Hear why E. Jean Carroll’s attorney called out Trump in closing arguments

During closing arguments in the battery and defamation trial against former President Donald Trump, attorneys for E. Jean Carroll said Trump “couldn’t be bothered” to testify. #CNN #News


    1. Exactly. And Marla wasn’t even his wife at the time… Ivana was standing next to him in the photo. Dementia and narcissism is a confounding mix.

  1. Notice how clearly he can see those in the photo until his lawyer tells him who it is and then suddenly it was a blurry photo

    1. @maude boggins Has anyone ever seen him with glasses? He always look like he needs them, with the squint and all.

  2. I spit milk out my nose when I heard him talk tough that he was coming back to the states to testify. The judge called his bluff, and he did exactly what he always does. Simp out.

  3. “She’s not my type.” -Trump
    Rape isn’t about sex or attraction, it’s about power and control. One thing we all know about Trump is that he’s obsessed with power and control. Whether she is “his type” or not is irrelevant.

    *That being said, she was “his type”. Mistaking Carroll for his ex-wife in that photo was essentially his response to a “Tell us the victim was your type without saying the victim was your type…” challenge, and he passed with flying colors.

    1. @Papa Wheelie
      Well the guy didn’t even have the decency to show up and try to offer a defense. Kinda reminds me of Alex Jones and we all saw how that ended.

  4. True. But it begs a mention that his attorney showed up but didn’t practice law in the courtroom either

    1. He would have achieved a better outcome if he’d just done yoga squats in front of the bench.

    2. I have no idea what Tacopina is thinking. At the very least, he could have gotten MTG and Kari Lake to testify as character witnesses.

  5. I think Trump considers rape “forced intercourse”. That’s what he is denying with conviction. As to allegedly grabbed E. Jean, Trump thinks that’s not rape but actually do her a favour! That’s how to empower women in his way of thinking. From that point on women go on to have successful careers.

    1. I agree with most of that except the first part.
      He has clearly said what he does to women is not considered wrong when he does it.
      He made it very clear he actually thinks he is allowed to sexually assault them because of his money and notoriety.
      Trump seriously does not see a problem with this.
      For him- no such thing as ” forced intercourse “

    2. Rape is forced sex, you really gonna change the definition to suit your agenda? Groping someone is still assault and wrong, but it’s not rape I mean come on now.

  6. If you’re the plaintiff and your attorney doesn’t call out the defendant in their closing arguments, you may have a problem.

    1. When the defendants attorney is the slob in a suit tacopina it really doesn’t matter

    2. not necessary , because once you are on the bench, the lawyer can ask you any questions he wants even not related to the case to establish credibility..

  7. He has “mistaken” Mrs Carroll for his former wife? WTF?!? Thanks, … I think I’ve heard enough to come up with a verdict here…

    1. Having someone running for President who can’t identify his ex wife in a photo is sad.

    2. i hope to GOD you are never called to Jury service! evidence be damned! i dont need any of that!

  8. Trump of course didn’t show up being the coward he is.
    He talks tough as most bullies do and proves to be a coward as most bullies are.

    1. for something that maybe happened 30 or more years ago .. unusual timing i would think

  9. A man who cannot recall what their ex wife looks like from a photo of the plaintiff is a smoking gun imo

    1. A traumatised rape victim who can’t even remember the year it was and loved watching The Apprentice.

    1. so for that to make sense – if Trump did turn up–it proves innocence?!

      or i guess in ur world– Trump is guilty no matter what he does or dose not do

    2. SHE brought the case. SHE has to prove him guilty. He doesn’t have to prove anything. Innocent until proven guilty. I am sure his lawyers advised him not to testify since that is how it’s usually done.

    3. @LotsOfFun They advised him not to testify because they saw how badly he screwed up his deposition

    1. ​@Chuck C sure. Let’s do that. What exactly are you trying to hold them to account for?

  10. His deposition seemed more incriminating than anything. It’s almost as good as a confession.
    Stoke the coals and put an iron in the fire, there’s gonna be a branding.

    1. its almost as if you are saying – if he instead went with a pre-written one to make him look nice and sweet that would mean he couldnt be guilty

      thats your logic

  11. Closing arguments for trump’s lawyers: “Your honor, our defendant pleads the 5th.” 😂😂😂

    1. Closing Arguments > So while we have no Physical evidence- And have already done the victim in tears to try and tug on emotions- We rest our case and urge the Jury to find trump guilty cos someone said something happened 30 yrs ago

    2. I’m sure Trump’s lawyers told him not to go. INNOCENT UNTIL PROVEN GUILTY. She has the burden to prove his guilt. I see no proof.

  12. Since I joined the Democrats, I so wish that the E. Jean Carrol case was a criminal case, not a civil case!

    1. Not sure why you would say any of that. If this were a criminal case, he’d get off scot free…

    2. I’m not democrat and this is appalling. People need to be held accountable and this is one crude guy that seems to get away with everything

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