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  1. a dog would get better health care than millions of americans in my country!!!

    • @Paul Jansen

      Moderate in your part of the world is leftist in America. Again, Ming your own business foreigner.

    • @Rob Ungerer

      Mind your own business foreigner.

    • @conference Justice yeah, there’s also Japanese schoolgirl fetish porn in the media too. The developer of that platform even debunked it. I really doubt all the Pennsylvania GOP who is supporting Trump would keep this story secret.

    • @KL you go right ahead, dude
      oh and while youre at it burn those niki’s you just bought
      that’l teach them

    • @Gayle Schaefer Alsmot EVERY developed country and many third world, take your pick, it is a very long list.

  2. The USA is absolutely in the Dark Ages as to Universal Health Care

    • @ihategooglespooks Let them eat cake. Marie Antoinette. You sound as if you would be happy with blood on your hands. God bless America but only if you have money.

    • @Gayle Schaefer Americans pay far more on average yearly than any other advanced country, avg is around 8k a year. Other countries avg is around 2k. Also America has one of the highest pregnancy deaths in the world. We also have one of the lowest life expectancy of any advanced country. Those are only a few of the problems, would you like more?

    • @Joseph Nagle I agree… How do you think we got all this debt? Progressive policies.

      Before you blame wars, and that’s of course a problem, you could cut all 700 billion and you would still have 300+ billion you need to cut. The only things that can cover that is to end all welfare programs that are not MC and SS, or cut from MC/SS…

      Please don’t talk down to me, you don’t know me well enough.

    • @Joseph Nagle No, a planned economy, where wages, the cost of living and supply managementare set by the Government, as a temporary measure towards a society where members work and consume based on need, is communism. Universal healthcare is a measure implemented by non-communist societies, as part of a social contract between rich and poor, to discourage communism.

    • michael anthony | November 10, 2020 at 9:58 PM | Reply

      @Gayle Schaefer many respects…

  3. I used to work in a level 1 trauma center….. when people lose their health care people die.

    • @Gilded Liberty There was a man who played an equal part in making that baby but so many just walk away and refuse to pay child support or be a father to the child. Why does everyone let them off the hook? Since this whole pregnancy thing plays out in the woman’s body it is her choice and where the heck are all of you pro-life people when the woman is forced to have the baby? You couldn’t give a rat’s patooty about what happens to that baby/child.

    • You are right. Hospital ER’s have to accept and treat an emergency patient but they can choose not to admit them as an in-patient. Also, lots of hospitals cut a person without insurance off and discharge them way too soon. it’s all about the all-mighty $$$ because who’s going to pay the bill. It happens all the time. There are lots of videos out there where hospitals throw a patient in a cab and have them dumped somewhere away from the hospital.

    • Gilded Liberty | November 10, 2020 at 9:54 PM | Reply

      @H.R. Pufnstuf She is NOT forced, barring rape happening. She made a conscious decision to commit a deliberate act with known consequences. Women need to be raised to be mindful of their choice and be responsible for the outcome. She knows she carries the baby. So, when women give men equal decision making power when it comes to creating and/or keeping the life, then something can be said. How many women say my body,my choice?

    • @H.R. Pufnstuf So, why was the ACA needed when every state had Medicaid? My contention is the insurance companies weren’t making enough bank and wanted more and got it off of the dwindling middle class by squeezing us even more. I can’t get ‘catastrophic’ insurance in NY because the insurance companies refuse to sell it here. I don’t run to doctors every months. In fact, I avoid them like the plague and try to take care of my own health. But the blood thirsty insurance companies won’t sell catastrophic insurance except to people under 30 years of age. You can imagine why THAT is, yes? I have a choice of 2 companies to choose from. The cheapest is $700 per month for shytty insurance that holistic doctors generally won’t take. That premium is for a single person. It was MORE fiscally responsible to let the states handle their own Medicaid rolls, but insurance lobbies are quite powerful. I’m sick to death of hearing about the ACA and people whine about universal health coverage. We had that before the insurance companies took charge of “health” and the medical profession became a damned industry.

    • Jenny C Thiverge | November 10, 2020 at 10:05 PM | Reply

      @Janne Nørland So is Canada ‘s but we never advertise it as free. You do pay for it in taxes.

  4. Who can trust them? I don’t, and am still worried.

    • Larry Larry you need to get a job

    • BIGGEST Election Fraud In American History Is Unfolding Before Our Eyes…All By DEMOCRATS And The MEDIA And You Are Trying To Say You Can Not Trust The Supreme Court…LOSER

    • @AlexWhatever as long as Trump lives, he will be the only candidate. There is no more republican party–only Trump sycophants and QAnon quacks who control 70 Americans in a cult and want to make the country into a dictatorship. Unfortunately it will takes decades for republicans to regain any respect in any part of the world. Fortunately, Trump will soon be in prison or his old fat as will drop dead..

    • Curious, how will you all respond if it’s proven without a doubt that Biden “won” because of voter fraud and proven that the MSM and social media and big tech platforms have lied to us all? What it Trump rightfully won? Aside from hating Trump because the lying MSM told us to..would you be okay knowing that the ones you put your trust in intentionally deceived you? Of course this is a hypothetical question

  5. If only we all had a helicopter to take us to the hospital for the “sniffles” as Trump calls it.

    • Infinity Master | November 10, 2020 at 4:45 PM | Reply

      Yea if only we all were president

    • @Infinity Master President =/= Rich. The correct sentence is “yeah, if only we were all rich”

    • You mean a TEAM of doctors (like10-12) at Walter Reed who can miraculously cure you from Covid. I heard that the Whitehouse has a clinic inside.

    • You sound jealous…

    • He never had COVID – he gave it away when he stated that ‘Barron also had it and he probably doesn’t remember because it was so mild’ – this just a few days after it happened. NO ONE recovers from a viral flu of any kind that fast, with photos taken of them ‘working’ at a desk and antsy to get out and wave at the gathering ego-food crowd, and boom, out in five days flat after ‘diagnosis’. Notice NONE of his Walter Reed docs stated he was ‘positive’, only that he was ‘now negative’. Nobody wanted to address the few days before his admission and when he last tested negative. It was all a campaign farce augmented by docs who had signed NDAs (no one else was allowed near him) so he could claim he was Superman and ‘see, COVID is nothing.’ There is utterly NO EVIDENCE that he, Melania or Barron ever had COVID.

  6. Dwight Nishimura | November 10, 2020 at 4:03 PM | Reply

    I will be OK with Just The Mandate Taken Out & Leaving The Rest of The ACA Intact. Biden’s Plan Would Replace The Mandate With An OPT-In Option.

    • The whole point of the aca is the mandate, without it it’s a worthless piece of legislation.

    • They need healthy people to pay and never use the insurance.

    • The last farewell | November 10, 2020 at 7:08 PM | Reply

      @fah q EVERYONE uses insurance sooner or later. That’s the whole freaking point. You pay a little bit into the system on a regular basis and, when you need help, it’s there for you. The only difference between, say, Canada and the US is that there are for-profit middlemen (insurance companies) that make everything more expensive in the US. In Canada the government is the middleman (non-profit) and hence overall costs are lower. It’s not rocket science. But, for reasons of individual “freedom” the US pays exorbitantly for health care. It’s like the US are masochists.

  7. Well, let’s hope that is good news!

  8. Stanley Senathipathy | November 10, 2020 at 4:11 PM | Reply

    John King gets no sleep. He needs a HUGE raise.

  9. I always find it interesting how government employees who have have guaranteed healthcare don’t want anyone else to have affordable healthcare…..

    • rjtheripper931 | November 10, 2020 at 6:31 PM | Reply

      @Roland Martin i tell ya about it. Wish we had an economic boom with stocks going up and good paying jobs to go around and businesses making a lot of money.

    • People think what comes easily to them is simply easy to everyone, or they aren’t trying or don’t deserve it. It’s so funny to me that the critics of universal healthcare have no experience at all in receiving or paying for health care. Our government being of the people, for the people by the people; this is one major area we need to utilize our collective bargaining to rein in this industry bc the essential human necessities are not meant to be “a market” that will work itself out. You see, there is always a demand for survival, and it’s always paramount, so we can’t let a corporate structure that is BY LAW _required_ to make profits for its shareholders ABOVE ALL ELSE be deciding what to do with that demand. They will abuse it every time, and we cannot even give them this lever that dispenses gold, else we end up paying $10,000 to get the wrong thing done bc that thing pays the most and it’s what a hospital urges it’s docs to pick. Or for a medication that is $498 a month and is new so there are no generics to be prescribed to someone who doesn’t even need it bc their pharma rep is hot, and they get tickets to cruises every year. This is precisely what our government (read: US) is for, and the people that thing healthcare infringed on their rights have been successfully tricked by private interest groups and campaigns that want to keep you ignorant and hateful so they keep getting $45 for a bandaid.

    • Herman Tsoenyane | November 10, 2020 at 7:41 PM | Reply

      Don’t you find it interesting how citizens who not have an affordable healthcare keep on voting for politicians who don’t want them to have the affordable healthcare?

    • @Herman Tsoenyane they are insane!!! In West Virginia and Kentucky, some still have out houses, yet they vote Mitch and his lot in, every time!

  10. charles beaudry | November 10, 2020 at 4:16 PM | Reply


    • Trump says he’ll release his taxes and make America great again. Neither happened.

    • The problem with Trump care is the insurance industry and the pharmaceutical industry are in a campaign donation War to see who can screw the other one over

    • Makes one wonder what exactly trump/gop intend by eradicating Obamacare… not replacing… during thus pandemic… almost seems criminal, insane, cruel at the lest.

    • It is going to be released in two weeks!!!!!!!

    • Yet didn’t the media and the Democrats claim that the Supreme Court was going to overturn Obama care? Just like the claim that they were going to overturn Roe V Wade? Once again proving Democrats and the media are nothing but a bunch of liars that only want to scare people!

  11. As an Australian who recently had a medical work for a heart condition and didn’t pay a cent, I am so grateful for our universal healthcare system. It delivers far better outcomes at significantly less cost and covers every single one of us

  12. Anything Obama the Republicans have always been against

    • Elaine Bridges | November 10, 2020 at 6:02 PM | Reply

      Joe Smithes yeah, she is racist and tries to make people believe the white people are the only racist people alive because no other skin color can be racist. But she doesn’t tell people that the demoncrats created the KKK. That they started the civil war because they did not want to set their property free( the black slaves) and they were the ones that owned slaves. That they hold the black race down in order to keep them under their control for their votes on election night. Tell me what has the demoncrats done for the black people that has improved their lives? They give handouts and free stuff, nothing worth mentioning.

    • Remember the tan suit?
      I thought Greta would actually explode.

      Trump has always had a big chip on his shoulder when it comes to Obama.
      It’s clear he feels inferior.

    • @Skitdora2010 And why do you think that? Because she’s a strong woman of color that wants you to eat a vegetable?
      Maybe you just love that over botox plastic look?

    • @Elaine Bridges you really have no grasp of history. Leave the cult

    • Concepcion Wintergerst | November 10, 2020 at 7:18 PM | Reply

      Yes, especially Trump himself. Green with envy.

  13. We could afford Health care if we weren’t spending so much on military. We wouldn’t spend so much on military if we weren’t involved in other people’s business so often

    • @dan mac I just typed a long fking comment but POO tube decided to erase it. The only thing I will type is that the US only goes to wars with countries that have a surfeit amount of oil and thats really it. If anyone from google is reading this, f*** you.

    • @Mister 617
      starting at the north, you tried to invade canada long before any oil was known, about, then you talked about it again
      you invaded mexico, not for the oil but for the land
      you tried to invade cuba, no oil
      honduras was about united fruit company and bananas (banana republic, was coined)no dude, you illegally invade for numerous reasons, not just oil

    • @dan mac I didn’t do a damn thing fool. I wasn’t born in this fking country, DUDE.

    • @Mister 617
      do you live in ‘murika?
      then you are them
      or YOU
      at least the you i’m referring too
      by becoming a yank you take on yank responsibilities
      anyhoos the convo was in regards to oil being the only reason for yanks invading anywheres…simply not true
      if i got your nationality wrong, then my bad, but seriously dude, why so snarky?

    • @Steel Rain it is in england

  14. Millions of Americans voted to lose their healthcare. I cannot say I feel sorry for those.

    • Robert McGovern | November 10, 2020 at 8:58 PM | Reply

      They didn’t vote to lose their healthcare, they voted to disrupt and fix the government that had and to push for a better plan which the president plans to do.

    • @Robert McGovern yes dump planned to give better healthcare for the past four years now and still there is no new healthcare from him. Two months ago he said he had the best healthcare that would be revealed in two weeks it’s been months and still nothing. You may think Obamacare is not good but there are allot of other folks who depends on it. Trump’s only agenda is getting rid of it because of his jealousy and hatred for Obama.

    • @A pierro Yes..plenty of folks who depend on it because I’m one of millions coerced into paying for it. NOTHING is free. Someone pays.

    • Robert McGovern | November 10, 2020 at 9:50 PM | Reply

      @A pierro I understand. Isn’t it just the mandate they are getting rid of?

  15. Sounds encouraging for all the folks who needs Insurance and rely on A.C.A..

    • Awful news. Obamacare’s purpose is to stop medicare for all. Can’t have medicare for all if obamacare exists. That means the middle class will pay high premiums while the rich profit. Medicare for all put the burden of the poor on the rich.

    • ihavetotakeashit | November 10, 2020 at 8:30 PM | Reply

      About as encouraging as someone telling you getting hit by a car won’t hurt after you got hit by a car .

    • @Bluenami Well, Dump and company have yelled for 5 years that they had a “beautiful plan” to replace it yet no such plan exists.

    • @Tracy Jewett Doesn’t matter. All that matters is getting obamacare out of the way so the only remaining option is medicare for all.

  16. Jaime HayGreenz | November 10, 2020 at 5:43 PM | Reply

    Give all Americans Universal Health coverage like the rest of the free world.

  17. They laughed at Obama for Obamacare just right before Covid-19 and now seems like Obama is having the last laugh while half of White House is infected with Covid lol

  18. “that’s not our job” – Thomas. BAM!

    • Who is “Thomas”? That was Roberts speaking. Thomas is much more intelligent than Roberts and certainly didn’t ride on the Lolita Express as did Roberts,

  19. We need GEORGIA to come through on January 5th

  20. The Supreme Court has turned into literally a “Death Panel” for people with pre-existing conditions.

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