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  1. The people of Haiti should unite and stop killing each other for power but work earnestly together for fair and balanced governance. Haitians look at South Africa and how they solve their apartheid problem. Haiti will rise if ONLY they put their differences aside for COUNTRY.

    1. Their issues are a bit deeper than that and more complex than you so lightly put it. South Africa is by no means Haiti. Different issues at play.

    2. What you said, have nothing to do with governance. I think Jamaica have its own problem. It’s not upto to foreign with western influence that will solve anything in Haiti, it’s actually the opposite.

  2. First and foremost why aren’t we using our resources locally we must help ourselves before we try to extend hands to anybody else.

  3. As a member of Caricom, Jamaica must support any initiative implemented by the 15 nation Caricom states regarding Haiti.
    Too many Jamaicans don’t seem to understand the pan Caribbean concerns over Haiti.!Yes , Jamaica has its own issues but whatever Caricom decides , Jamaica must follow….

  4. The truth is we’re our brothers and sisters keepers, the Haitian people is a strong people they just need help ! France 🇫🇷 USA 🇺🇸 England 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿 should also be trying to help them, especially France who stole so much from these people! Our peoples need to stop saying Haiti 🇭🇹 is poor because of voodoo and all that foolishness, the Haitian people used their African spirituality to free themselves from the Christians who was enslaving them, Jamaica was also in the same position! I think the international community need to come together and help to stabilize this island 🏝️! I’m happy jamaica is standing up to help them remember the first rebel leader who helped to give Haiti their freedom came from Jamaica 🇯🇲!

  5. Dance a yaad before yuh dance abroad! Do they need help? Yes! Unequivocally and resoundingly so. Other than offering aid to them and helping where we can, there’s nothing that caricom CAN do. Haitians are the ones who can solve this, who can turn this all around. Should they achieve that, France needs to then return the money and embargos lifted. But this requires a FULL reset by THE HAITIAN PEOPLE. Because unless they do that reset all the money in the world won’t help. Rampant corruption and money only makes for a more dangerous mix where those with the connections to the money will get more and those outside of that will continue to suffer. The money needs to go into modern and future proofing infrastructure, health, education, rehabilitation of the overfarmed lands. They should be given the support to rebuild on a far less corrupt system.

  6. There are 11.5 million people in Haiti how many of our troops will it take control this hostile place .whilst the jdf is capable to the task we are vastly outnumbered…

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