Hear why this GOP senator isn’t supporting Trump for the GOP nomination

GOP lawmakers are taking a stance after former President Donald Trump's CNN town hall appearance where he doubled down on his 2020 election lies and refused to take sides on Russia's war in Ukraine. CNN political analyst SE Cupp and former Trump White House lawyer Jim Schultz weigh in. #CNN #News


  1. If trump wants to talk, put him under oath on the witness stand in a court of law, not on CNN

    1. Did biden embarrass you further yesterday after getting exposed? What bothers you more, his crime or the fact that you allowed yourself to be duped by him ? 😂

    2. he would not answer…put him on a national broadcast and he will tell us all his lies, he can’t help himself

  2. After having that serial liar on last night, and spewing his lies, my mom has removed CNN from her cable channels.

  3. When are you going to explain why you did this CNN?! What could possibly be gained except a boycott from anyone who can count to 20 without using their fingers and toes?!

  4. Reporter: What’s the reason for not supporting his nomination.?
    Senator.: Where do I begin.? 😂😂😂

    1. The MAGA slogan has had more power than the man himself. Without that slogan I think America would look much different now, and rational conservatives would have a better chance.

    2. Senator : I’m not supporting Trump
      Senator at election time :Trump endorsed my opponent and I’m out of a job

  5. SE Cup is correct. There are no undecided voters. Republicans that don’t want trump will still vote for him over a Dem. Anyone who will not vote for trump will not do so no matter what he says. The only question is will they vote for Biden or not vote and who turns out the voters.

    1. Barr is one who indicates he’ll probably still vote for him if he’s the candidate. Since numbers matter above all else (Santos) that probably means Pence too.

  6. I think people are watching and waiting for a Republican candidate brave enough to step forward and not afraid to speak up on goals to create a better economy and information on how they plan to increase jobs, a place people can call home and better education for children.

  7. What I find funny is that fox isn’t covering this as much as they would. Truth of his character must be getting the best of them.

  8. Those GOP lawmakers may have said they won’t support him but they never said they would not vote for him if/when he is the nominee.

  9. We have social strictures in society. If you don’t know what’s right or wrong, lie or truth, those strictures break down. Leading to anybody saying or doing anything they want, because it’s “what they believe.” That way leads to chaos. Or a stint in jail or the funny farm.

  10. Why don’t they ask for an ID when we vote? I need it to fly, I need it to but alcohol, I need it to drive, but not to vote for my government representative?

    1. Not only that but now you need an i.d. with a special ‘gold star’ to fly. Like a good school kid only with more money involved.

  11. 5:38 wow. Put this guy in a robe and he would absolutely nail a Lord Varys cosplay from Game of Thrones. And no, that’s not an insult. It’s actually pretty damn cool.

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