1. You’re telling me. The long term ramifications of electing a career politician with half-century of failure under his belt may be beyond our ability to recover from.

  1. It’s so cute to see these people scratch their heads like “who could have predicted that he would act like this??” you can just tell that their grandkids have finally started talking sense into them but they still can’t let go of the old ways of thinking

  2. Well, i want candidates who have moral and principles….let’s stop voting for people who have no moral.

    1. @Ya Mum Biden the President of Integrity, Honesty, Respect to Women and Law!…Unlike his predecessor!!

    2. @Lisa Benavides you don’t know so how do you reckon I pick and choose what I like and don’t like from the Bible? Who are you to judge me?

  3. As they run around like wrecking balls, the Republicans are the Democrat’s greatest asset 🙂

    1. @Jon Scrivner that’s right. That’s all Trump ever did for you, Georgie. Joe has nothing to do with this! 😂

    1. Was wondering that myself, I can’t even think of a policy he forwarded. Everything he did was reactive.

  4. Mifiprestone has been approved for use in Europe since 1988. It had been used safely for 12 years before FDA approved and now 35 years safely.

    1. As an assistant principal stated at one of our assemblies, “We don’t fact-check here!” I live in Texas 🫠

    2. @F ain’t your fault!!! Just think you could have been civilised like us Scots. 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿👌👌👌👏👏

  5. Who would vote for someone that needs behavioural instructions that you would give a child? Nonsensical.

    1. @Nyghtegale not in the slightest. The two are incomparable, except for being old white guys. Those are the only similarities.

    1. Yeah, iam kinda suprised these supporters didnt know that without him in office, he doesnt care what happens unless he is in a beneficial position

  6. not one of them said stop being corrupt and be honorable and truthful they don’t care about those qualities

    1. @LumbeeWarrior so true, tax the rich and bring respect & diginity for all is such an immoral platform – jesus would be disgusted by the democratic message.

      The country having a POTUS who is a real president not trying to end american democracy.

      That´s just the most obvious. But expecting trumpanzees to realize that is aiming too high.

      BTW: Apt choice of name!

  7. Every last 1 one of them used the words he needs to learn this and learn that. Why vote for someone that needs to learn , that’s crazy.

  8. Trump’s supporters are embarrassed, exhausted and actually ashamed that their champion has turned out to be a grifter and paper tiger. But it is a very hard thing for them to admit. That is why they speak in subdued tones knowing that he will never take their advice.

    1. Yes. Even among Trumpers there are degrees. think many will continue liking him yet not turn out to vote for an indicted/convicted criminal.

    2. As it’s been said, It’s easier to FOOL someone than for them to admit they’ve been fooled.

  9. They don’t want drumph to be drumph. He clearly can’t be anything else, yet they still support him. Clear insanity.

  10. Feel sorry for his supporters if they think he will listen to them. They tolerated and condoned his behavior , which emboldened him.

    1. @George Sanchez But he’s so oooooold. I want younger people in office. But if it gets rid of the fossils that’ve been in office for decades and in some cases over half a century, I’ll deal with a second Trump term.

  11. It’s as if these people have no character perception of who Trump really is as a person. 🤔

  12. My neighbor was all-in for DeSantis for about a week. Now, his huge Trump flag is flying again, and his DeSantis sign is gone. I’m a bit curious, but not enough to suffer through a conversation with him. He’ll probably catch me while I’m mowing this afternoon and tell me all about it.

    1. I have a neighbor (Florida) who put up Trump yard signs in 2020 and Desantis signs in 2022. No idea what signs we’ll see in 2024. We haven’t spoken since I first saw those fascist signs.

  13. “He’s a wise guy with big dreams, and an even bigger mouth” – Christopher Moltisanti describing his epic film “Cleaver”.

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