Here's what Kenney had to say on his meeting with Trudeau 1

Here’s what Kenney had to say on his meeting with Trudeau


Alberta Premier Jason Kenney met with Prime Minister Justin Trudeau in Ottawa today. Here's what he had to say after the meeting.


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    1. Onslaught 306 the premier of Alberta. And he knows nothing about Drama, which puts him in a skills deficit position in discussions with this country’s leaders.

  1. It is time for ACTION, not ACTING Justin!!!!!! The next week or two will determine how long the Libs will last in their Minority.

  2. Jason, don’t get caught in the trap that Notley did with Trudeau. Wonder boy will not change his ideology for anyone. It is a established fact that Canada only emits 1.6% of the worlds green house gases, has slowed him down? of course not, he’s the male equivalent of Greta Grunberg. Jason is wasting his time listening to Trudeau’s drivel. Start the legal processes necessary to take over our pension plan etc. so that we can move on. Our fight with Ottawa has mostly been adversarial when the Trudeaus are in power and Liberal anti business attitude. With most of our Prime Ministers coming from Quebec, Alberta will be bullied by the Laurentian Region forever. Let’s deal with it “NOW”.

  3. The pipeline is not enough to grow the economy, you need a stimulus package to invest in developing new industries. I.e a nation investment bank

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