Here’s what Ghislaine Maxwell’s lawyers said after socialite sentenced to 20 years in prison

The lawyers for Ghislaine Maxwell spoke out after the jet-setting socialite was sentenced to 20 years in prison.

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  1. How dare this lawyer female say another word in that slugs defense. It’s done she’s guilty and she gets to stay in prison in her dire conditions. Which I’m pretty sure are hardly dire considering she gets to be in solitary.

  2. Society at large can sympathize with deplorable living conditions in prison. Society at large cannot sympathize with predators and Iโ€™m okay w that 100%

    1. It is far too lenient but the Judge had to use 2004 sentencing guidelines. The sentence range was 188 – 235 months so at least GM got the high end. She was also levied a fine of $750k and will have 5 years of supervised release after prison.

  3. Wait until she meets Mama Fergie in prison. It ain’t going to be a pretty sight. ๐Ÿฅบ

  4. In this America if you drive the get away car in a murder case , you are tried just as guilty.

  5. It was a soft crime says her Lawyers, well Pimping is still a crime. The prison sentence fits the crime.

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