1. @Colin Head Alot of words waisted on me this is what it sounds like, dtjgewt hfeyj getjb gets bf fdeghf frrg.

    2. Hi I’m a real life liberal (unlike you interlopers)

      Free speech is free speech, there’s nothing a conservative (or anyone) can say that would justify infringing free speech. Today it would be them, tomorrow it would be you. Pretty simple right?

      This network is on the exact same level as Fox and both operate for profits. Both play news they believe caters to their base regardless of whether or not it is true. If you get your information from this network, you are in a bubble as much as a Fox viewer. Stop pretending to be smarter than Trump voters.

    1. @Quiet Reprisal LOL… This guy said scientific evidence from Mike Lindell!!!! LOLOLOL. 🤣🤣🤣🤣

    1. @Regina Polo He DEFINITELY creepy af. Looks like the type of dude that plays with himself under the table on camera and grins bc only he knows what he’s doing. 😫🤢

    2. @S Lin You are sure bang on correct. I KNOW a Q troll when I read one. They get triggered and vomit their nutso narrative on people and get so blind mad that they can’t even SEE that they have just fuqq’d up their own bullshit 😂😂😂

    3. @Cropper Copper I’m laughing HELLAhard at you, girl, you don’t take no prisoners or no bull, that’s for sure👏🏾😂

    1. @Mario Mario If we’re going to *PAY* _lawmakers_ to make the laws that WE must live by (or else), we have a right to expect THEM to follow the laws, as well.

    2. @Mario Mario With a seventeen year old, and with drugs allegedly being involved as well? Yeah, he’s only a representative for his state, and his constituents. Why, if guilty, should he be held accountable for federal crimes? Jeez…you’ll have to pardon my cynicism, but I have a sneaking suspicion that you’d be singing a rather different tune if these charges were being levied against a Democrat.

  1. Guys just remember… Republicans can’t help but to project. If they are yelling pedophile you can guarantee they are doing some Shady s***

    1. Really how many has the Democratic Party covered up. Like Cuomo what’s being done about him. How about your President sniffing, feeling and kissing . Give me a break.

    2. @Donna Morin you are hilarious. Here’s a little brain exercise for you… I want you to find one man, living or dead… Presidents, kings, sports people, rich people… I want you to find one single man other than Donald J Trump that has more than two dozen credible sexual assault allegations against him, spanning decades. I won’t hold my breath.

    1. @Quiet Reprisal Just pointing out the obvious. You say you’re a Democrat, then praise Gaetz and say My Pillow Guy has “scientific evidence” that the election was “rigged.” It wasn’t hard to call BS on you

    2. It’s always bemused me that Gaetz has an absolutely massive head, but a very tiny face, like how is that even possible

    3. I’d love to help him do so. Is there a list where I can sign up? I’ll start a go fund me to “help Matt get punched”.

  2. The entire thing is just creepy. The sad part is, his constituents would probably elect him again, and the silence from Evangelical leaders speaks volumes. But at this point in time, anything is acceptable.

    1. good. i want ask u in mark pincus agreat thief. and haker system people for 20 years owner zynga agreat thief

    2. They are already saying its a Democratic hoax. They don’t live in reality anymore. They are too far gone, the Q cult sucked them right into a pedphile cult 😂

  3. Well, one thing is for sure. NO woman will sleep with Gaetz ever again, knowing that he shares their nude pictures with others…

    1. @Marcea Susanna Becerras her brother is a billionaire who cofounded oculus VR.. they met at an event & “got engaged” 9mos later (this December). She is a California native. I personally think this is all Manchurian candidate stuff. Putin helped trump win in 2016. I don’t think Putin stopped with meddling in one election, when these smaller elections were easier to do than a presidential one. We have at least a dozen compromised GOP in key positions.

  4. When you running around like a jerk pissing people off this is what happens. People look for ways to get you gone that’s in anything in life.

  5. i feel very good because finally this congressman with a sharp tongue will be exposed to… these are the new conservatives…

    1. good. i want ask u in mark pincus agreat thief. and haker system people for 20 years owner zynga agreat thief

    1. @Kevin Santich Well said,and I agree.The media and people are acti g as Gaetz is guilty as charged, just because its on the news.But in Hunters case,its proven what photos were on the laptop.But the media doesn’t cover any story with a corrupt Democrat.Hunter is linked by association with his father,who holds a public office

    1. good. i want ask u in mark pincus agreat thief. and haker system people for 20 years owner zynga agreat thief

    2. @Quiet Reprisal -Do I need to call a waaaaah-mbulance for you? Those tRumpf tears are visible from space!

    3. Just in……. Matt Gaetzs has been thrown out of Mcdonalds for trying to order ‘a 5 year old’ from the kiddie menu…..

    1. Jim Jordan is guilty. He has just been allowed to get away with his crimes. Gaetz is lying and he is guilty. Gaetz had some boy living with him under the guise that we were mentoring him? There is nothing benevolent about him.

    2. @Albert Mas wait and see when he is free or behind bars before you call this a witch hunt- Bill Barr’s DOJ over a year ago started this investigation, perhaps he was on a witch hunt and a sexual wizard has been found.

  6. “Florida man under investigation for child sex trafficking and throwing Tucker Carlson under a bus… “

    1. @Roy Mercer
      You’re funny!
      Don’t read?
      Why hasn’t it got any traction old man? Except in your old mind?
      Don’t you have anything.better to do.on a Friday night except recycling old stories with no value?
      Have a nap or find a local bingo hall!
      It’s the weekend!

    1. You do realize there are victims involved, possibly minors…right?
      …and that’s a “pleasure” for you?

    2. @Matteo Bailey Zeus Absolutely not, we don’t mean to be insensitive. You are right, we are better than this. Lets tone it guys.

  7. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to realize that when Mr. Gaetz tries to get his point across during sessions, coffee is not the only thing that he is on.

    1. good. i want ask u in mark pincus agreat thief. and haker system people for 20 years owner zynga agreat thief

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