1. An expensive series One billion $ day without income Ukraine , slavs vs slavs, UE vs UE, who will pay?

  1. Keeping Ukraine in my prayers daily. May God continue to be with you. May He give you strenght, wisdom and insight. May He continue to touch the worlds hearts and never allow us to grow cold to your suffering. May you be victorious in your defense of your nation and it’s people. In Jesus name I pray, Amen.

  2. Some #Russian natural resource companies said exports are falling due to Western #sanctions and they may need to cut workers, according to a report by the country’s central bank. The #Kemerovo region in Western #Siberia posted a 20 % drop in #coal exports in April

  3. God Bless the Ukraine and its brave people. Welcome to the European Union soon. We love you. Greetings from Sweden. <3

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