Hear what Pentagon leak revealed about China’s supersonic spy drone

Classified Pentagon documents leaked on social media revealed details about China’s supersonic spy drone program, according to a Washington Post report. CNN’s Oren Liebermann has more. #CNN #News


  1. this is not complicated because the person is still active duty in the ANG. military trib can be held along with civi trial. lets just say this person is going away for a while

  2. @00:06 – the air force unit he was assigned to was stripped of it’s duties? This is big because it means someone was relieved of their command. Someone was demoted. Heads rolled. At this point the defendant would be foolish to walk on base even if he got off. This almost ensues his conviction.

    1. @Stanley are you hurt tiny heart?😂 Tell me, from 1-10 with 10 being the most, how hurt are your feelings? What do I get a yellow or red card for that?😂😆

    2. @DecimalTen oh, I wasn’t talking about him. I’m talking about the military being so lax with sensitive information and who has access to it.

    3. @Jose Mercado Thank you for that inside baseball education. 
      Does it matter to JAGs what the accused’s motives were? 
      For example; a whistleblower wanting clean, law abiding government vs an anti-government actor who just hates a particular political party.

  3. What about the woman in Washington State with the telegram account the passed on information? Jake Broe talked about her on YouTube last night.

  4. Do you know that in Russia, for those kind of thinks whatever he did it’s punishable by death or hard labor camp 🤔

  5. Didn’t we already deal with this super fast, super high recon problem? The sr71 was retired for a reason.

    1. SR71 doesn’t fitted with modern AESA, optic like F35 has. SR71 was fitted with organic photo film which need to enter to enemy air space.

    2. sr71 is expensive and need human pilot whereas the Chinese drone is cheap and expendable. Sr71 flies at high attitude to avoid being hit whereas the drone can fly low, potentially gathering higher precision intelligence.

  6. Two thoughts.
    As former USAF ’84-’90, every airmangets taught about OPSEC. We’re all trusted with confidential information, and know we have to keep our mouths shut.
    Second thought, as a civilian nurse, I work in an EPD. Every time I acces a document is logged, every time I print a document is logged. Everything is traceable to my account. Should be simple.

    1. “Frankly, those two planes looks alike, interestingly 😉” trying to insinuate the stereotype that chinese invented nothing and copied everything.

      Yeah, the only difference is the Chinese one actually works! U.S are so bitter and jealous, it’s tiring.

  7. The US classification system is a disaster. Probably 2/3 of classified documents shouldn’t be classified, and 2/3 of people who are accessing those documents shouldn’t be accessing them. Both situations need to change.

  8. The techs will have access to the documents by nature of their jobs, BUT there is absolutely no reason why the documents themselves are not encrypted with keys available only to those in need. ❤ GOD Bless Everyone

    1. No!! A tech doesn’t have to have access to the data. I don’t know what access control system the Pentagon is using, but I am familiar with two access control systems used in business. You can be given access authority to work on a system without being given access to that system’s data.

      Was this airman a systems programmer? Did he maintain the operating system? Did he install program products? Was he a data entry person? What kind of tech was he? That, we really don’t.

      From my experience, I would expect that a data access report should have been printed and reviewed daily. All access should be logged, including authorized access, and especially unauthorized access. The first time an unauthorized access is flagged, I would expect some kind of action to be taken. At minimum, the airman should have been questioned about his reason for accessing classified data.

    2. @Anika Parker Great questions. And answers to all should have been known BEFORE any kid like this gets near the systems/data.

  9. Maybe one of these days the military will actually learn and not let 1+ million people have access to classified documents! Good grief 🤦

  10. This kid will be an example, as he should be, of what happens when you abuse your security access and cause harm to our national security. I don’t see a plea deal here, he has little to offer the prosecutors. I suspect anyone who associated with him is getting transferred to a different command and losing clearances.

    1. Discord is a gaming platform. I imagine he just randomly hit his friends with things without their knowledge in an emotional, possibly intoxicated, moment. Keeping secrets is too fun not to keep them. Not everyone is Snowden and the secrets revealed here actively harms people.

  11. This is a mess that needs to be taken. Seriously way to many people have access to these documents and accessible which should have never happened who in the he’ll is in charge of this 🤔💯

  12. I think it’s obvious that there was no adequate classified documents handling and security training in that Air National Guard sections.

  13. Unit leadership from first line supervisors to commanders are responsible to enforce “need to know” and “2 person concepts” in handling classified and critical information. Trust but verify is a golden rule

  14. Your word is your honor. Simply said. If you betray it like this young gentleman did then there is a lack of clarity in his mind. He did not take his oath that seriously if he was so willing to put the intel out there. It happens, it is about maturity and having conviction and belief in your country.

  15. The real issue is this kid was allowed to take his cellphone in a restricted area and he was allowed to print documents. Why? He doesn’t need his cellphone at work in the restricted area, and there shouldn’t even be a printer in there.

  16. Fascinating. A drone that’s been on public display for years, even wiki has a page detailing its history, dimensions, engines, operation speed and whatnots, all of a sudden is this leaked secret breaking news.

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