Heilemann: Trump Eyeing Last-Ditch Effort On Election | Morning Joe | MSNBC 1

Heilemann: Trump Eyeing Last-Ditch Effort On Election | Morning Joe | MSNBC


John Heilemann discusses a potential 'last-ditch effort' from Donald Trump to overturn the results of the 2020 election. Aired on 12/15/2020.
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Heilemann: Trump Eyeing Last-Ditch Effort On Election | Morning Joe | MSNBC


    1. it is prom night.
      trump scams Carrie into hating everyone and turning it into a carnage.
      Then disavows her while she gets all the blame.
      I can totally envision it in Carrie2: Trumpified

  1. Get money out of politics and watch this kind of corruption dissipate! Stop focusing on the symptoms and start solving the source issues.

    1. @Bas Koller Yet you prove again you have no ability to critically think….and no ability to respond with more than empty rhetoric about things you have zero clue on…..adios troll….I won’t respond to your childishness next hour.

    2. @Tim Cowan not everyone. I make a point of going to a number of news sources. That doesn’t however mean I watch Propaganda sites. I’m looking for fact based news , not opinion.
      I do hate Trump, but not because I’m a die hard Democrat. But, because he is a truly awful excuse for a human being.
      Democrat’s at this point are just the lesser of two evils. They will remain that way until we abolish the two party system.

    3. @Anonymous I lump them in with the federalist society and one of the backdoor fighters for CU. Right wing psychosis is a very deep and embedded problem

  2. He feels the exact same as the next morning when he was told he is being sent to a military school because they dont want him around

    1. @The Artist Formerly Known as Darth Wheezius they taught and showed him love is anything he can f$&k then Ivanka made his love grow; hence #IncestInChief title

    1. If I had to make a choice between a tRump coup to usurp the constitution and a U.S. military coup to protect it, I would choose the latter, come what may.

    1. @stinkystewhead you must be a trump Maggot what a dumb comment at least Nancy is a human, not a reptilian dimwit like trump

    2. @Jeff Desrochers voted blue whole ticket… nancy is a joke but keep simpin on Jeff. And is she human? She’s beyond out of touch. i wake up each day hoping mitch has passed away. so save that trump maggot nonsense.

  3. Will anyone call this by its rightful name? Its called the Republican Seditionist Party. Traitors to American Democracy. It is, by the 14th amendment , a crime and is punishable by imprisonment or death.

    1. It’s not punishable by death anymore. It’s a minimum 5 years, $10,000 fine. Unfortunate isn’t it? I would have thought it would have been very entertaining to have 120 plus government officials hung out to dry on the White House lawn. Certainly would curb people’s enthusiasm to try something like that again.

    2. I’m not defending them but so far everything they’ve done has been expected. Even when Trumpublican congressmen stand up and refuse to certify the election… it’s expected. They don’t have enough support to win but our laws and our constitution give them the right to keep trying. Biden won and he will be sworn in. They can’t stop that but our forefathers gave us ways to fight and we have to give them that. We may need to use it in four years if Trump tries another coup.

    3. @Shelley Ross the problem is after the votes were certified and all the suits settled in court it becomes sedition they’ve already exhausted the legal ways to oppose this now trying to get legislators to elect their own electors regardless of the actual votes in their state one state only suing battleground states for elections held in those states and signing a letter of protest to a certifying recount those are all seditious grounds which the law should apply to every American equally

    1. @smitty jones Trump claiming he was going to have a third term and possibly more, trying to overturn an election based on no evidence as demonstrated by their utter failure in court, attempting a coup and a martial law threat. That’s fascism!

    2. be careful what your saying, because I know you`re referring Trump as a Hitler your putting him as a Hitler, remember Hitler killed 6 million Jews and Trump is like a hero to the Jewish people.

    3. @Gregory Guidry I said nothing of the kind. You don’t *know* anything. I have always said that Trump is nothing like Hitler, but a fascist is a fascist.

    1. @Davis John Sure there was Why didn’t Rudy and the Trump Clown Car Road Show NEVER claim fraud when asked directly by any of the judges in over 40 law suits? Barr said no fraud, Georgian GOP officials said no fraud. SCOTUS just laughed. But hey, the money keeps on rolling in and most of it will go into Trumps account. Feeling stupid? You should.

    2. a president that`s done a lot for america the V.A. cut restrictions on oilfield mining, more jobs for americans cut taxes, wants to give us 3000 dollar stimulus who pelosi fighting tooth and nail

    1. @Bran Evans If he can go so far from all reality as he have done. Then he have lost the elction of course, but also all common sense as well as dignety. What is left to loose ???

    2. @Jay M Jay am I going to fast for you If you believe Joe Biden won the election you are either A. completely out of your mind or B related to low IQ Maxine

    3. Trump is actually working thru the loopholes in the Constitution. When he orders the military to surround the White House on Jan. 19th, that would be treason. At this time, he is losing on every attempt to try to trick out the system.

  4. Omg this is treasonous and they should all be removed!
    Republicans are going to try another coup attempt. Hold them accountable and never forget!


    1. @Ro G If you are in favor of the electoral college, then Trump won in 2016. If you are not in favor of the electoral college, then Trump lost in 2016, by 3 million votes.

    1. That’s too true. I’ve tried repeatedly and failed miserably when trying to appeal to their arguments, but they always end up insulting me, calling me names. Then when you present facts and evidence, they deflect and continue to throw insults. What’s scarier to me, is that I expect this sort of behavior with the average trump sheep, but the fact that there are these people in positions of political power ie: Kelly Loefler, and the long long list of GOP mirroring them. So yeah, trying to reason with Trump supporters is like expecting to sit down and chat with a lion.

    2. because we turn to real news not like the constipated news network. you believe those knuckle heads like joe, who could be on the hood of my car with rudolph the red nose reindeer.

    1. @Gregory Guidry you’re like the rest of Trump’s followers you still don’t get it. Whatever Biden did or didn’t do over the last 50 years is meaningless. This election was about a total and complete rejection of Trump and his insanity. And fortunately that prevailed, 81 million people said enough already

    2. @Terry Lew ABSOLUTELY!! People stood in lines for HOURS to vote that snake outta the garden! Watch out — he’s more poisonous than many believe!

    3. @Gregory Guidry You sound ridiculous, truly. “A traitor like Biden” — Yeah, that’s the most ridiculous comment of the night!

    4. @Gregory Guidry I bet I can make your ears perk up in a split second…….(scroll down)

      Biden’s laptop! Omg

    1. Well, there are different types of smarts. Trump, while clearly stupid by normal measures, has the gift of total shamelessness as well as apparently having a certain charm (which escapes me) that gets lots of people to believe the stream of lies that he generates. I mean, he did get to be President and I didn’t.

    2. @soaringvulture Geminis have natural charisma unfortunately, with the gift of gab (any kind of communication but usually they’re charming talkers ) they also are the most prone to narcissism and sociopathy. (I know you probably don’t believe in these concepts but whoomph there it is)

    3. Criminals don’t have to be genius’, they just have to be willing to scam people, look for loopholes, deny everything even when convicted.

  5. America says, “No” to Trump. Trump continues to try to force himself on her, then blames the victim. This seems to be a recurring theme in his life.

    1. @Inigo Montoya Trump has no pride. He’s desperate to avoid giving up his position. He and his horrible kids know exactly what they face when they leave the WH. Even Vladimir Putin has sent his congratulations to Biden.

    2. Actually, they said no to covid…Trump’s agenda was extremely popular. Republicans did not lose a seat in the House and picked up many…Lets face it, China won.

    3. this american says yes to Trump, don`t you want decent voting machines made in america that can`t be hacked

    1. opposite biden sold us out to the chinese and russians, and then him and obama were trying to take down a sitting president.

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