‘Here’s the plan’: See Trump operatives’ texts about breached voting data

Two men hired by former President Donald Trump's legal team discussed over text message what to do with data obtained from a breached voting machine in a rural county in Georgia in mid-January 2021. CNN's Sara Murray and Zachary Cohen sit down with "Inside Politics" to discuss. #CNN #News


  1. I’m sure Fanni Willis can find a couple more chairs for the defendant’s table for her RICO case.

    1. @Eduardo Oliveira Oh good. His literacy scores are improving then? His kindergarten teacher will be pleased she can retire at long last.

  2. I think it’s becoming more clear why trump said many times how he perfers hand written letters delivered by couriers over emails.

    1. @Michael Colfin lol I think there could actually be something to that. Might sound silly, but I can picture him cussing while he’s trying to get those documents to disappear.

  3. Oh my…If Trump hired these guys in any way, manner, shape, or form…he is in trouble. 😐 This stuff makes Nixon look like a saint.

    1. Or, if Trump happens to break out of eventual prison and take over the Whitehouse in 2024, he will simply pardon these goons and give them congressional medals.

  4. In Michigan, there were two very sloppy operatives who got into the back room and started to try to get into the machines and take the relevant components out of the building. Remember, they were “experts”. They asked all kinds of weird questions and wanted to take useless parts out of the room including the pertained parts too. The worker eventually asked others higher up to verify whether too allow the “experts” to take machine parts out of the building. The reply was, “NO!” The worker shut the “operatives” down and escorted them out of the building. Later, we found they private citizens who were affiliated with our former President. That is the kind of people who were in Georgia.

  5. To have a plan isn’t illegal. To carry it out or attempt to, is highly illegal. Why aren’t they in jail?

    1. @mistercohaagenI mean I think a lot on how to off Biden. Still haven’t done it. Come get me fbi

    2. @Logo LeeI think there’s a broad exploration into conspiracy you are correct. That is a crime conspiring however. Is different than saying your gonna do something. I like that napkin example very well. If I was to write a plan on a napkin and how I’d do it. Until I actually conspire” to set it in motion” it’s nothing more than hearsay in the eyes of the law. Say I planned it out than started making the necessary steps to commit the crime the evidence would start to stack. Therefor conspiring to do the crime. I’m not a lawyer. I do watch a very broad amount of audit the audit. Highly recommend his police breakdowns. However I’ve been and family has been in and out of the system since way before I was born. I know a lot of things and how to go around things to break the law without actually breaking the law. For the longest time my license was suspended so to be able to fraud insurance I’d use my state ID it worked until it was tipped off.. never charged was frowned on. But I did have a license so their wasn’t much they could do. Unless they really wanted to spend the resources on it… things like this. However I agree there’s some stuff going on in the USA that scares me deeply.. it’s like a total reset on laws and regulations. It’s like kangaroo court.

    3. @Sunday Edeko It really sounds like you’re trying to exonerate certain scenarios for some strange reason. Are you planning to rob a bank? 😉

  6. If Republicans scrutined themselves and their party’s lunacy as much as they do voter data, things might just get done in this country.

    1. But that’s not how power works. People without power can only complain about the process, people with power already have power, it’s pointless to think about the process, it’s everything to keep the power, and people without ideas must always resort to force.

      We can keep trying different candidates for thousands of years but it will all be the same over and over. People are people.

  7. Bless Ms Willis and may she get all the energy she needs to get all of this in court, oh yes, witness statements under oath please.

  8. Now get Hamercheck, the GOP County commissioner in Lake County, Ohio who attempted to breech our election computer system.

  9. I love how Republicans like to find a loophole in the law and exploit it, and still act like it’s not unethical

  10. In reality, all they’ve done is prove how secure, and accurate America’s election processes are.

  11. Two sets of law, one for the rich and well connected. One for the poor and working class.THIS GOT TO CHANGE! LOCK THEM ALL UP.

  12. What we must do for now is vote only Democratic for 20 years, or until there is a new party which emerges from this criminal infestation. Once the GOP is crushed, things can change to hopefully a conservative party with integrity.

  13. I sure as hell hope that any and all who were involved on any level with this whole corrupt attempt(s) is fully put throught the legal system with no leniency and/or deals cut.

  14. It’s mind boggling how out of touch with reality the operatives were/ are to think that there will be no reprocussions to illegal acts or wait I forgot they are again so far removed from reality that they think what they are doing is not illegal.

  15. You can officially refer to anyone supporting Trump as, “Those who worship evil’s might!”

  16. The thumbnail and title is gold, perfect. I couldn’t stop laughing; it made my day. Thank you.

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