1. When you are born you get a ticket to the freak show. When you are born in America you get a front row seat. (George Carlin – comic genius)

    1. This day in age would have killed him. He would of had so much material on all this crap, he would have had a heart attack.

    1. @Grant Wallace I don’t know it that’s true in the States, if we still hear about people who are put away and kept on a cocktail of drugs. However, my information is second hand and anecdotal.

  2. Moscow Mitch saying it’s “mental health” 🤣🤣🤣 the same guy that has cut mental health for years.

    1. @Shawn The Great nobody understands you lol. Moscow is in Russia and you’re connecting it to a senator from Kentucky. Go clean your trailer rental. 🥴

    2. @WE THE PEOPLE 🗽 oh you are a smart one I see. 🤣🤣🤣 wow. “Moscow is in Russia and I’m from Kentucky” 🤣🤣🤣 you are serious. Wow you do understand how nicknames work right. 🤣🤣 the people on social media surprise me everyday.

  3. I blame right-wing media for whipping people up into an angry frenzy over things that are none of their concern, and the guns. If Tucker wants to know who is making people so miserable that they run out into the street and gun a bunch of people down in a rage he just needs to look in the mirror because it’s him

  4. The Republicans forget that the 2nd amendment begins with a well regulated…. that suggested some control

    1. Here’s where your problem is you expect a phrase from hundreds of years ago years ago to be the same way that we would use it now. Well regulated means in working order..Not government control.. The malitia at the time was anyone over 18.

    2. @bianca They also allowed for people to have cannons have cannons an actual machine guns… Do you actually know what kinds of guns and arms they had back then? Granted the machine guns are not like what we have now but look up the Puckle gun. This was the first automatic weapon. They were plenty aware of the existence of these guns.

      It was also very common for people to have cannons for home defense. PleSe educate yourself.

    3. @bianca Also if technology affects one’s constitutional rights why are you on the internet?

  5. Living in the UK we have really strict gun laws and have had for many years. It does not stop gun crime (or knife crime) but it certainly makes a big difference. From a straight logical (not political) perspective you can build an argument that puts in place all the things necessary to provide the circumstances leading to mass shooting events. You need a person (with the will to commit such atrocities), you need the weapons, the ammunition, and the opportunity / event. Removing one of those will stop the incident. However no single measure is 100% effective, so the strategy needs to target all aspects, and the simplest relates to weapon and ammunition access.

    1. @Brandon A “Mexico has strict gun control also hahaha. Like 100 senators died last year in Mexico” fun fact: there is only 1 gun shop in Mexico, 90% of the country’s firearms are smuggled in from USA

  6. Just for completion, a neat little bit of information: not only do other countries have mental health problems as well, other countries do also have cannabis use and women. I personally know cannabis using mental health patients outside the US who are regularly involved with, or even are themselves, women. No mass shootings, though. Strange.

    1. @Aimee-Leigh Kellygood for you. Glad to hear. I don’t have mental health issues or smoke weed and am a white male and I have lots of guns and yet have never considered doing a mass shooting. 🤷🏻‍♂️

  7. “It is essential to use as much as possible broadcasts of the popular Fox News host Tucker Carlson.”

    – Vladimir Putin

    1. When ya let emotions rule your thoughts. You cant get certain thoughts out of your head and they go on repeat so much. You guys have become obsessed with two dudes , tucker and putin. It’s like you guys have a fantasy of putin and tucker shirtless or something….

    1. @Anna Rae I’m not very sure, but it wouldn’t harm to report it.
      The link in the Op leads away from YT, though.

  8. 😭 They are blaming women, pot and tattoos ? We got plenty of that here in Canada, still not as many mass shootings. No mention of any other possible contributing factors that are common in the US👀 Like easy access to guns? It’s so obvious.

    1. @Greg Ed That dude killed little kids and elders. Yet, no hate crime. In fact, they lied about him trying to escape another crime.

    2. U have more guns and less legislation than Mexico too. Yet Mexico has more mass killings and higher homicide rates than both Canada and the US
      considering the statement, Homicide rates are an economic issue.
      What is it about Canada that is different from both the US and Mexico which might explain its relatively low murder rates

  9. Mitch McConnell – ‘it’s mental health’. He regularly cuts mental health services.
    On the plus side however, McConnell is finally admitting that mental healthcare needs to be addressed.

  10. Coming from someone that goes through mental health issues…nothing is more triggering than someone telling you let’s fit him with a straight jacket smh…this is why people keep their mental health issues to themselves.

    1. @PeaceLoveHarmony ADHD is highly hereditary. Many adults don’t know they have ADHD until they have a child diagnosed with it and the doctor or clinician asks which parent has it. My ADHD is hereditary. We have a lot of family members that have it.

      People will often say everyone has some ADHD and there is some truth to this. We can all be forgetful, lose things or have problems focusing. The question is whether the inability to control your attention is serious enough to be considered a disorder or not. Most of my adult family members I wouldn’t classify as having the disorder. They’ve learned how to cope with their hereditary weaknesses and no treatment is needed for it. I drew the short straw out of the gene pool and there is no doubt that I have the disorder.

      ADHD can also be environmental and it is common for kids with trauma histories to be diagnosed with ADHD. Children learn to cope with traumatic events by drawing inward to take their minds somewhere else. When there is nothing traumatic going on the trauma kids are on high alert. Their brains are vigilant about watching everything in their environment to avoid getting hurt. You can’t focus when your brain has been trained to do this to survive.

      A person can be highly intelligent and have ADHD. There is a misconception that people with ADHD can’t pay attention. It is actually an inability to regulate attention. We can hyperfocus on subjects or tasks that we enjoy or find interesting. Most people with ADHD feel that this is a super power.

    2. @Joboygbp Edwards i can tell you from personal experiences that no amount of spankings kept me from having ADHD or correcting it!!! LOL.

      I was parented the same way as most kids that were born in the 70s. My mom spanked with yard sticks and then got mad at me when the yard stick broke. I never had to go pick a stick from the yard, but I had plenty of spankings from my dad’s belt and the paddles from the paddle ball toys. When the string broke and the ball was no longer attached it became a good whooping paddles!

      I was also spanked twice in school and my mom had the two for one special. You get in trouble at school, you get spanked when you get home. I have inattentive ADHD which is the non-hyperactive type so none of my school spankings were for acting out in class. The first one was for being too slow with putting on my winter boots in kindergarten. The boots were too small so I had difficulty zipping them up. The teacher got impatient and I got a swat on my butt with a Lincoln log. The 2nd one was for not completing my home work. I did deserve consequences for that, but I think she took a step too far. The spanking occurred in the hallway of my class room. The teacher was happy when I cried and told me so. Her goal was not only to spank me, but to shame me. She even boasted about it.

      The shaming part worked, but not the way she wanted it to. It just made me give up. I knew I wasn’t “normal” like the other kids in my class, but I didn’t know what my problem was or how to fix it. In the 70s and 80s people rarely talked about ADHD especially for girls.

      Girls are often missed, because we aren’t bouncing off the walls like the stereotypical boys diagnosed with ADHD. I am not certain that I would of had any better of a chance at being diagnosed with ADHD if I had been born in the 2010s.

      There is a need for discipline and kids can be misdiagnosed by teachers or parents that want an easy medication fix, but if your child has ADHD you can’t spank it out of them. I grew up feeling like the worst kid on the face of the earth. I remember apologizing to a class mate after we had graduated high school. He had this shocked look on his face and refuted my claims, because I wasn’t a trouble maker. I have a feeling that if we went to a larger school he may have not even known who I was. My coping mechanism was blending into the wallpaper.

      I know my response doesn’t answer your question about the correlation between parents not spanking their kids and the increase in the diagnose of ADHD. There is definitely an increase in the diagnosis, but this is likely due to more awareness and research on the disorder. However there is some important research that I think is worth sharing.

      Research has shown a correlation between depression and anxiety diagnoses for adults that grew up with untreated ADHD. The kids that are diagnosed when they are young and taught how their brains’ function different are less likely to have depression and anxiety.

      I am not sharing my story or the research on ADHD for any other reason than raising awareness so other kids may get the help that need. Most kids will out grow some of the ADHD symptoms or develop ways to cope with it. It is the depression and anxiety that is much harder to control and it can be deadly if the child or adult becomes suicidal. I would encourage parents that have children with hyperactive or inattentive ADHD symptoms to get their kid assessed for it if the symptoms are impairing their education, home life or their ability to make friends. If it isn’t impairing their lives then the symptoms would not be considered a disorder. You also don’t need to medicate your child if they can adapt to the way their brain works.

      ADHD is also hereditary so if you look back at your own childhood and think you could of had ADHD then there is an Increased risk for your kid to have it.

      ADHD shouldn’t be an excuse for bad behavior, but a child may need extra support due to ADHD. It is a chance to bond with your child and learn together so don’t shy away from getting professional help if your kid is struggling.

      If you were raised the same way that I was it is almost innate to think spankings are the cures for all misbehaving children and it is your responsibility as a parent to control your child’s behavior. We live in a rural conservative area so I felt peer pressure to spank our life. Infertility turned into a blessing for my husband and I. We adopted 2 kids with early developmental trauma and we learned that spanking didn’t work. I was surprised by how hard it was to not only change our thinking on this, but how much time and focus it took to change our perspective. Thankfully we were part of an adoptive parents support group and everyone in the group had the same struggles. We were all committed to do our best to promote healing and attachment so we could give each other parenting tips and encouragement. It is hard to wrap your mind around attachment based parenting until you start seeing the results of your hard work. I don’t blame anyone that questions it, because it does seem foreign. You just have to remember that you are working on teaching your kids how to behave correctly. You call out the misbehavior, but you use it as a teaching moment.

      Sorry for the high jacking your post. I hope that you don’t take any offense to anything I wrote. It isn’t my intent to be argue with anyone on this subject or to be offensive. If you or others reading this don’t agree with me then feel free to comment. I’ll even start it off with the suggestion of using the “special little snow flake” way of parenting your kids.

      Much love and blessings to all the parents out there that are trying their best to not raise little jerks! It is a struggle no matter which way you decide to parent your kids. No judgment from me. Just another perspective.

    3. @Transparency Is Critical This was the first time I heard that argument about pot use being used as an excuse for mass shootings.
      My guess is the pot was an easy target to pin the reason for the recent mass shootings, because Cannabis is legal for medical and recreational use in Illinois. The last mass shooting occurred in Highland
      Park, IL. The population is 95 percent white so they can’t blame in on illegal immigrants or black peoples. Illinois also has stricter gun laws, but it didn’t stop the shooter from legally obtaining a FOID card and legally purchasing the guns. There needs to be tougher gun restrictions in IL and FOX don’t want American citizens to demand any tougher gun control laws. It is better to point out the shooter’s pot use than focus on the need for more gun restriction laws.

  11. It’s extremely sad, heartbreaking , pathetic and an embarrassment..this occurs in the USA…at all. and with incredible frequency.

    1. @John Mahoney So show me the video of the member of the BLM movement walking down the street with semi auto rifles.
      I can show you video of Republicans at the same events with semi automatic rifles.
      Example: how many Trump supporters were walking around neighborhoods with semi auto rifles.
      The protesters or the ones protecting a building.
      Yes the protesters were armed-under their shirts- they just did not feel it necessary to brag about it and try and intimidate people with guns.

  12. I think what really disturbs me is that the term “mental health” is the laziest form of using an excuse for what’s going on in one’s mind. There’s no categorization of a particular issue due to how expansive the human mind can be.

    1. Right, it’s not even a concise well thought out argument. It’s “mental health”, and they just leave it there. Like that is somehow a mic drop.

  13. Unbelievable! “try to imagine an unhealthier unhappier life than that”. Are you serious! Many, many, many people are living lives full of struggle, heartbreak, and disappointment but they’re not going out and committing mass shootings! Tucker Carlson is shameless!

    1. @Mark Warren I immediately dismiss ppl who say they need AR-15’s because you really don’t. NO ONE does. Especially when a pistol or shotgun works just fine for home protection. And if you’re gonna use the hunting argument, that won’t work either because according to all you gun nuts, the AR-15 is just another rifle. So you shouldn’t miss it one bit.

    2. @Kevin D I got a definition for ya. It’s any weapon that was originally designed for combat, fires at a high velocity and can be outfitted with various accessories that make it lethal enough to kill a large group of ppl in a short amount of time. And the AR-15 easily fits that criteria.

  14. Spot on! There’s not enough conversation around the dangers of “cognitive dissonance” as a whole. It certainly not a term you’d hear in right-wing media unless they’re trying to link the disproportionate incarceration of black men to something like rap music.

    1. Rap music and the culture it promotes most definitely has an impact on black urban youth. To deny that is to be willfully ignorant in the face of common sense.

    2. @My View 🙂 you’re not the only one. I had to read these commenters’ gibberish a couple of times to glean any sense of basic logic and reason. How Brandon deduced that Doug was making a “correlation and causation” and not a mindset argument is beyond me.

  15. “The problem is mental health.”
    “Okay, I disagree, but there’s common ground here. Let’s fund a great national mental health program to solve this problem!”
    “We can’t do that, that’s socialist.”

  16. “Mental health, mental health”

    I was listening to an NPR interview with a Texas legislator who had family killed in gun violence. She kept saying it was mental health.

    The interviewer asked her “are you aware governor Abbot cut metal health funding by X%?” I dont remember the %, but I remember her answer.

    She said “I’m sure he was just cutting waste and redundancy.”

    They will twist themselves into knots to blame anything except access to weaponry.

  17. Republicans: the issue is mental health!
    Also Republicans: We support, endorse & follow Donald Trump, Marjorie Taylor Green, Tucker Carlson, Alex Jones, Mile Lindell, Lauren Boebert, Madison Cawthorne, Hershal Walker, Matt Gaetz,

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