1. And she gets paid millions for her public appearances and sponsored ads on her social media. Her practicing law could be an ethical nightmare. Too many crossed wires if she ever gets involved in a case with a company that pays her

    1. @Rolls Royce Network Kim needs to stop trying to show off then. Shes not “hardworking”

      I PROMISE you that she has never done the hard tedious work in her life. She just wants to be in a position of power where she tries to get hardworking people to do all the work to try and impress her. It’s a management tactic.

    2. @Rolls Royce Network wow she blindly follows her superiors around like a trained show poodle

  1. Does it really matter if she “leaves the spotlight” ???? and for her law degree !!!😂😂 guaranteed she has an entire staff assisting her with her studies . She’s definitely not staying up late nights all week into the weekend hitting the law books !

  2. To all of the Kanye stans: Ye was not trying to treat, to reconcile, to minimize his mental problems. He cannot expect her to remain dedicated to the marriage if he isn’t dedicated to it, too.

  3. Same old kim, always a lie and fake like the rest of family. 🙄 She’s never going to leave the spotlight. She depends on it. She’s not going to be taken serious or respected as a attorney. 😄

  4. She has not gone to law school and no way in hell will she pass the board. Who wants a homeschooled lawyer?

    1. @hellthoughts I simply stated the truth and you flipped out, likely pissed you pants and everyone can see you love good old Kim.
      I have known outstanding lawyers who have taken the bar several time and they went to law school. I should point out that she has no idea how to deal with a court room other than her divorces. At best she will be a legal aide, sorry you can not see that she may love and want to be a lawyer but it ain’t happening

    2. @hellthoughts No I am not a lawyer and neither are you, that is apparent. However I have watch friends study for years to pass the bar and fail a few time. The bar is far beyond Kim’s abilities but she could be an aide to a lawyer or just do what she usually does, which is pretty much nothing … yes she has companies of which produce products she did not design and likely never uses. All she can do is utilize her celebrity status to help in some way which the bar exam will not get her.
      Sorry if you can not see reality with your closed eyes. Now drink your warm milk and go back to bed.

  5. *I would like to personally thank Kim Kardashian for giving the women of America eating disorders and body dysmorphia. A real peoples champ. You will not be missed, Kim*

    1. Thank you ,you said it right I wish all of them would go away ! I don’t think 🤔 people realize that this toxic family is responsible for so many problems with this world 🌍 Thay are true evil .with all that money what do Thay do to help this country or world 🌎 for that matter.

    2. But nobody forced anyone to look up to anyone…people should stop blaming Kim for their own disorders

    3. @Tamara Ng’ambi agreed. The problems that existed with them may have always been there but the Kardashians have these problems and they use them to monetize themselves. It’s up to us to teach our children to love themselves and to know that what they see on television is an exaggeration and to not be envious of them.

  6. According to one of my law professors, one cannot be a lawyer if they have not passed the Bar exam. Secondly, Kim K. has not gone to law school, nor has she passed the California State Bar Exam. She can however, become a paralegal.

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