Hear why Kevin McCarthy gave Jan. 6 security footage to Tucker Carlson

House Speaker Kevin McCarthy defended his controversial move to grant Fox News host Tucker Carlson access to security footage from January 6, 2021, attack on the Capitol, telling the New York Times he "promised." CNN's Brian Todd reports followed by a discussion from CNN political commentators Adam Kinzinger and Mondaire Jones. #CNN #News


  1. If the information is PUBLIC, then giving exclusive access to it should be ILLEGAL. Also, the decision should not be up to a single party from a single branch of government.

    1. correct, and Carlson’s question “why would any honest person be worried about this?” is laughable, coming from a perpetual liar.

    2. So the Democrats had 40,000 hours of the January 6th protest and they only released the 10 hours of it that fit the narrative that they were trying to tell. Now the other 40,000 hours that they never wanted the American public see Is going to be released to Tucker Carlson the American newscaster that has the biggest American audience and the people who supported the blackout are now in a tizzy. I wonder why?

    3. That’s the same thing the right said when the left got to hand pick every member of the J6 committee.

      You might as well relax. It’s over now. You’re about to be proven wrong. AGAIN.

  2. I don’t mind the release of the tapes, but they should be released to All media outlets if they belong to “ the people.”

    1. All the other outlets have definitively proven they would bury the story. Sit and be offended. It’s their own fault.

    2. Why? What difference does it make? Sorry CNN just as many people DON’T trust you. Plus, you have far, FAR less viewership.

  3. I think it obvious that most Americans feel that Kevin McCarthy was dead wrong for giving Tucker Carson. Now, what are we going to do about McCarthy?

  4. McCarthy says it belongs to the public so why does he only give it to one person? Because he knows that Tucker Carlson will cherry pick the footage that he wants aired.

    1. It is for the defamation lawsuit against Fox News. CNN claims that everything said on Fox News is a lie. But CNN takes every opportunity to expose every lie from Fox News and I bet you havent seen many of these exposed lies. The worse dirt CNN had on Fox was that Tucker wrote a text message saying he thinks his guest was lying. The footage given to Tucker can be used to prove the things he has said on his show are true and if its not true then u dont have anything to worry about. Unless it exposes the lies from Democrat funded mainstream media like CNN.

    2. Well, I didn’t hear anyone else ask for them since the other networks are fine with just relaying what the Dems tell them

  5. Since Kevin released this information to a private citizen- Tucker does this mean that the Proud Boys and others may have already received a copy of the layout of the Capital?

  6. If they belong to the public then you give it to actual journalists…. NOT to a self admitted “news entertainment host”. You release it to all news outlets WITHOUT BIAS. I’m sure there must be some regulation that requires the government to provide releases to more than one outlet. I worked in municipal government law at one time and even bids for contracts had to be released to more than one outlet. That was according to our municipal codes.. but I’m sure the federal government must have something similar.

  7. Let’s not forget that Fox successfully argued that nobody in their right mind would believe what Carlson says in court.

    1. @~Ito~ (糸) fox is the same but they have more ratings and twice is hardly a number compared to the fake news CNN paid to lie nothing is real all videos are 11 camera angles and produced to give the CNN fans cat nip that is constantly debunked daily every day every story now its not real and fox is the same don’t watch this dribble

    2. @regan dunn You can’t even create a proper sentence lmao. And no, Fox News has lost all credibility, seeing as how they got sued twice for lying. Not only that but Tucker said through text that stock prices and money are more important than telling the truth. You people are being force fed lies but you don’t care because fox tells you to hate minorities and gays, and that’s all the fuel you people need

  8. You know, I spent the better part of 40 years working my way from as GS-2 clerk/typist to a GS-15 and multiple directorship postings in five agencies. You’re making a lot of decisions day to day; too many to spend a lot of time with risk management analysis. So instead I lived by a very few codes. One of them was to be bold but fair and evenhanded . I would never have released information to a single company that I wasn’t releasing to every other company at the same time. It just wouldn’t have made it by my first sniff test.
    Yet here the sitting Speaker releases sensitive information to one news outlet. As if his decisions are calibrated to poke fun at every civil servant’s entire career. And to some degree I think that is the point here. The GOP has essentially designed all interactions to prod, poke and destabilize the very foundations of a system that has kept our constitutional republic afloat for 250 years.

    1. I know a couple of Republican voters who vote that way for no other reason than they grew up in a Republican household. And like most people, they don’t even care about what’s going on. They’d rather watch Jerry Springer and Doctor Phil — or whoever the gurus of the day are — but I have a faint hope that they catch a little bit of news and that their olfactory senses are still in order. Maybe that prodding and poking can backfire a little and wake up a few hundred thousand of them and stir whatever conscience they have left. At least make them doubt enough to simply not vote. And there is one more faint glimmer of hope… in 2024 there will be 2 more years’ worth of Zoomers old enough to vote and they are proving to lean blue, or at least away from red. Whatever color the pundits come up with for progressives, those entering politics tend to enter in through the Democratic Party. It’s a better incubator for hope than the no policy except serve the rich GOP.

    2. Fox isn’t news but blatant propaganda of the MAGA extremists . They’ve already been proven to be liars and untrustworthy.

    3. No one gives a flip what you have done or what you would do. Literally no one.

      We all watched J6 in real time. The left is about to be exposed again. This will be the third MAJOR false flag of their during trumps term. This should be counted as domestic terrorism

  9. Perfect source to have a complete layout of security cameras and access points… they must be planing a second insurrection.

    1. Russia will be tuning in too, look at how popular Carlsons been on their state propaganda news. Hand them any of our weakness on a silver platter just for stock prices and ratings? McCarthy should have cut out the middle man and sent them straight to Vlad then.

  10. All I’m hearing is, “cause I’m a traitor to these United States and I hate democracy and I’m a no backbone jellyfish.” -Kevin McCarthy

  11. So…give the footage to the guy who was declared in court not even to be a news presenter, but an entertainer that shouldn’t be taken seriously…

  12. The public has seen a lot of the footage anyway and it is somewhat disturbing to say the least. But to simply hand over these recordings to a deceitful and blatant liar such as Carlson is beyond belief. McCarthy just wants to stay in favour as he settles into the speaker of the nut house position.

  13. This is insane for the house leader to so blatantly risk security for his back door deal… the speaker has to be removed from congress.. I hope the DOJ steps in.. i am horrified

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