Hear what will be discussed in the House Select Committee hearing on China

The top members of the House select committee on the strategic competition between the US and China, Rep. Raja Krishnamoorthi (D-IL) and Rep. Mike Gallagher (R-WI) join The Lead for a bipartisan interview on what will be discussed in their first hearing. #CNN #News


    1. @Electric Gigolo You wouldn’t have to be to creative to get a more effective one than this. We basically have a disgusting mix of Hungary and China’s government currently.

  1. I think the term is “lucidity” to go against BigPharma. And frankly, I would totally disagree to go against big Pharma as a cooperate Democrat.

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  6. I absolutely thought this was very informative and showed everyone how our government is supposed to work, TOGETHER AS ONE GOVERNING BODY.

    1. Wow, you’re fooled easily, and our aid to Ukraine is none other than a cover-up for the Biden crime family!

  7. This was a very lively and informative exchange featuring Jake asking great questions and Rep. Krishnamoothi and Rep. Gallagher responding openly and appropriately. Thanks! Appreciated!!!!

  8. It’s about time for the US to finally get to forming a concrete strategy on how it wants to deal with China. For decades all I’ve heard essentially amounts to posturing and calling out the Chinese government. It’s time to actually think about how you can work with China on the important global things that need to happen, while at the same time competing with it on several other fronts, all while not provoking it so much as to push it into the arms of potential enemies of western countries. This requires actual thought and a robust foreign policy. As I said, I’m tired of the lame posturing, I want to see concrete ideas and policies that do more than just antagonize an emerging superpower. Like it or not guys, you’re going to have to deal with the Chinese government one way or another.

  9. As a dem s/o to Gallagher for standing against our enemies even when a D is president, unlike many of his colleagues in regards to Russia…

  10. Something to discuss: China has 19 shipyards, USA has 7. Just one of Chinas is so big its as large as all the 7 shipyards in the US combined. Last year China built and put to sea 23 new warships. The US….just 2.

  11. Two level headed rational politicians, perhaps they should schedule a meeting to remove the radicals from office. As they stated we don’t need insecure bomb throwers involved in any decision making at this time!

  12. Rep Mike Gallagher, please discuss China’s export of censorship on YouTube!!! Literally everyone discussing China sensitive issues on this platform loses their account for no reason. Get on YouTube!

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