Hear what 'Sully' says about the Boeing 777 mayday call 1

Hear what ‘Sully’ says about the Boeing 777 mayday call


Captain Chesley "Sully" Sullenberger talks to CNN's John Berman about the United Boeing 777 flight that experienced engine failure and the training pilots receive to handle those situations.

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  1. Imagine the issues these planes have gone thru….sitting…for the large part on ground for months during this pandemic. Its been a topic raised over and over again

    1. Maintenance schedules are regulated by the FAA, so either the FAA regulations need to be updated, or the airline is not following the FAA regulations and has significant exposure to fines.

    They should look into all their engines not just when something bad happens. At that point, its too late.

    1. Boeing doesn’t develop engines, they debelop airframes. The boeing 777 has flown for over 25 years and is debatably one of the safest aircraft on earth. Chances are, you’ve prolly flown on it. In this case, United Airlines may not have maintained this engine right. But, I may be wrong, you never know…

    1. Auber…then please don’t watch final destination 3. U won’t ride a roller coaster ever again either. Lol.
      Chances of aircraft crashing is very very very slim. Same with roller coasters. Don’t be scared of them.
      Now David clegg was right…be scared of covid. So stay safe. 😷👍🏻💙

  3. Why does this guy sounds like hes advertising for this commercial airline. Facts are that engine wasn’t inspected.

  4. *Its a good thing the engine went out as soon as they took off than being in the middle of the ocean and having no choice but to keep flying*

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