Hear what Putin told mothers of Russian soldiers fighting in Ukraine


  1. Dear citizens of the United States of America, I am from Ukraine, unfortunately I do not speak English well, so I use a translator. I want to express my sincere gratitude to you for helping my country! You probably do not often hear words of gratitude from Ukrainians, but believe me, we are grateful to you for all the help! Democracy, freedom for us are not empty words, for which we are now fighting with your help! And we will definitely win, because this is the evolutionary path of mankind! Thank you again! God bless America! Glory to Ukraine!🇺🇸🤝🇺🇦🕊️

    1. @Mr Da Vinci grow up our military budget is 750 billion and they’ve gotten just over 50 billion as the West fights dictatorship invading Europe.

    2. @J L d-k is strong with this one lol. 87,000 IRS agents for starters. The climate bs. The catering to blm TRASH and alphabet people. Leaving the US border unsecured but have a fence around their house. The release of federal inmates was 0 with weed, so that was just propaganda before midterms. Along with the student loan forgiveness that never went through. You professor’s must really enjoy social media lol. I should hire you to be my assistant 🤔

  2. “I share this pain and nothing can replace the loss.”
    “Of course that doesn’t mean I’m going to stop sending your sons to the grave because of my stupid ambition.”

    1. @◽Artist From Nowhere◽
      How’s the weather Volgograd?
      How’s wondering when the one way ticket to Ukraine arrives ?🤡🤣🤡

    2. @◽Artist From Nowhere◽
      Awe my friend? I love the recycling queen pootinzzz vladz trolling comedy show and clown routine
      It’s hilarious 🤣 🤡🤣

  3. Stand up Russian mothers and live in peace. No mother wants the remains of her son sent home. Horrible human stop him now.

    1. These Russian mothers should have sacrificed themselves and taken Putin out. There were enough of them to overpower him and take Putin out for the benefit of their fellow Russian citizens.

    1. @Detective Andy Scared more like it. He just keeps digging a bigger hole for himself. He knows the Russians are now realising that he’s a liar and that he started this war for nothing.

    2. @Detective Andy Scared more like it. He just keeps digging a bigger hole for himself. He knows the Russians are now realising that he’s a liar and that he started this war for nothing.

    3. these are not righteous mothers whose sons are at war. One woman is a stage performer, the other is in Putin’s party.
      This old man does not dare to meet real mothers

  4. I respect all the mothers. I wish these precious Russian mothers would tell him: stop this cruel war. Ukrainian mothers and children are dying. Why is he killing a people who wants to be free?😭

  5. Sam Kiley is an incredible reporter. Always there 24/7 and always where there is action and danger. Be careful, Sam!

    1. Not that incredible.
      Those were not mothers sitting the table with Putin!
      They are actors friends of Putin cnn again didnt do any research .
      Fortunately Ukraine people do.

      Goto 3mins 18secs of this video and its all explained who they are and the Proof.

      That was Russian Propaganda for state tv repeated by CNN awesome reporting Not !


  6. “Shares the pain” with mothers who some of them lost their only child while the children of the top brass are sent out of Russia protected by any means from being drafted.

    One of the toughest memories I had was when one mother back in 90’s was looking through 500 tapes of captured, murdered, mutilated and medically investigated bodies of russian soldiers in the First Chechen War.

    She was so devastated from her lose that she believed someone else burried son was her own and wanted the body to be exhumed and the end two mothers were devastated twice.

    The life of the ordinary soldiers/conscripts in Russia always had no value for the politicians and top brass generals and one entire generation is going to be scarred for life because of their criminal incompetance.

    1. that’s because of one simple reason: Russia is NOT a country, and NOT a nation. Russia is a fascist terroirst organization

    2. @Henz Koreba – Yes. And hitler was a good family man and a amazing artist, but that’s not the freaking point now, is it?

    1. @boy named sue do you mean after the US tried their first coup in Ukraine just before they threatened the elected president of Ukraine with death if he didn’t leave office? Then installing their own puppet zelensky who quadrupled the amount of ethnic Russians being murdered in Donbas?

    2. @john doe Russia have been more than fair with the west and have delivered reliable and reasonable energy that has enabled europe to thrive – now the west has bitten the hand that feeds them – and now we’re here…………


  7. Let us see him go to the front lines and share the pain for real. He would most likely be taken out by his own troops in a matter of minutes.

  8. #WorldHistory101✨🗺✨
    “I can not look indifferently at what is happening in our country now. There are a lot of outrageous things happening and most importantly, I am struck by the indifference of both women and in general, the entire people to what is happening.” —Svetlana Til
    Member, Russian Council of Mothers and Wives

  9. If he shared the pain, he could stop it today. He CHOOSES not to. His pride is more important than your children.


    2. …the ones that fled the country are the smart ones! It’s like most of them didn’t think twice about ditching their lives in Russia for the great unknown of exile. Life in Russia must be worse than I ever thought for so many to leave so quickly, knowing they might never be allowed back in.

    3. @Phil Collins I think he is just another Russian bot…. If he doesn’t post enough they will send him to the front

    4. @Robert Maybeth 5$ have been deposited to your account for writing this comment
      American logic be like :
      Anyone supporting Russia is a bot
      No wonder people say you guys are stupid

  10. “I can not look indifferently at what is happening in our country now. There are a lot of outrageous things happening and most importantly, I am struck by the indifference of both women and in general, the entire people to what is happening.” —Svetlana Til

  11. He should of addressed how he has left wounded soldiers behind. Many UK soldiers have contacted Russian parents to come get their children that are injured.

  12. “I share this pain and nothing can replace the loss.
    That’s why you are not going to receive any compensation for the loss of your beloved ones.
    But I can assure you their bodies will be thrown in the nearest dump with the utmost respect”.

    1. Not even that. Most of the time the Russkies leave the bodies of their own people there to rot and be eaten by dogs.

    2. They do not collect the bodies of the fallen. Ukrainians use their cell phones with facial recognition software to identify the fallen and the Ukrainians were contacting the Russian family members to either inform them of the death and where the Ukrainians buried the bodies.(in a grave in a cemetery in the Ukraine ) rather than leave the corpse out to rot in the field (as Russians were doing.) Ukrainians are not animals.

  13. Vladolf Putler to Russian mothers: “I feel your pain.” (“I am heartless and actually do not feel anyone’s pain, but I must say this to stay in power.”). What about the mothers in maternity wards across Ukraine who lost their babies to Putin’s deliberate and barbaric bombing of civilian targets?

  14. He shares the pain in a sense that every dead or seriously wounded soldier is hard to replace. Other than that.. he doesn’t care. He values his personal goals over human life.

    1. We really don’t give a flying F what little Vlady thinks. Slava ukraini and rest assured , we will stand by our NATO allies. Liths always welcome in Can.

    2. this is a perfect example of how putin says things and does another, the world can actually see the condition of many russian troops and how they are used.. this invasion has exposed putin in so many ways, how he has stayed in power, his true intentions in ukraine and how he just doesnt care..

    3. Well there are alot of fake ingorent people in this world who lie cheat and everything else in the book’ who’s to say that his agenda isn’t good and right tbh! I honestly could care less for people who wear white hats and call themselves saints because in reality it’s far from the truth weather you choice to belive that is your opinion but you could be one of those people I mentioned above^ in the end here Russia is aiding the good fight just like the nazis did in 1940′

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