1. @Brian Jones Those dead teens and shattered childhoods do not help them consolidate power, so they could not care less.

  1. Desantis should be blaming himself for the surge he could’ve prevented it but instead he downplayed it and listened to trump instead of health professionals. Now he’s in a situation that a lot more people are going to die if he doesn’t change his ways.

  2. I haven’t even heard him yet and I already know he’s being irresponsible. He should be arrested for assisting the virus in killing his citizens. Shameful!

  3. Isn’t it obvious by now that there are two Americas. What is the answer to this right wing radical insanity?

  4. He’s not very intelligent. At this rate maybe there won’t be anyone around to vote for him

  5. DeSantis gave up his freedom because he cant even do what right for the entire county because he doesn’t want to upset his 2 times impeached Dear leader.

  6. Woah, he’s actually letting people decide for themselves what risks they wish to take and what steps they want to take to mitigate those risks. CRAZY. XD

    1. DeSantis wasn’t the one telling Americans that they shouldn’t trust a vaccine from the Trump administration.

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