Hear Zelensky’s response to Russia’s claim that Ukraine targeted Putin

Ukraine says it has no knowledge of an alleged attempted drone strike on the Kremlin in Moscow, adding that it does not use its means to attack other countries. #CNN #News


    1. Right?! That’s the last place he’d be. You know he’s making fake plans to take a private train somewhere, sending it off, and spontaneously getting on a different train to a different location where he broadcasts his presentations to the State in offices that are identicle to each other so that no one knows where he is for sure. He probably has an office at home in his bunker that looks identicle, too.

  1. If Ukraine had attacked the Kremlin they would have used a drone powerful enough to do some damage.

    1. @Ann Marie Deignan You can buy a Drone that can fly hundred of miles for $10k on the open market.

    2. Man the trolls are desperate on this one. We won’t believe you guys you can take a coffee break, or vodka, or whatever. Don’t stand near anything flammable when smoking your cigarettes.

    1. @Gimme The Pink Elephant! funny how the date keeps moving for when Ukraine will be taken over… I wonder how that works.

    2. ​@Gimme The Pink Elephant! well what are they waiting for? Such a silly prediction when they’ve been struggling to take a salt mining city for a year.

    1. @Francis Dec look similar to the bridge truck only smaller so I’d say small fertiliser package!

    1. It gives more permission to annihilate Ukraine once and for all perhaps even going after zelensky himself

    2. @Ivan0oze It gives no permission at all. Whatever makes you think that is beyond reason. Putin has absolutely no reason , nor any right, to attack Ukraine. Any sane, reasonable and responsible human being knows that.

  2. So Russia is building up air defenses in Moskow for months…and two drones manage to penetrate that air defenses and manage to strike the most defended place in the most defended city in Russia…right in front of a incredible well placed camera?
    Sounds legit 😏😆😆😆

    1. They flew in from the east(verified). Russian Air Defense didn’t pick them up because they are facing west and south. FSB bullsh1t or the Russian opposition.

    2. While 2 dudes climbing on the dome as the attack is taking place ready to put out a potential fire loooool😂

  3. If that was an attempt on somebody’s life then I’m a monkey’s uncle. It looked like a bottle rocket failing and going towards a house. Totally staged. Also, hilarious Putin’s response acting as if HE’S being picked on. No wonder he and Trump are such good buddies…

    1. @Allison Marlow Vladimir was thinking about all the awful things he has done, he needed a moment alone

    2. I seen someone say “what, did they think Putin would be outside on the roof fixing a leak?” and that was easily the funniest thing I’ve seen all week lol

    3. Very true just like twin tower hit by aeroplane in broad day light as well as most rich capitalist country military ran away from Afganishtan in broad day light😂😂😂😂😂

  4. It was obviously a Russian false flag. There was nothing Ukraine could have gained from letting two drones explode above the Kremlin. Especially when we know he spends most of his time hiding in a bunker 😂

    1. This is most certainly a terrorist act,it doesn’t matter who carries it out,it most be dealt with swiftly***😂😅.

    2. @Tatsiana Garcia do you mean Putin who likes hiding in bunkers? He’s scared of his own advisors lmao

  5. So when Putin’s lips are moving, it’s safe to say that he’s lying.🥶🥶🥶

  6. If it’s true, its even more embarrassing that Russia can’t prevent Ukrainian drones from reaching Moscow! 😂

  7. If a Ukrainian drone was able to travel that far, and into that area, the Russian defensive measures are pityful indeed.

    1. ​@Ujinge Kumaorat a time like this it is extremely important to follow through education in order to avoid making the same dumb and basic comments that you have continue to make 😂.

  8. It’s quite impressive that Ukraine can build such a small drone that can fly over 400km while passing all of those Russian air defense system and be able to get all the way to Kremlin. Kudos for their advance achievements. 🤣😂

    1. @Sh Sh nothing to add except name calling? I guess we know who the real sheep of the flock is…

      (translation: baa baa)

  9. I had been in the Army many many years, this was not an explosive charge, I recognize it easily, this was a Flash Bang Grenade that causes no damage. Who would do something like this??? Someone who wanted to start a Stir.

  10. *1.* The camera isn’t fixed, it’s handheld. *2.* No gaps or reactions upon impact. *3.* No twitching, camera is still held firmly. Ergo: it’s anticipated.
    Fake assassination attempt. Fake. Fake. Fake.

  11. Trying to catch Putin during his nightly flag pole inspection while some guy films on his hand held for some reason. Sounds legit.

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