Here are some highlights from the French-language debate

Here are some highlights from the French-language debate 1


Scott Reid, Tom Mulcair and Jason Lietaer break down the French-language debate and which leader performed the best.

#cdnpoli #elxn43

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37 Comments on "Here are some highlights from the French-language debate"

  1. Kevin Karbonik | October 10, 2019 at 11:10 PM | Reply

    It just shows what a joke it all is… 2 french language debates and only 1 in english? Who are they playing to?…

    • Only 1 in English with horrible moderators.

    • From an Alberta and probably an overall western perspective everything in this country under Trudeau is about Quebec it’s all on display in this election eith more French than English debates etc. We buy Quebec loyalty with Alberta’s money (equalization payments etc). No debates about western issues on a national stage. Fewer & fewer reasons for Alberta to remain part of Canada It’s all so insulting.

    • @StraightSniper yes they don.t speak english like MAD M. saying he a true CAnadian
      just QUE. HAVE VOTE BLUE

    • The Dream of Flight | October 11, 2019 at 10:23 AM | Reply

      To be fair, originally there were 3 English debates planned and 2 French ones. Trudeau decided not to take part in the maclean one at the beginning of the campaign and the other English debate was cancelled because Trudeau decided not to show up either. In that sense, Trudeau by agreeing to participate in the other ”optional” TVA french debate did favor the French language.

    • The Dream of Flight | October 11, 2019 at 10:31 AM | Reply

      @StraightSniper Quebec has roughly half its citizens speaking fluent English even if it isn’t an official Quebec language. When comparing to the rest of the provinces, how many provinces can claim they know the 2nd official language as much as Quebec does? Probably 1 being New Brunswick. If anything, the rest of Canada fits much more the rationale of choosing not to learn French than Quebec not to learn English.

  2. Blocs are the most irrelevant party in all of Canadian history, it’s almost impossible for them to win just a minority

  3. No doubt Bloc will have clear win in Quebec. See what kind of party they have in their provincial government ?

  4. May (est folle) is evidently completely neurotically insane. We’re all going to die in less than 12 years, if we don’t take action now, “Greta Thunberg is right,” there is a climate emergency, do you feel the panic yet, if not what is the matter with you, don’t you care about the environment type of thing. She makes Trudeau look completely main stream, and conservative. IMO, how can Canadians allow a mentally deranged person run for public office? Ca n’as pas d’allure!

  5. WOW! Some one needs to tongue punch Liz May’s fart box and cool her down a bit, any takers?

  6. Right. No mention until 3/4 of the war through, then acknowledgement that Max will get more than 2%. You’re all going to look like the morons that you truely are.

  7. Classical Librarian | October 11, 2019 at 12:18 AM | Reply

    So, Trudeau can say that Quebec should control immigration to protect their culture, but when Bernier says the same thing about the ROC, that means he is a terrible racist? What?

  8. Then there’s a French guy with damaged wing (arm), contributing his question, he works in Toronto and complains he can’t get services in French (in Toronto)!!! Bro.why did you move to Toronto? Then May launches and says that we can expect “modernization”, in the policy regarding this affair, which is supposed to imply that even in Vancouver a French person can expect to receive French services in British Columbia? Are you kidding me? Chances are we’ll get Mandarin before French. Trudeau’s answer isn’t even worth a mention.

  9. Check out what a couple of journalists asked Trudeau post-debate about the school that he used to “teach” at…

  10. Bravo Philip Marcil!! Bringing up the two Canadians illegally held , and currently rotting in Chinese prison, which the current far left Liberal government has not shown any signals publicly to get these Canadians back. I ask, why hasn’t Trudeau gone on record to face China and DEMAND THEY RETURN OUR TWO CANADIANS???????????????

  11. May’s French is so bad, can’t understand what she’s saying relative secret trade dealing with China, relative previous Harper government’s agreement…Harper’s fault again…

  12. Im only 45secs in. Lol bet this interview will not mention Max. Like all Canadian MSM is doing during elections

    Edit* 6min til Max is mentioned briefly

  13. Bernier has the most common sense platform…. easy decision for Oct 21….PPC 2019.

  14. Can the rest of Canada have a bill 21 that would be great

  15. GreenTsunamii James | October 11, 2019 at 6:14 AM | Reply

    Do we not have one single pro-trump journalist or politician?

    Crow will be put on the endangered species list theyll be so many dining on it

  16. I never watched the debate nor did I go past 0:12 on the tube just remember a liar is a thief.

  17. Love how you socialist propaganda mouthpieces, you barely even mention the ppc. Gotta suppress your competition.

  18. Bunch of bickering little liars trying to out lie each other. Sinners at best.

  19. PPC 2019! who else even comes close?

  20. Ron Christensen | October 11, 2019 at 11:47 AM | Reply

    I wonder how much taxpayers money went into this waste of time so called news . Clueless clowns

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