren
      The apprehension and expulsion rate of illegal migrants has been up significantly under Biden.

      Gas prices are based on global markets not who’s sitting in the White House.

      I rode the NYC subway 2 weeks ago. Felt fine. Besides, what does Biden have to do with that?

      These are all talking points you picked up in your news bubble that you didn’t give any thought to before parroting.

    2. To be fair, Donald Crook and his supporters is the consequence of decades of corruption on both sides. Big corporations (Big Oil, military industrial complex) donating…. A donation is when you don’t expect anything in return. Which is not how it works in politics. So if we started calling those fake donations for what they really are, BRIBERIES, maybe then we might make a first step towards reconciliation with DEMOCRACY.

  4. When all this clears, if it does, Klepper’s interviews should be used in schools in history classes, and the comparison to how the Nazis gained power.

    1. @Knighthood We have fascist MAGA nuts intimidating people (armed, bullet proof vests, and in hoodies) dropping off ballots and no one (not the police, not Judges) doing anything about it even though laws are in place to prevent loitering and protect someone’s constitutional right to vote without being intimidated. Trump has injected considerable corruption into our government and not to mention 15 boxes of top secret documents he “sold” to foreign countries.

    2. @FatherPaprika Get a hitler speech translated and listen/compare it to trum,p at his rallies. You’ll find the similarities frightening/remarkable. Then, tell me how much you think it’s extreme.
      trump is a wannabe dictator, who has said, he likes what Xi is doing in China [making himself a lifelong pres./dictator] and we should give that a try in the US.
      Maga is always using dictator as an example of something scary. If you’re foolish enough to vote for trump again, you’ll see 1st hand how scary it will be to have a dictator, for a pres.

  5. Jordan is not making fun of these people, he is asking questions and Seeking the Reality these people are expecting.

  6. This interview wasn’t remotely long enough. Jordan is highly intelligent and needs a full sit down to discuss all of this, because he clearly is empathetic and understands the ‘how’ on people that get sunk into conspiracy theory level of thinking, so having this talked out on a longer deeper level can lead to further understanding for us all

    1. Please don’t use the term conspiracy theory in way that is similar to gaslighting.
      Or tell me which source you used.
      Psychotic is what you mean.
      People who investigate crimes are conspiracy theorists.

    2. You Can’t reason with people who are unwilling to accept another point of view. Most Maga people are just so angry that the feel they got the short end of the stick that they just refuse to accept any reason.

    3. @Mark Atkinson All rightwingers are psykopaths. Or at least malignant narcissists.
      Some are just brainwashed but they still choose to believe what the psykopaths tell them.
      Children have better senses.

      They’re sports fans that cheer when the other team gets a penalty but they boo when the same thing happens to their team. They boo the ref, not their team.

  7. The Lady with the Flag, is a perfect example of choosing what you want to believe, turning off the TV, turning a blind eye to what’s happening in the world does not make it GO AWAY!

    1. I wonder….. if you throw a blanket over her head will she think it’s night time and go to sleep?

    2. @Joshua Sweetvale For the record, socialism as a concept is represented in the human brain, not in the blood. At least, that’s the current scientific consensus.

    3. Back in the old days people that stupid were embarrassed to be that stupid.
      Now they have pride in their stupidity and vote on it!

    1. @Biden Sniffs Children should I ask again. Don’t be no punk just answer the question I’m tranna understand

    2. The majority of the domestic terrorism cases are motivated by some version of what’s called white supremacist violence.

    1. If the midterms result in a defeat for the democrats he is going to be busy for at least another 6 years. Probably more if the swing states elect republicans for governor.

  8. Jordan, please keep doing what you do. I couldn’t wait to see this special and you killed it. I sent it to my father who lives in India and he told me he’s already seen this so you’ve got fans in different countries. You’re awesome! Thank you!

  9. It is so frightening to watch a person who is so close minded that they don’t believe what they see and hear.

    1. When a chimpanzee wants to hide, it covers its own eyes. It thinks that if it cannot see anyone, no one can see him. When a trumpanzee wants to deny reality, it turns off the TV. It thinks that if it cannot see what happened, it never actually happened.

    2. She turned off her TV so she didn’t have to see or hear it when it happened. Later, she probably watched Faux News or OAN, so never had to be exposed to what actually happened.

  10. Imagine inviting a guy onto your show and he is the most charismatic and well spoken person on the set

    1. @J I am truly interested in what you mean by this comment. Do you support Jordan? Because I am obviously a fan, based on my comment.

  11. That interview with the woman at the start of the clip is unbelievable. I’m stunned. Does that lady have a high school education? How does an adult not realize that situations can change when they aren’t looking?

    It’s like watching a football game at the stadium, leaving because the home team is winning, then refusing to believe your team is losing when you turn on the tv after getting back home, because “I didn’t see them losing while I was at the stadium”.

    1. Formal education doesn’t immunize against wishful thinking unless the subject matter was wishful thinking in human beings … and sometimes not even then. Fears and desires, stirred and fed, will rule many and there is a resistance to change once the price of commitment has been paid. Unscrupulous leaders know this and employ it.

      Football is a good example b/c fans invest personal worth in game outcomes. Teams are surrogate selves, avatars of the community who can vanquish the visitors from the next valley. Disbelief is even easier when a large bet is on the line. “That was pass interference (suitcases under the table)!”. “The refs(judges) got paid off (are Deep State)”. We need another replay (audit) angle!”. And then there’s “The coach/QB/place kicker blew it b/c he’s on the take!”. Okay, maybe. But if there’s no evidence after 2 years, line up and hike the ball.

    2. That’s what trump thought when he was leading at the beginning of returns in 2020. Then when all the votes were counted he lost! He actually wanted no votes counted after he was ahead.

    3. Good analogy. I’m going to apply this thinking to sports. My team just won the championship, they’ve never lost a game.
      Oh, you claim they have lost their last 5 games in a row, their coach is about to be fired, and all the players are demoralised and in disarray ?
      Wrong ! That’s Fake News, run by people who hate my team. The league hates my team and is totally focused on destroying them, and promoting the other teams. It’s all fake. The REAL scores are available online, via online forums !

    4. Worse than that, when the violence started, she stopped looking, then denied the truth because ‘she never saw it’.

  12. What Klepper is doing is unique and important. Who knew how far removed from reality people can be before he showed up? He’s the Daily Show’s strongest asset.

    1. Deal with the public every day. Since the pandemic? Oh…she’s on a ramp, I figure the real strategy is just to frustrate the rest of us until we’re too tired to fight something we cannot understand. and just give up. This storm in particular…. she looks just as menacing as August 1914, and nobody seems to know how to stop stupid.

    2. @Susan Thomas Do you honestly believe anyone at any of the rallies might have a salient point? If they could muster a good point, they wouldn’t be at a Trump rally.

    3. Its happening in all aspects of life. A while back I saw a male saying he is actually a woman. He even competed in women’s swimming and won a bunch of awards

    4. Canadians did in the late 90s. This whole style was invented/perfected by a Canadian comedian called Rick Mercer and he would go to the US and do this kind of thing with republicans and democratic elected people and ordinary. It’s called “talking to Americans” and it’s on YouTube

  13. Let’s be clear. It is terrifying how willfully ignorant those people are. To deny what they see with their own eyes is bewildering to me. It feels like some sort of alternate universe and is frankly scary as hell. God help us.

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