Here’s the unknown politician who could be U.K.’s next prime minister | Who is Penny Mordaunt?

Here's the unknown politician who could be U.K.'s next prime minister | Who is Penny Mordaunt? 1


  1. MPs may select Rishi but members will select Penny but the capitalism and market economy will manage all Presidents and Prime Ministers as usual.

    1. @Bill Blodger Is she such a threat? I am not seeing why. Among voting party members she is absolutely miles ahead. Impressive experience of numerous systems; UK could use a bit of that.

    2. @Bill Blodger She will be in the last two. Members will go with her no matter what she can do or not.

  2. No to Liz Truss is. Lis Truss, the foolish woman trying to get the UK nuked by Russia is so out of touch in how to deal with important issues…

  3. Benjamin Butterworth is a terrible journalist. No clue as to why he’s commenting on uk politics.

  4. She would be ideal as PM because she ain’t got no distractions like bojo,I believe she’d be dedicated to the job at hand not like Fisher rishi he’d be to busy with his wife making more money for themselves 🤔 but hey that’s just my opinion 😎

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