1. Holy hell was she so brave in that moment of insanity around her…. Caring so much for her co workers that she stayed with them instead of running. People she barely knew but had made a friendship with at work in a couple days before the big day Friday. I hope she gets to see the families of those girls and they can hug her. What a way to spend your holidays…

  2. That has to be one of the most horrifying testimonials I’ve ever seen. I think it was too soon for that interview. I got the sense that she had no one around to support her and that disturbs me profoundly. I hope she gets the support she needs very quickly.

    1. CNN don’t care.
      They could use this tragedy to score a quick political point, so screw this lady. Full send

    2. I understand what you’re saying, but it needs to be heard She is humanizing the experience and triggering our empathy . As American society is almost becoming numb to mass shootings. It’s dreadful. She is really traumatized.

  3. Oh dear. 💔 survivors guilt is real. I hope this girl gets an amazing counselor to help her through this. My heart goes out to everyone involved in this nightmare.

    1. yah. it’s not offten you can see the survivors guilt this clearly… god i wish i could do something, anything to help…

    2. Walmart had better get them counseling. Of course they won’t. But I hope there will be some legal recourse when Walmart fails to assist these employees in processing this tragedy.

    1. I can say I know how she feels. I am 1 and the first time I saw someone get shot was when I was 9 years old.

  4. Oh, Jessie, my heart breaks for you. You are so brave. Please get some grief counseling, darling. This world needs good people like you.

  5. Jessie and other survivors should not be alone. This interview highlights the necessity of immediate and ongoing post-traumatic support, as well as economic support for survivors who will be unable to return to work.

    1. Walmart don’t care. They treat employees badly there. I know this from personal experience and from friends from the last 20 years. Walmart only wants to get out of all responsibility and not spend money on people in her position. They will most likely find a way to get the employees in her position out and hire in new ones that don’t know anything about the shooting or didn’t experience it.

    2. Was going to say this as well. She better not have been left alone after this deeply and profoundly exhausting retelling of done of what she has endured. And an infant baby at home…..? She is an angel.

    1. I’ve never heard the word “rhythm” used to describe the sound of the droplets and it was really impactful. For there to be so much blood that it made sound is just unimaginable and horrific. Poor girl.

    2. I wasn’t sure if I should say what you wrote, but did so in vague terms. BECAUSE it was something I have NEVER HEARD SOMEONE DESCRIBE whose been thru a mass shooting and alive. When she first describe it, the sound, I thought she meant bullets. BUT…when suddenly she said it was blood dripping that’s what gutted me!!!!! Gosh it is GUT WRENCHING and HAUNTING for us, to hear, I CAN’T IMAGINE ALL the more, it is for her!!!!!! I SO hope that some organization would create a fund for her & her child. She is GONNA need A LOT of support not just now, but in the months to come.

  6. I hope this lady is getting counseling she is very very distraught. My heart goes out to her and all the victims.

  7. I can’t even put into words how I felt hearing her testimony my heart goes out for her I pray that Walmart gets her all the counseling that she needs she had an angel in her corner I hope they start a GoFundMe page for her

  8. This interview feels too soon and I am so sorry for her. Rest in peace to her colleagues and condolences to their loved ones. I have written words like this a lot this week. This country must change!

    1. Agreed, however this interview is going to be the catalyst for a lot of support pouring in for her God willing, so she can focus on healing and raising her son in the years ahead. Rest in peace to her colleagues 🙏

  9. My lord this woman gave the most gut wrenching remarks I’ve ever heard after a tragedy. I pray Walmart does right by Jessie and gets her the help she’s going to need to move forward. Brave and so very vulnerable right now. My prayers to you Jessie.

    1. @🔥HYPE MAN🔥tv ahmm yes its a old witch in slavic folklore…. but i guess you only know her from Keanu Reaves movie lol , yank for you.

      And I live in Australia. Name last mass gun violence that happened here?????

    2. @🔥HYPE MAN🔥tv hello , can you name a gun violence i Australia that resulted in killings of random pll being in wrong place in a wrong time???? HELLOO …..

      WHAT A PITTY You just realised you cant it didnt happened since port Arthur!!!

  10. Oh gosh, this is so traumatizing for this young lady. How extremely brave. This reporter is feeling this so deeply, you can see it in her face. I so hope Jessie gets the help she so needs. Everyone who has a need I hope they get the help they need. Prayers for the families and everyone else affected by this senseless violence. My heart is just hurting for them all.

  11. OMG Please somebody make sure Jessie gets therapy. This is the most gut wrenching interview I’ve ever seen. Hugs and so much love to Jessie

  12. Jessie needs immediate help. I hope someone is helping her get connected with the right people both for her and her babies sake. I’m sorry this happened to you Jessie. I am wishing you all the best in this life.

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