1. Mhm, wenn mein Bruder mich anschreien würde, würde ich zurück schreien! Aber Harry hat ja Manieren! Kann sich manch einer aus seiner Familie eine Scheibe davon abschneiden! 😊

    2. @Meghan Williams if he was greedy for the throne then he would have wanted him to leave. But he screamed at him because harry was leaving and he did not want his brother to leave certainly not with all the brainwashings .

    3. We all knew Harry was an idiot. As a teen he wore a Nazi costume and thought it was OK. Those nannies dropped him on his head way too many times.

      He’s lucky he just got yelled at they were nice to them. They should’ve cut them out completely.

    4. @Nine Ten William wanted Harry to do half his job be his wing man . Why should Harry do his and Kate’s job , when they are jealous of Meghan’s popularity that she is overshadowing Willy . The same was with Princess Diana , the firm was jealous because she was more popular than Charles . That’s just their misogynistic Manner they work against the women of the firm .

  1. Did Harry actually say his family was jealous of his wife because she was more famous? Excuse me but I never heard of her before the wedding. His grandmother was the Queen, how could his wife be more famous?

    1. @Lily Grace Even if that were the case, he hadn’t provided any evidence the palace was behind the bad headlines. The media were criticizing her for valid things. Like getting $75k dress for free as a royal you’re not allowed to accept. Her staff were leaving 1 after the other due to the bullying. Even now the head of their organization left and the producer for M’s podcast. When you can’t retain staff, somethings wrong with you.

    2. Please do not misquote Harry. Besides many of us Brits witnessed what went on. The couple became popular including Meghan – Which is true and our Media had them on the front page constantly. That would not have gone down well hierachically. We saw it with Princess Diana. Plus whether you like it or not – the queen was the most famous; Prince Harry the most liked and when Meghan joined – H&M BECAME the most popular Royal couple in the UK. FACT! (Whether you like it or not)

      Plus, they remain popular – despite the ‘story’ sections of our media try to spin about their popularity plummetting here in the UK, but, I guess we understand now why the Press have to do that

      PLUS a BBC Documentary on the ‘Press & BRF’ said the same many months ago. Certain Royals get upset when they feel upstaged. Guess what? The Journalists who said this on the BBC Documentary are not even H&M fans! Some Journalists are well known to write anti H&M Articles but then it came out in that Docu that William allegedly, summoned their Editors to KP to ask them to deal with it! Of course the Palace denied this. So this is not just Harry saying it – our Journalists admitted the same! Even King Charles allegedly, called one of them wondering why Harry was on the fron page and he was not considering he had just been on tour to Ireland I think. So please don’t pick on H&M

    3. I think he said popular at the time. And if you go back to the date and time it is true. Don’t believe me check it out for yourself.

    1. @Jamie Mclennan If the media make money out of these two, then that’s great, they’re mocked and sneered at all over the world news…no surprise eh! meanwhile the real Royals are grouping to do Christmas Carol Concert, you should look it up and learn about duty and service to others.

    2. @Jamie Mclennan Yes, Harry has suffered pain and trauma. However, Harry is not alone in experiencing suffering. Every single individual alive and that has lived can/could speak of pain/suffering. Suffering is not a respecter of persons. The majority of the world’s population, however, do not have access to high quality psychological care and treatment that Harry does. Harry, with the abundant access to mental health resources that he has, is able to choose to overcome past pain. He is, however, choosing to be held hostage to his past trauma.

    3. @Toya Newell Meghan wouldn’t go out with him, that’s his problem, she rejected him. What does his wife think of him ?

    4. I was really worried that H&M might have wised up when talks came out that they wanted to postpone airing their Netflix series because they wanted it to be more crown-friendly. But I’m so glad that they never disappoint. Can you imagine that Harry actually believed that William told the press to make Meghan’s baby bump a national headline in order to destroy her? I mean if I was William and I wanted to bring Meghan down, I would have told the press that she claimed that she’s one plane crash away from the crown. But no, Harry said William’s scheme of bringing Meghan down involved telling the press to make fun of her sweaty armpits. Oh, I do love H&M. I really, really do.🤣🤣🤣

  2. Here is simply no excuse for the lies. They’re unbelievable because of that. Meg worked 76. Days total that’s it. And all this dramas in 4 yr marriage.

    1. Small correction; 72 days and her father in law had to remind Harry’s wife several times that his mother is the only Queen in the family.

    2. 72, 74, 76 days! .. it’s literally NOTHING! She literally put NO TIME whatsoever into this institution that’s been around for over 1,000 yrs. Yet has the gall to tell these lies.

  3. This was very sided🤷🏽‍♀️
    How can you be so sure that what you hear in the documentary is truly 😰??

  4. If I remember correctly, Diana was very very young and married a guy who decided to continue seeing another woman. So saying that it must be hard for M because it was also hard for Diana, even though she was very aristocratic, she had troubles working for the family, makes no sense. She was young girl married to the guy who cheated on her.

    1. And most people in the UK don’t believe Harry is king Charles’s son and believe James Hewitt is his real father. Stop acting like Diana she was innocent and good for you defending Harry being racist

    2. They’ve been binge watching The Crown and not intelligent enough to tell fact from fiction. Not very bright, are they?

  5. I can not believe that this program represents average Americans or even a large minority. There were between 80 and 100 million reasons why they made this documentary and now that they have created their (US) audience there will be many millions more. They had every opportunity to 1) stand up for themselves and 2)was away with dignity. The first negative murmurs from the UK press was when they were called out for travelling the world in private jets to preach about global warming. Megan too exception to that as she has never handled criticism with dignity and it snowballed from there. To keep playing the race card is a tragedy, a tragedy against all those who are genuinely suffering from racial discrimination. The Royal family are loved all over the Commonwealth, by all cultures and races. These kinds of accusations are forcing people to see colour where once we saw people and that is wrong.

    1. Amerkkka the only place on earth where the cops shoot unarmed African Americans on a daily basis have school shootings on a regular basis. And elected Donald trump the average American has the intelligence of a carrot

    2. @robert harper Im not sure who’s political system is worse, theirs or our but the truth is both have made the west a laughing stock.

  6. Why is it claims are never questioned? She isn’t exactly a reliable witness. The letter she planned to have leaked and forgot that she spent seven hours with someone over three sessions discussing.
    The marriage before the marriage – that didn’t happen
    The dad she hardly ever saw
    The poor lifestyle – except he had won the lottery and put her to a privater school
    She didn’t know who Harry was – except the book on Diana, standing outside Buckingham Palace and stating she wanted to marry a prince
    The sister she hadn’t seen in over ten years – at her graduation
    The dad she lost – who is still very much alive

    Nothing about the 11 staff member who have all resigned or the accusations of bullying.

    She will be out of there in less than five years. Complaining about Netflix intrusion

  7. I cried at the part when they complained about having to live in such a tiny 2 bedroom 2 bath cottage with a private chef inside the palace ground while their permanent residence was being finished… I cried in my 520 sq ft studio apartment while I stuff my face with instant ramen

    1. While his biological brother, same mother, same father, pockets 180 billion pounds and God knows how many mansions and palaces and holds them in trust for his children.

  8. The reason William was yelling at Harry was because H&M were making deals with Disney while being working royals which is against the rules. Of course Will was angry.

    1. @Reveka T meg loves to play victim and race card. Makes people actually become that way with her manipulative antics lmao. Harry is a beta boy whose life was destroyed by Markel who is a low value woman with daddy issues.

  9. For someone who describes herself as a “Foreign Organism” as opposed to someone who is a narcissist, manipulating liar shows exactly what her frame of mind is. Paranoia was always on show and thought the palace was threatened by her. She was not disciminated about her race, she was judged by her horrible character that surfaced before the wedding.

  10. I cry three times watching the second part of the docuseries. I just can’t believe how cruel and almost inhumane the royal family was with Meghan and Harry. I understand that they need to protect the institution. But is just sad. Is like if they never learn anything with Diana. Almost as if they wanted the same end that happens to Diana to happen to Harry and Meghan. Happy that Harry and Meghan are safe in America…

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