'Help is on the way': Biden speaks after Senate passes relief plan 1

‘Help is on the way’: Biden speaks after Senate passes relief plan


President Joe Biden gives remarks after the Senate passed his $1.9 trillion Covid relief plan by a 50-49 vote.
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  1. A quick bit of perspective. The UK has been paying people 80 percent of their wages for nearly a year. And it continues until October this year

    1. @GearóidODU – so Australia is a train wreck too? Every country received way more money then the Us for COVID google it USA was the least paid for any kind of help but America is the greatest?

    2. @JustineLaLoba it’s funny that you say that.. when in fact the GOP is very concerned with the long term financial status of the United States and the American people and how to manage the money for each area of need while trying not not put too much pressure on the US citizens by abruptly, without Kuching blnigucf comm

    3. @Duc Nguyen what is strays now is Pelosi and her funding all this money into trains and railways. Not the kind that carry coal, lumber, materials for building large projects…. no, the kind of trains meant for the transportation of human beings. Let’s go back to your Hitler and his regimen thoughts…. how did he or wfaec

  2. It’s about time. Here in Australia our government had no hesitation paying its people over 12months ago.

    1. @Mac & Fiona Australia has a population of 25 million the US 325 million. Australia’s national debt 713 billion the US national dept…. Sorry my calculator ran out of digit’s. Has nothing to do with GOP do the math there is no such thing as free. All that is paid out you will pay back 5 time over.

  3. I make too much to get the stimulus check, but I’m very glad that it passed and will help the people in need who are hurting.

    1. @Jay Swillie Sorry to hear that but you need teaching is one of the jobs that best help the world because each student you can help make them successful so there is that I guess where you feel inner fulfillment? They need to be paid more than 30k because I thought the Western United States were rapidly growing, so wages would go up as well over there? I’ve never been out west. How would you compare Seattle or Idaho to like the Midwest or other regions of the country? Isn’t Seattle have the most big companies out there?

    2. @Yo Bo Yeah the West coast pays damn near double…. Boise has used the cheaper cost of living excuse for quite too long. There are so many people moving here from the big western cities where they can get twice the house a t half the price with next to no crime so real estate is hot right now. Wages are just stagnant as is the case across our country. How can we make wages rise along with inflation? That’s the million dollar question. Until I figure that out I will continue to enjoy cup-o-noodles and Sriracha on a regular basis.

    1. @wysetech2000 Yep. A percentage that goes out to other countries will come back to politicians pockets.

    2. @Michael Torre Just keep believing everything others say. If you look it up yourselves you will find the right answers. There is an unbelievable amount of BS in these comments.

    3. @Gary Lucas If you’re so sure then show us your proof of that. Show us everything from a reputable source! Or are you just making up stories?

    1. @Phantom Fregly you do know the richest like 10 people own most of the stock on the stock market, it’s all a game pretty much

    2. @Phantom Fregly exactly, I just read a article saying that young people getting stimulus going to buy STOCKS, so what. That’s why the RICH REPUBLICANS didn’t want to pass the stimulus package. They think they are going to loose money. Good.

  4. the “old man” from pawn stars started slurring his speech just like Biden, right before he died of old age

    1. @Christian G and trump hasn’t!? Slow joe can actually put a coherent sentence together unlike that failed business man who had no business being president!

    2. @Steve-O_88 I want to see Joe Biden stand in from of an audience and take real questions without a teleprompter or without the feed being cut off, if he can do that then I’ll be shocked

    1. @Steve-O_88 Trump is no longer president. Let’s stop making excuses. It’s like when Trump supporters say, “but Obama”. Let’s move on

    1. @Christian G have you actually read the bill!? Or can you read to begin with? Who am I kidding most Trumpers barely made it out of elementary!

    2. @C R damn, didn’t know illegals who have no social security receive checks!? Either you are too dumb to know that or just dumb!

  5. help is on the way “”I have Hunter overseas shaking down corruptastan right at this moment ,oh you mean help for Americans, well that might be awhile

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  7. After 45 days been office to finally say something to the people no president in history took so long. Why he talks so tired and sleepy? Just wow.

  8. He forgot when Schumer threatened Kavanaugh.
    Also, why did he not take questions? nm, already know. A teleprompter can’t answer questions.
    And, screw the Left.

    1. Come on Man!! CornPop messed up the teleprompter and Esther wouldn’t get off the board man!!

  9. “I’m from the government and I’m here to help” lol … This is the POTATUS ladies and gentlemen…

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